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Sonia Villani

Hi, I'm an Italian born and raised actor, living in my dream city: New York. A few relevant things about me: my natural accent in English is generally European; my first language is Italian; I can do believably most European and Eastern European accents; I have a Green Card; I'm also a tango dancer; I'm classically trained and with a lot of experience in physical theater; I love and am trained in stage combat both armed and unarmed; selected training: Heidi Marshall, Mercedes Ruehl, SITI Company; favorite credits: most of what's on my resume; professional interests: TV, Shakespeare, contemporary and classical plays, indie films; favorite food/drink: pasta alla carbonara/espresso (very short).

Age Range


Gender Identity

Non-Binary, Genderqueer, Female


White: Eastern European, White: Western European, White: Mediterranean

Race - Identity

White, Other (Listed in Bio)


English, French, Italian, Polish

Union Status


Drivers License

No driver’s license




Social dancer


City Based

New York City