Guest Teacher | Acting the Emotional Close-Up ~ Fiona Graham

When you know you have to go deep, you want to have tools to pull it forth.


This class is for HEIDI ALUMNI only.

You want to be ready to deliver the deepest most truthful work in the most intense emotional scenes…. in the audition room and on set. Learn tools and access points as an actor to be able to dig in quickly, viscerally, and specifically and pull forth the deepest parts of your soulful connection to your character. Nothing less.



*must be available for both classes
**no late attendance permitted due to the intimate structure of class

Union Square | New York City

*deposit is required to guarantee your slot, non-refundable but transferable to an alumni student

$250 Total

June 18 & 25

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Learn how to deliver fully the emotional close-up on film. 

With Guest Teacher, Fiona Graham.

If you don’t know about Fiona, I like to call her my “secret weapon” when prepping actors for screen tests or for performances. I bring her into my process for the “finishing touches”… and for the deepest work.


~ Nail that emotional close up – every time!
~ How to connect – hold on to it / rely on it.
~ Quick breakdown / Quick choices
~ How to use the right personalization 

Over the course of this two-day workshop, Fiona will help you break down a script and guide you to unlock your connection to the character’s circumstances so you can deliver a real, powerful, truthful performance take after take. Fiona will show you how to access your emotional life and give that power and truth to a character so you can bring the story of the scene to life.

Using Emotional and sensory recall and the power of your imagine to unlock your true potential on camera.

Going further, beyond your natural instincts. Hitting that emotional truth in the scene


Each actor will be given a scene to prepare for the first class.

~ Quick breakdown, making quick choices

~ Guided sensory, emotional recall, sense memory and imaginative exercises to create a powerful connection to the character’s circumstances, creating a character that is uniquely and truthfully your own.

~ Exploration of the text with the deeper emotional connection.


~ How to maintain connection whilst being on-set.

~ Connecting to character deeply (under pressure).

~ Actors will perform the sides and receive direction and coaching.

~ Watch and review the work and look for the moment to moment truths.


I’ve directed Fiona as an actress, she’s actually an alumna from years ago, AND she is a top acting teacher and coach in NYC. Yes, she works with celebrities on sets, but doesn’t actually advertise it:) She works out of Susan Batson’s studio – personally selected by Susan to work with her celebrity clients – and is also a private acting coach and teacher.

Fiona’s career, both on stage and screen, has seen her perform in London’s West End, Berlin, Rome, Tbilisi and New York. Originally from the UK, her films have played globally including, Festival De Cannes, Cinequest, Edinburgh Film Festival, Whistler Film Festival and Worldfest, in which Fiona was nominated Best Actress for her role in Elsewhere NY in 2015.  Fiona also works as an acting coach and has worked on Broadway’s Jekyll and Hyde, the Tony Award Winning Broadway show, An American in Paris, the Emmy nominated TV show Empire. Fiona’s Film credits include: Noise, Luna Park, Jack Rabbit, Looking For Kathleen, Living With Mum and Flea (directed by BAFTA nominated director Dan Hartley). 

Fiona was a founding member of The Caravanseria, a production company which performed five plays at The Edinburgh festival, a film screen at BAFTA and alongside Sandblast Arts made several trips to the refugee camps of the Western Sahara to create ‘The Wall’, a play regarding the heroic story of the Saharawi refugees.  Now based in New York, Fiona’s current production company, Jump, has two films under it’s belt, Muscle and Noise.  Jump Productions seeks to tell meaningful narratives and create opportunities for women in film. Fiona’s website


“She pushed me and stretched me as an actor, all the while I didn’t feel like I had anything to prove (which is pretty huge for me personally).”

- Sara Brophy

“This class made me feel confident that I could develop more tools within the method and that this approach can work for me!”

- Emily Evans

“I’m not sure that I have ever been in an acting class that just cut through all the shit so effectively. This experience meant a lot to me.”

- Alumni

“I got braver and more realistic about how I look on camera — and much clearer about what is and is not working in terms of emotionality.”

- Alumni

“There is no right way. Only truth needs to be present.”

- Alumni

“Wow – super intense class. Unexpected. I’ve done the best work I’ve ever done – felt the most connected.”

- Alumni

What a powerful well needed experience with Fiona. It has changed me. That class allowed me such personal access in such a transformative way that all that release and emotional energy was channeled into creativity.

- Alumni