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March 17, 2012 | (9 comments).

Who do YOU recommend for Headshot Photography in New York City area?  Please add any contact info (websites, email)


  1. Jessica says:

    I recommend Kyle LeMaire Photography. He did an amazing job on my headshot. They just what I was looking for and most importantly they look just like me.
    His website is

  2. I love Cecilia Senocak (she’s based on the west coast) — I haven’t really used her for headshots, but the branding shots I did with her were fantastic (https://sincerelycecilia.com/)

    Theik Smith did my headshots – he’s got a very specific style that you may or may not be for you, but he’s very easy to work with and I love how mine came out (https://www.theiksmithphotography.com/)

  3. Jeremy Holm says:

    Kristin Hoeberman is as good as it gets, you get what you pay for and I’ve liked every shoot I’ve done with her, always had lots of great looks.

  4. Hello Friends of Heidi and Alumni! I’ve had many headshots taken by the fantastic Daniel Perez-Gomez and they are better and better every time. He is warm, professional, and affordable. I highly recommend his work! For more information go to his website =)

  5. Emily Roos says:

    I’ve heard great things about Susan Shacter:


  6. Cecilia Vanti says:

    Lauren Toub. Laurentoub.com

  7. Benjamin says:

    Highly recommend https://www.michaelcinquino.com/ Great photography, great working and coaching actors in the session

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