In the Summers film Heidi Marshall On-Set Acting Coach
“In the Summers” Film: Reflections From Set

I was sitting down to write an email to my community of actors when I …

Adam Pascal and Daphne Rubin Vega in Original Broadway Cast of Rent
Keeping the Wildness In Your Performance

  I used to go to concerts and nightclubs to seek out kick-ass singers when …


Heidi has an instinctive gift for identifying talent that might have gone otherwise undiscovered. Meeting Heidi back when the company was first starting is and will always be a blessing.”

—BERNIE TELSEY, Casting Director

“Heidi is a kind and special human who teaches me tenacity and grace and generosity every time we connect AND one of my not so secret weapons in helping me do my job authentically!

—CARMEN CUBA, Casting Director

“Thanks for everything you’ve done [with the lead actress on a new upcoming series]. We really owe you for being her coach – it’s been a big help in starting off the series on the right foot.”

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