THURS JUNE 20, 2024

Polish and refresh your auditioning and on-camera acting skills in this pop-up workshop.

Sometimes you just need a burst of inspiration as a working actor! Come and work on your auditions or demo scenes under the expert guidance of one of the industry’s top acting coaches Heidi Marshall.

Class size: Limited to 10 students
Prerequisites: Open to all
Location: Online
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June 20th, 2024
7:00-10:00pm EST
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Class content

Sometimes you just need a burst of inspiration as a working actor! Come and work on your auditions or demo scenes under my expert guidance. As countless acting coaching alumni can attest to, I’ll adjust and uplevel your work quickly. My audition coaching skills are wide-ranging and fast because I coach actors EVERY SINGLE DAY for auditions, callbacks, screentests, chemistry reads, and more. Use this chance to be in the virtual room with me and to build your skills and confidence in on-camera acting and auditioning.

In this masterclass-style workshop, each actor will be given a chance to do their scene two times. Between takes you will receive adjustments and explore expansive questions from Heidi about your work as an artist, and specifically, on the scene. You’ll also get the invaluable experience of watching others work and be coached by Heidi. Come prepared and be ready to make big leaps quickly!

Who is this class good for?

Actors who want to:

  • Refresh your approach to acting
  • Evolve and uplevel what you are delivering in your auditions
  • Develop your swiftness for implementing adjustments
  • Find ease on camera
  • Build self-confidence in your choices
  • Find your own style in characters
  • Try new types of roles
  • Deepen your analysis
  • Be in community with other working actors
  • Get the experience of audition coaching with Heidi so that you’re prepared when big opportunities fall to you!

What you get

Where your focus goes, energy flows. The more you tackle acting and auditioning, the more you naturally become the confident actor that everyone wants to work with. The more you stretch your range as an actor, the more flexible and expansive you become. The more you work, the more you work!

About Heidi

Heidi Marshall

ACTING COACH: Heidi’s career has spanned over 25 years and includes time as the lead Casting Director at Telsey+CO for the Broadway musical RENT, as well as for 70+ projects in theater, film, television, commercial, and voiceover. She’s coached countless actors into roles for Film, TV, and Theater. Most recently, she coached and prepped Halle Bailey for her audition and screen test for Disney’s upcoming The Little Mermaid. Heidi’s active filmmaker career informs her director’s eye and influences her aesthetic for working with actors. 

For full acting coach bio, click here. For filmmaker portfolio, click here.


Conversations with Heidi

Moving fast on sets is essential. If you have not worked recently and regularly as an actor, you will likely find yourself stressing and stumbling on sets when you are hired—or even before that, during the audition stage. Artists must do everything they can to keep the artistic muscles stretching and growing. Never stop asking questions about your characters, trying new approaches to acting, or working with new collaborators and teachers. The more you build your skills, stretch your talent, and stay in process…the more you will discover that your artistry expands! This audition coaching pop-up is for both alumni and actors who are new to the studio.

Studio guarantee

Full disclosure — please note that we do not guarantee that actors in our online or in-person acting classes will be hired for any project that we might direct, produce, or cast. We teach and coach because we enjoy supporting and nurturing actors as you develop your personal process for auditioning, working and creating your own work.