[Ongoing Group] The Creators Circle

For actors building momentum of their inspired projects. **OPEN TO ACTORS AS CREATORS ALUMNI ONLY**


It takes a village. Every baby needs an uncle, aunt, mom, dad, cousin. Your short, feature, play, webisode is your baby. As a Creator, you need a family, the village, that you can go to when you need to be reminded of your North Star, your purpose. The Creators Circle is that village.

TUESDAYS | 10am-12pm | 6 sessions every 2 weeks
October 16, 30, November 13, 27, December 11, January 8
*note: it’s recommended to use your bonus 1:1 coaching during the holiday time to keep you going

TUESDAYS | 7:30pm-9:30pm | 6 sessions every 2 weeks

4 people MAX per group
Online (ZOOM)
**includes two 1 on 1 private coaching sessions with Johnny!

For 1:1 support with Johnny, go here for private coaching details.

Online (ZOOM)

$250/month Total


Creators Circle Future Priority List

You are being added to a Priority List until we officially open the next Circle dates.
  • Let's keep creating!

    All Circles are online via Zoom video. You can join from anywhere, but it's preferred that you are in a private quiet place at the time of the session.
    All Circles are online via Zoom video. You can join from anywhere, but it's preferred that you are in a private quiet place at the time of the session.
  • Priority is given to AAC alumni.

This coaching group is full but email Heidi directly to get on the waiting list or the priority list for the next group!

Build it and they will come.

For people to see our projects and our work, first we have to build it.

And because building takes time, it takes persistent motion to build something.

More so, when there’s a challenge, your persistence will overcome resistance.

Results come from Persistent Motions.

However, when we feel alone and like no one is helping us, and especially when all we hear is rejection, it’s hard to feel inspired and to stay in motion.

The Creators Circle is a coaching group for Independent Filmmakers, with a special focus on Actors-Creators.

It’s a community where any and all questions are brought up and worked through in collaboration with other filmmakers like you.

The Creators Circle is a coaching group for the Actor-Creator.

In it, we will go over challenges, look for solutions and brainstorm potential next steps.

The Creators Circle is moderated and led by Johnny Sanchez, an Actor-Creator just like you who has been in the trenches for the past 2 decades as an Actor-Creator.

Johnny has been through the ups and downs, feeling both inspired and frustrated, and has learned that persistence is the most crucial element to be a Creator.

The bi-monthly meetings keep you motivated!

The group is coached by Johnny every two weeks (twice a month), two hours each circle.

You get individual attention in your coaching to cater to your needs of development, producing, post-production, festivals… whichever phase you are at with your dream project, Johnny has also been in the thick of it with his projects over the years and can confidently guide you towards empowering you with confidence and knowledge.

You’ll also become crucial contributors to each other’s process.

Independent filmmakers need each other; in truth, we are Interdependent.

The Creators Circle embraces the Interdependent Filmmaker within us.

To create targets you can meet, The Creators Circle requires a 3-month minimum commitment.

We’re not playin’ around – we want to get results!

To register, you’ll be asked to make a deposit to secure your spot and your commitment to the group, and then you will be billed only two more times throughout the 3 months – at the end of the first month and the second month.

This is a payment plan that we expect you to honor to the program and, as well, to hold yourself to manifest your project!

We really want to support all of you who desire to make your vision happen.

When you register, the details will be sent to you on how to join the group online each session.

Looking forward to bringing your projects to LIFE!

Heidi & Johnny (Johnny is your coach in The Creators Circle!)

What is a Mastermind Group exactly?

The Creators Circle is a Mastermind Group.

Have you heard this term before? It’s pretty awesome.

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony…. No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].”

Napoleon Hill

The concept of Mastermind groups have actually been around for ages – Benjamin Franklin was a part of one, called Junto. Even the masters need to be surrounded by masters to get sh*t done!

In the Creators Circle, every 2 weeks you will experience 2 hours of…

  1. setting goals and striving to achieve the goals
  2. having an expert Coach guiding, educating, and supporting your project
  3. receiving colleague support and brainstorm ideas that lift you up and give you perspective
  4. knowledge and tips that save you time and money in your process


2 private coachings for your project are included!

In addition to the bi-monthly mastermind coaching sessions (!!), you’ll also receive two private coaching calls with Johnny!

Johnny started adding this to the Mastermind Group because he saw that a little extra personal attention to the particular needs of your project can make the difference. These two sessions can be scheduled at any point within the three months.

Payment Details

1st payment of $250 is required to secure your slot and your commitment.
2nd payment of $250 will be due at the end of the 1st month.
3rd payment of $250 will be due at the end of the 2nd month.

Or, you can pay the full balance at the start.

*you will receive Invoices for the 2nd and 3rd installments.


4 people MAX per group

*To keep the focus strong and effective, the group size is limited to 4 artists. 


Johnny Sanchez

With over 30 years of experience in Film, T.V. and Theatre, Johnny is a multi-hyphenate (actor + writer + producer) known for his eye to artistic detail.   As an actor, Johnny has worked with such great directors as Steven Soderbergh, Michael Bay, Sidney Lumet, Frank Oz, Arthur Hiller, John Badham, Hugh Wilson, etc.

Identifying a need for unique stories, he started Producing. Johnny Co-Produced FIND ME GUILTY directed by Sydney Lumet (Academy Award Honoree), starring Vin Diesel and Peter Dinklage. Johnny also Co-produced EVEN MONEY, starring Kim Basinger (Academy Award Winner), Forest Whitaker (Academy Award Winner), and Danny DeVito (Academy Award Nominee).

In addition to the features, he also produced the short films NOISE (Director Max Williamson) and MUSCLE (Director Heidi Marshall), leading them through all phases of production (development, pre, principal, post and festivals). MUSCLE played at over 20 film festivals and won many awards, including The Spirit of Indie Filmmaking Award, Best Narrative Short Film Award and The Best of Fest Award.

Seeking to represent a wider range of stories, Johnny started writing.

Johnny co-wrote and produced A THROUGH M, a political, Sci-Fi, short film. A THROUGH M was produced in collaboration with the American Film Institute’s highly selective Directing Workshop for Women program, and won Best Dramatic Short Script and Best Dramatic Short Film. Johnny’s feature screenplay, AMBER, based on a true story, reached 3rd place in the 2016 Write Movies Screenwriting Contest and Quarter Finalist at the 2016 BlueCat Screenplay Competition. AMBER also won Second Round at the 2016 Austin Film Festival.

Johnny is currently producing AMBER (www.AmberTheFilm.com) and VIVISECTION (www.VivisectionFilm.com), an action/horror/thriller. AMBER will be directed by Heidi Miami Marshall and VIVISECTION by award winning director William Wedig.

While films based on true stories and dramas have a special place in his heart, ultimately, Johnny is a Genre Agnostic Filmmaker who gravitates to stories that depict statistically underrepresented communities and that highlight the struggle and triumph of the human spirit. Johnny loves entertaining and inspiring the viewer to create personal and social change.

This pic is from Sundance about 10 years ago! #IndependentAtHeart


Without a doubt, I gained the confidence to call myself a creator. The Creators Circle began to be something I looked forward, to share my progress, my failures, and be in solidarity with my fellow creators as we stumbled and grew. Most importantly, I have a project in motion as opposed to a concept dormant in my mind.

- Christina Catechis  www.christinacatechis.com

For someone who has never written their own series before, the Creator’s Circle was super helpful.  I’ve LOVED that you gave us deadlines, and that you always pushed against taking on more than you can chew. I felt like I learned something from every single person in our circle.  I often found that the challenges that they were facing were similar to the ones I was facing. You give ample time to each creator to hash out their project and figure out what will work best to get to the next level with our projects.

- Victor Albaum www.victoralbaum.com

I wanted to let you know firstly how grateful I am for have taken that Actors as Creators workshop a year ago, because I think it is changing my life. This summer I fought so hard to engage a community through my Seed and Spark campaign, and it was rather frustrating at times, but it was inspiring to say the least to have a sense of duty to my campaign, my scripts, and my vision, and to fight for something every day, as opposed to wallow over lack of auditions and callbacks. I met a lot of industry folk in Greece because a) the demographic firstly is much smaller and b) I think my needs and wants were so specific, thanks to Johnny and our work together on that, that I got into a lot interesting rooms. Today I met my goal on my Seed and Spark campaign, although my executive producer (!!!!!!!!) a distributor for Netflix in Europe and a variety of television shows in Turkey, Germany, and Greece, thinks it won’t be necessary. She is investing $50,000 in the series, and covering all production/equipment/ and editing costs. She is confident the show will air, while I am just happy to not have to wear all the hats anymore. The series is now being transformed to a 28 minute pilot, which is a bit tricky for the moment, but very much doable.

- Christina Catechis www.christinacatechis.com

It was such a good decision for me, and a great investment in my creative work to be part of the circle.  While everyone uses words like “amazing” and “OMFG” these days, I have to say being part of this process has been a subtle but profound shift in me truly owning my creative vision and in affirming that I can build my own dreams. Thank you, Johnny.

- Kayhan Irani https://www.artivista.org/

Opening up and sharing my story, and really my self and experience, would have stayed stuck in the land of unrealized ideas without the Creators Circle. I was so afraid and paralyzed by perfection. But your encouragement, and the support of the group, were paramount in allowing me to start exploring… the things you were able to see in what I was doing/dreaming about allowed me the confidence to keep going!!

- Cody Schreger theshittalk.com

Creators Circle has given me more confidence in my own work, community, foundation(and whenever I feel lost I can always go back to it). It was a great place to have my ideas get out of my own head. It also helped me to stay on schedule and not let it get lost.

- Esco Jouléy www.escojouley.com

Johnny, you’ve been really helping me keep the ball in the air, pushing myself forward. You got my back, man.  I so appreciate the time you take to think about [my project] and join me in the world of the film.

- Drew Valins www.drewvalins.com

Thank you so much for your help and support. It really means the world to me and helps me keep going when I’m feeling discouraged.

- Bobbie Esposito www.bobbieesposito.com