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OCT/NOV 2021

Convincingly channel the teen energy you need to realistically portray teenage characters in film and TV. 

Are you an adult auditioning for teen roles? This class is an opportunity to explore how to convincingly embody the teenage spirit. Also open to teen actors. (Re)access the vulnerability and emotional extremes that mark a teen’s coming-of-age journey.

Class size: Limited to 6 students
Prerequisites: Open to all (min. age 13)
Location: Online
*$175 deposit is required to guarantee your slot. Non-refundable, but transferable to a friend.

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Oct 22, 29, Nov 5
12:00-3:00pm EST
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Class content

Get in touch with the teen essence of simplicity and vulnerability, while tackling that rollercoaster of emotions that comes with finding one’s place in the world. This 3-week class is about giving yourself permission to play and to tell stories from that unique teenage point of view.

Auditioning in the teen film/TV market has its own unique challenges and opportunities. This class will help you sort it all out and banish any self-doubts that cloud your acting instincts. Work on scenes in class with a reader, and get personalized coaching and feedback from Athena.

(Re)access the perpetual states of discovery, vulnerability, and optimism that belong to teen characters (even if they manifest in not-so-obvious ways)! Work on nailing down realistic and convincing physicality for teen roles. Get back in touch with the fearlessness and the sense of immediacy that’s inside all of us…learn how to unlearn!

About Athena

Athena Colón

Athena Colón is a bilingual, native New York actress, teaching artist, and acting coach.

Athena Colón is a bilingual, native New York actress, teaching artist and acting Coach. Athena has worked as an independent teacher and coach in New York City for 10+ years. She has trained with former Telsey + Company casting director Heidi Marshall as a coach and joyfully prepares actors for screen tests and auditions. She is the recipient of the BRIO Grant from the Bronx Council of the Arts. While earning her BFA in Theatre from Long Island University–C.W. Post, she co-created a Suzuki-based performance, Third Child, which toured Italy, the Czech Republic, and New York City. Her recent TV credits include: NEW AMSTERDAM, BULL, Martin Scorsese’s VINYL, JESSICA JONES, and LAW & ORDER: SVU. When she’s not acting on stage or film, Athena facilitates acting classes and conducts theatre workshops in NYC. She proudly collaborates with Heidi Marshall Studio and DreamYard.



Athena is a tremendous coach who will draw out your confidence and (re)energize your work. She has a loving, magic touch with actors. I often partner with Athena in the prep process for actors in screen tests and role prep (e.g., Hallie Bailey is starring as Disney’s live-action Little Mermaid after we walked her through all her intense screen tests!) Actors just adore Athena’s laser-focused, energetic coaching! Her classes are totally invigorating. They’re also super fun and incredibly informative—she brings ALL the insider, behind-the-scenes knowledge from actor to actor…things you’ll really want to know when you head to set! Athena has been around the block on so many TV sets. I really, really love for working artists to teach each other.


Tristan Rose Gillia


I loved this class 🙂 It definitely came at the perfect time because there is so much teen work out there and now I feel more confident playing in an age range that I was writing off before just because I didn’t think I could. Athena makes every class a blast with her energy and passion and I have pages and pages of notes that I will keep handy every time I have an audition. She really helped me feel grounded and find the truth of every scene while also letting go and playing.

Emily Reinkall

I loved this class. It was super helpful. Athena is an amazing coach.

Farah Bala


I got to know how terrific a coach Athena is when she helped me work on a pilot audition. She partners with you to find the truth and nuances of the scene and character, while also making sure the best of you is captured. Her work is rich and nuanced and fully supports the individual process.

Chris Russell


I walked out of my audition feeling whole and happy and confident that I brought my best! Thank you for your coaching! It was SO valuable. In one short hour, you were able to break down the scene and help me fortify a strong emotional prep for a major audition.

Maria Diez


Athena was brilliant at helping break down the moments in the scene and bring in more sides in the character along with the circumstances and reality of the world of the film. I felt confident and ready to work in the room, and trusted the work we’d done. The audition went great and I was able to do my best work.

Reece Vernier Santos

It is so important to walk into a room feeling so prepared that you can deliver in any situation. Athena gets to the bottom of a text quickly. She recognizes your strengths to bring out a variety of colors and tactics to tell the story. I felt free working with her and really allowed myself to take risks in the audition room.

Studio guarantee

Full disclosure—please note that we do not guarantee that actors in these classes/workshops will be hired for any project that we might direct or cast. We do guarantee my supportive honesty and my open sharing of knowledge. We teach and coach because we enjoy supporting actors as they develop their process of working within the audition room. We seek to build their knowledge about the business of auditioning.