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Jordan Ellis

Growing up with two parents who loved entertainment in all its forms, becoming a performer was built into my DNA. My mom and dad shared their passions with me and my sister every day. From The Carpenters to Disney, there was always a song or a movie on in the Ellis household. You could find me twirling around the house, singing my favorites from "Beauty and the Beast," or acting out all the parts in "Drop Dead Gorgeous." (Real talk -- you can still find me doing that!)

After receiving my BFA in Musical Theatre from the Chicago College of Performing Arts, I went on to perform on numerous cruise ships, regional theaters, national tours, and in several cabarets and concerts. After many years on the stage, I've decided to finally delve into the world of TV/Film.

This sassy, goofy, and sarcastic native of Wisconsin can be a local hire in Milwaukee, and give you a Grade-A midwestern dialect! I'm an experienced Pop/Rock vocalist with a high belt, and a dancer who's proficient in jazz and swing partnering. Riffs and runs? Got 'em. Split jumps? Check. Joy for days? Done and done!

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