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Class content

A 2-day master class with Heidi that pushes you to take big risks in your auditions and to overhaul the preparation habits that hold you back on camera.

In this class, we work on (re)settling your ease on camera, (re)building your confidence in the audition room, paying attention to details in your audition prep, and owning your strengths in  roles.




Your very first assignment will include a specially created “Actor Reflection Questionnaire.” Once you answer these questions, you’ll begin the process of understanding your marketability. If you’ve done this questionnaire with me before, you might be amazed at how much has changed for you!

You’ll also receive scene assignments when you register. It will include 2 assigned scenes and details on how to select and prepare your own scene that fills appropriate casting possibilities for you. No monologues.



We film your scenes and provide you with downloads after each class. It’s an excellent way to study your progress, catch your “tricks,” and see what the producers/directors are seeing on the monitors.

You’ll watch your videos outside of class. I do not run playback in class—I like to keep your focus on what you are experiencing in the moment.



 I encourage you to use select takes from class to generate interest in your talent. Yes, you can post them anywhere if it’s a published film/TV show that’s already aired. Post your scenes on your websites or to share them with reps—it’s a great conversation starter about your process as an actor!

My joy is matchmaking, and I seek those opportunities for my alumni. For this reason, I have created an Alumni Database where you can upload class videos.

I’m also an active voice in our private Facebook group for Alumni only.

Who is this class good for?

If you’d love to spend a weekend revving up your toolbox, having fun, and doing more deep-dive work that addresses where you’re at, this master class is perfect.

Note: Teens aged 15–18 need approval to join this intensive and must have previously coached with me. Priority registration for alumni of Heidi’s PART 2 class. 



You will need to plan for homework time to research your assignment and prepare your materials. All studio classes are designed to stretch and support your complete prep process as an actor for self-tapes and in-person auditions. The more you put into the class, the more you get out of it!



This is not a networking class with a casting director. This is an acting and auditioning class with a teacher who has over two decades of professional high-level experience and who cares most about the actor’s process. In the end, I believe it is the process that books the job and supports the actor’s need to stay inspired.

What you get

  • 2 full days of class
  • Pre-assigned scenes, plus one selected by you
  • Individualized coaching during class
  • Intimate and non-competitive space: 10 students max
  • Downloadable video files of your on-camera classwork for personal review
  • Audition preparation techniques
  • Tools and strategies applicable to self-tapes and in-person auditions
  • Safe space to grow and to discover your strengths & marketability
  • A passionate ally

About Heidi

Heidi Marshall

ACTING COACH: Heidi’s career has spanned over 25 years and includes time as the lead Casting Director at Telsey+CO for the Broadway musical RENT, as well as for 70+ projects in theater, film, television, commercial, and voiceover. She’s coached countless actors into roles for Film, TV, and Theater. Most recently, she coached and prepped Halle Bailey for her audition and screen test for Disney’s upcoming The Little Mermaid. Heidi’s active filmmaker career informs her director’s eye and influences her aesthetic for working with actors. 

For full acting coach bio, click here. For filmmaker portfolio, click here.


Conversations with Heidi

Dear talented actors,

Are you taking enough risk in your auditions?

The real risk in the audition is putting your heart into the work and not cutting any corners. The end goal of this master class is to (re)build confidence in what you, as a unique actor, bring to each role in auditions. It’s a fast-paced, dig-deep kind of focus.

In this class, we work on (re)settling your ease on camera, (re)building your confidence in the audition room, paying attention to details in your audition prep, and owning your strengths in roles. Most importantly, we’ll get to the bottom of what is missing in your process.

By the way, I already know the answer and I want to show it to you.

If you’ve never studied with me before, you’ll be introduced thoroughly to my process. If you’ve already studied with me before, it’s a new format! There will be familiar references, but with new scenes and exercises. I’ll bring my constantly evolving aesthetics to coach you through the deeper work.


First, I always experience major inspiration and rejuvenation when I work with talent on camera. You all inspire me as an artist and a teacher. The best part about casting for me was being in the audition room—and the best part about directing is being on sets with actors and crews making and creating together. So when I’m teaching, I get the best of both worlds.

I eagerly look for windows of opportunity between my own projects and my 4-week classes to teach this master class because the process of working together sustains my artistic spirit too!

Sometimes, you just need to immerse yourself in the bubble of an intensive in order to re-examine and reinspire your process as an actor.

Pause the audition madness for a moment. Give yourself some breathing room to explore and grow again.


My classes are small and private, and they operate purely from word-of-mouth by over 2,000 alumni students. I’ve been offering this class format since 2003, and I’m thrilled that word-of-mouth is powerful and that there is such a need for this type of class.

My classes are not separated by levels of talent. Everyone, including the award winners, starts with me in Part 1, and we build a process together. I lay in the lessons and techniques very thoughtfully and purposefully over the classes, and I start everyone at the same point in the conversation. Some actors will say it is like developing a philosophy together. This class will give you more than just techniques. It’s the whole package.

I look forward to working with you!

Watch Interview



Johnny and I were invited to speak at the SAG Foundation about actors producing their own work.




I was invited back to speak at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation about actors processing and handling rejection.




In Episode 7: “Heidi Marshall,” I chat in depth about casting RENT, Jonathan Larson, what inspired me to start my coaching career, filmmaking, and more.




In Episode #20: “RENT Audition Throwback (and new tips!),” I talk behind-the-scenes casting tips.




In Episode 90: “Sixteen Candles,” I discuss the iconic film Sixteen Candles.




I share my best practices for working with actors, including live scene work with two actors, followed by a Q&A.

Heidi Marshall teaches Directing Actors with PANO



Natalie Neckyfarow


My top three takeaways: (1) The number 1 thing that I need to focus on is ACTION, (2) I should watch my performances, even if it is uncomfortable, so that I can see more of what is working and what is not to create even more nuance when I am working on camera, and (3) Writing out answers to investigative questions is more grounding that simply thinking about them. It helps me really be the character and bring more truth.

Megan Densmore


My top three takeaways: (1) there is always further to go, (2) don’t be afraid to film rehearsals to watch back, and (3) go there—go deeper—go there again.

Malin Tybahl


I really liked this two day intensive. It helped me dig in and get inspired.

Michael Witkes


I’m so glad that I took this class! It was wonderful putting all of our fears and self sabotage out there, so we could confront it directly. During the feedback for my final scene, someone said it’s wonderful to see my vulnerability brought to this kind of role. What a wonderful reframe to address my initial fears!

Studio guarantee

Full disclosure — please note that we do not guarantee that actors in these classes or workshops will be hired for any project that we might direct, produce, or cast. We teach and coach because we enjoy supporting and nurturing actors as you develop your personal process for auditioning, working and creating your own work.