New Year Manifestations

December 31, 2017 | (22 comments).

Claim it. It’s yours to have.

Say it aloud. It’s yours to create.

Who is ready to put your professional goals in writing!! Are you ready to admit what you really really really want to have happen in 2018 as an artist?

Let others know about your goals. Don’t keep them to yourself.

If you show up in pursuit of your dreams, it will happen.

  • Keep showing up.
  • Keep saying it aloud for others to hear.

JOIN US in The Great Manifestation of 2018.

As a collective of inspired artists, we can hold each other accountable to our goals.

Simply by saying it, it becomes real.

Write below your top professional goals for 2018.

At any point in the year, when you start to meander or need to scale the next mountain, you can look back here and remember what you CLAIMED.

Let’s make your artistic dreams happen in 2018. Let’s boost each other.

Claim your goals below!


  1. Sarah says:

    It’s time to start thinking of myself as a leading lady. Any size project. I am embodying being a leading lady in 2018. Even if it is a small role, I will think of myself as a leading lady who deserves to be here. Thanks Heidi!

    • Heidi Marshall says:

      I love this – any size role can be a leading lady. It’s a brilliant twist on how to approach every role so that you are aware of your power and contribution to any role. GREAT.

  2. I will write a project for myself & put it out in the world. I will try to have no expectations or attachments to the outcome of it, but only to create the art and share it.

    Thank you Heidi for this opportunity to share, and for your unwavering support of all of us. Happy New Year!

    • Heidi Marshall says:

      I love this so much Jean Ann. It is the purest of intentions. Chantal Ackerman was an obscure but extremely relevant female director who made films without concern about it’s impact. I guess her films would be called “art films” because of their abstractness. But the point is that she inspired so many others to go forth and CREATE in their own ways, their own styles, their own voices. Being YOU in your art is the best we can do in the end right? I can’t wait to see this next project you create. x

  3. Daniel says:

    This year, I will be on TV.

  4. Renee Allen says:

    This year I will have to quit my day job in order to work full time on a series.

  5. Ariel says:


    This year, I will be on set as an actor many times, in projects that will set even more work in motion. I will play at least one part that is challenging and liberating, that lights up a new side of myself that I haven’t seen for a while, and that will surprise me in how well I feel I belong there.
    I will attract work that I love by creating work that I love; and by sharing my work uninhibitedly and continuing to share and support the work of my fellows.
    I will further foster and celebrate a community of makers who support and delight in one another.
    I will elevate my creation vibration, and do the same for others.
    I will allow myself to be a leading lady, to be intimidating, to be serious, fierce, to be something other than “nice,” to be Seen, to not know the outcome, to let it come to me.
    I will show up in some way every day.
    I will make a 3 minute short film.
    I will be a prolific creator.
    I will thrive as an actor.

  6. Mariel says:

    Book a lead/ major supporting role in a film project and finish a first draft of my first short film! Eeek! I didn’t stop to think, those were my first two. Feelin’ excited now! Happy New Year Heidi and everyone!

  7. I will produce my comedy, Swēdelgarïa, which is so unique, silly, and clever it scares me to put this down here.

  8. This year I feel like I’m fully ready to take my career to the next level and not be afraid of success. I want to book roles on tv and in film and also expand to the Atlanta market. I want to continue working on my short film that I’m writing and producing with the aim of shooting in 2019. Lastly, I would love to fully support myself just with acting and voiceovers.

  9. Matt Mancini says:

    I want to continue to be a good uncle, son, and brother. And celebrate and give back to those who have sacrificed so much for me.

    I want to create opportunities for myself, and not wait for opportunities to come to me.

    I want to create stories that make the younger, Midwest Matt Mancinis of today feel a little less lonely and more eager to accept who they are and embrace the world.

    I want to be proud of who I am, my artistry, and not shy away from telling people, agents, managers, industry folk, etc – who I am.

  10. Sol says:

    I eliminate my debt in 2018 with income from acting work.

    I book 3 co-stars and 2 guest stars.

    I become a dog owner.


  11. I am reaching out to my dream collaborators without apology.

    I am embracing my anxiety as part of who I am without running away from it, inside and outside the audition room.

    I am making my Broadway debut.

    I am booking my first network TV show.

    I am creating stories for the LGBT community that are humanizing and hopeful.

    I am human first, actor second, artist always.

    Happy New Year, Heidi!

  12. Mara Sanchez says:

    I am booking a featured role in Law & Order SVU.
    I am Freelancing with an agent (I.C.) whom I respect.
    I am writing new songs and producing them.
    I am auditioning without fear.
    I will develop a wonderful reel for agents to see of scenes that I film (no more excuses.)
    I am singing again and performing without outcome attachments.
    I am in a wonderfully supportive relationship with someone I love.
    I am at peace with my journey.
    Happy New Year Heidi.

  13. Cody Maher says:

    Thank you for this Heidi! My word for myself for the year is PLAY. I hadn’t thought of it but it works perfectly for my professional goals. I wish to part with fear, worrying I won’t be accepted for who and what I am, and trying to hide/make up for my limitations. I will aim to play in the best way I can and let the things I am right for come my way.

  14. I will produce, film and submit my original short “Sisterphrenia” to film festivals. I will create and produce my web-series “Psychy” with friends. I WILL be cast in stage/television and film in 2018. I will live solely on my income from acting. Manifestation mania is happening this year. Thank you Heidi for giving seeds a place to take root. Happy New Year everyone!

  15. Brad Bong says:

    Finishing my screenplay. I spent 2017 wandering just a little bit, and in the process began an incredibly fulifilling journey in telling a story I’m passionate about. I am going to finish writing this story that I think has value; and by extension I will take ownership of, and pride in my own voice.

    Meet more industry people. Whether it’s through industry nights, meet-and-greets, classes, workshops—pick a thing. I am going to strive harder for the world to know the Brad Bong Brand.

  16. Francisco J Gonzalez says:

    This year, I will book a pilot and I will finally work with you, Heidi! Thank you for your inspirational postings and emails. Xo

  17. Rebbekah Alson says:

    I am a creator, and 2018 is my year:
    – I will produce AT LEAST two more shows with my group, the Ethnic Chameleons (next one is Jan 19!).
    – I will continue to write.
    – I will get one of my scripts MADE and I will star in the project.
    – I will embrace failure by attempting to obtain 100 rejections at auditions this year, in service of finding my next big role. Along these lines, I will also continue to reach out to my ideal creative and business partners (coming for you, agent of my dreams!), and embrace each rejection that comes my way.
    – I will create a principal role in a new musical.
    – I will continue my journey to Broadway.
    – I will be a paid screen and stage actor.
    – I will join SAG-AFTRA

    In doing all these things, I will continue to lift up and champion the voices of my fellow mixed-race artists.

    Thank you for pushing us to claim our goals publicly, Heidi! #ExcitedANDscared

  18. Hannah says:

    This year I will complete several more drafts of my screenplay and submit to contests. I will share my work with others even before I feel “ready.” I will expand my artistic community and share my script with more/new people to find more collaborators! I will not let perfectionism and fear rule me! Trust myself and own all my talents without apologies!

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