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Bradley Adam Stein

A young artist and dog lover with a fire inside him, I moved to New York City in 2015 to study Musical Theatre. Freshly graduated, my career pursuits felt destroyed when the pandemic hit, but when one door closed, six others opened. Quarantine allowed me to explore other passions and interests I had previously cast aside. I became a producer, guiding the new musical, Heartbreak County, to its first production in NYC and subsequently working on our newly released cast album (now on Spotify!). I worked on multiple major political campaigns in NYC, amplifying progressive values I hold dear. Bridges were built, burned, and restructured along the way, but finally, I found my way back to the acting world with renewed vigor, knowing I could still volunteer my time in activist and political spaces. Since returning to the industry, I've already made progress in my career acting in a web series, writing my own short film script, and having my first audition for a Broadway show! Especially after taking my first class with Heidi, I feel invigorated and ready to work on any artistic project that comes my way. If you're looking for an actor, singer, or reader in NYC, let me know; I'm very accommodating and easy to talk to! I also have access to housing in DC and LA, am fully vaccinated, and have an NYS Driver's License and Passport. I can't wait to play and create with you!

Age Range

Teens, 20s

Gender Identity

Genderqueer, Males


White: Eastern European, White: Western European

Race - Identity




Union Status


Drivers License





Social dancer



City Based

New York City