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Class size: Limited to 8 students
Prerequisites: Alumni only
Location: Union Square, New York City
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Class content

Create your own space as an actor—in your choices, in the world you create for your character, in the audition, and on set.

Cultivating your craft takes constant work. Raúl inspires the class to explore how to keep striving for deeper resonance in every audition and every role.


  • How to set up the simple circumstances for your character
  • How to focus on the big picture and let that guide you towards the little details 
  • How to prep a role for auditions vs. on set
  • How to be super specific in the beats
  • How to tell the director who your character is and contribute ideas
  • The sharing of on-set stories to educate and inspire
  • How to do intimate scenes (with clear boundaries for you and your partner)
  • When it is crucial to improvise or loosen up the dialogue 
  • Overall tips on self-directed acting for sets and self-tapes


  • Prepare a 2-page max scene of your choice.
  • Dramatic scenes are preferred (from television or film).
  • The scene can explore intimacy with a lover, a highly dramatic moment, or anything that feels like an emotional challenge and will require some deep personalization.

Who is this class good for?

If you are curious to dig deeper into the work, this is the perfect class for you. 

All acting philosophers are invited.

About Raúl

Raúl Castillo

An actor at home in film, television, and theater, Raúl Castillo is most recognized for his portrayal of the charming Richie on the acclaimed HBO series Looking.  Raúl was recently included in Variety’s coveted “10 Latinos to Watch” list.

Films include We the Animals, directed by Jeremiah Zagar; Sweets, directed by R.E. Rodgers; Permission, with Rebecca Hall for director Brian Crano; and iGilbert, with Dascha Polanco for director Adrian Martinez; Special Correspondents, a comedy written and directed by Ricky Gervais and playing opposite America Ferrera; other credits include Cold Weather, Don’t Let Me Drown, My Best Day, The Girl, and Bless Me, Ultima. TV roles include Veena Sud’s series Seven Seconds; Robia Rashid’s dark comedy series Atypical with Jennifer Jason Leigh; a recurring role on the CW’s Riverdale, and Joe Swanberg’s Netflix anthology drama series Easy. TV guest appearances include Nurse Jackie, Blue Bloods, Law and Order, and Gotham as DC’s comic villain Eduardo Flamingo.

Raúl, also a playwright, is a proud member of the LAByrinth Theater Company in New York City.


Raul is truly a philosopher of the craft—he is always in pursuit of the big questions about acting. I have known Raul for many years and can always easily get caught up in a stimulating philosophical and hugely insightful conversation with him. He is like a sponge and will openly share what he has learned and guide you to doing the work you know you can do.

Conversations with Raúl

A few years ago, Raul’s agent suggested he look back at a pile of his self-tapes. 

When Raul watched the past auditions, he immediately clicked with a major insight about himself: “I was acting with the goal of wanting to be liked,” said Raul.

He said this desire to be liked was pouring out of all of his work.

In fact, it was actually taking over the work itself. The nuances of the work were basically being lost by this sheen of “wanting to be liked.”

Now, years after his insight about his own acting process, Raul is determined to constantly cultivate his craft. He says, there’s a way of working as an actor that one actually has to work towards constantly, in every audition and every role.

Studio guarantee

Full disclosure — please note that we do not guarantee that actors in these classes or workshops will be hired for any project that we might direct, produce, or cast. We teach and coach because we enjoy supporting and nurturing actors as you develop your personal process for auditioning, working and creating your own work.