Are classes online?

We are continuing the majority of our studio classes online!

Working over Zoom has boosted actors' self-tape skills so beautifully! It has brought to actors a complete awareness of what the camera loves and needs: how to work a frame, capture intimacy, and nail specificity. So, we are going to continue that intensive work. We also love supporting actors and extending the community across the country (and world!).

To check if any in-person classes are being offered, visit our CLASSES list.

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(Last updated: June 2023)

What’s the difference between Part 1 and Part 2 classes?

My signature classes, Part 1 and Part 2, are not separated by levels of talent.

Everyone—including the award winners—starts with me in Part 1, and we build a process together. I lay in the lessons and techniques very thoughtfully and purposefully over the classes. Some actors will say it is like developing a philosophy together. This class will give you more than just techniques. It’s the whole package.

Can I audit a class?

Unfortunately, no—each class is a safe space for actors to explore their craft and talent. I purposefully keep the class size small and intimate, and therefore do not offer audits. I need actors to feel free to make mistakes and have breakthroughs in my classes. It is crucial for individual and collective growth that each person present in the group participates.

Can I get a referral about you, Heidi?

Sure! Check out the reviews at the bottom of each of my classes, as well as my coaching page. You'll learn a little more about what actors have gained from their time with me. I have an alumni base of over 2000 actors. (I’ve been teaching for over 20 years.) You can also learn more about me here.

Do you offer private make-up sessions if I miss a class?

No. All studio classes are designed very specifically to give the most impact within the class hours. The student dynamics are a crucial element to the design of the class. If a scheduling conflict arises for you during class times, it is left to your discretion to decide whether to attend, and your choice will be respected. There are no make-ups available. For additional support, please schedule a private coaching.

NOTE: Please only register for class if you plan to attend all classes in the series. Missing one class can become a missing link for your experience. That said, if something unexpected arises during the weeks of class, we will respect the choice you need to make. Unfortunately, refunds are not available for missed classes.

Can I swap to another section mid-class?

No. Each class is limited in student capacity in order to maximize personalized attention and organize the work flow. We also like to create a safe, positive space, and once a group has started working together, we preserve that dynamic.

What can I expect in your class?

Please read each class description for details specific to that class.

Overall you can expect the following structure in my studio classes:

  • Assignments: Before each class, you receive an assignment. You will often be asked to individually find and prepare a NEW scene that fills appropriate casting possibilities for you, as discussed each week in class. No monologues. You will be guided to select appropriately challenging roles and well-structured audition scenes.
  • Class clips: We film and provide you with video downloads (mp4) of your class takes. It is an excellent way to study your progress, see your “tricks”, and see what the producers/directors are seeing on the television monitors. WATCH yourself on camera!
  • Biz Insights: I will be in dialogue with you about taking action in your career, nudging you along and providing resources.  You will also be invited into the Alumni Casting Database.
  • Acting Coaching: It's my great joy to work with an actor, wherever they are at in their process and to support doing the amazing work that you know you can do. Again, read the class description for specifics to find out if it aligns with your goals.

Are my class videos public?

No, your videos are private to you. This class is a safe environment that honors the actor’s need to explore all directions in your work.

You can choose to share your videos on your website, casting platforms, etc.  You will own your videos and I will delete them from my personal hard drive after a few months after class ends. Complete directions will be sent to all registered students.

How do you run online classes?

I've been coaching online for many, many years. I'm extremely adept in helping actors find ease and intimacy to do amazing work in these settings.  Currently, I'm coaching actors who are doing online auditions, virtual callbacks, virtual screen tests, and virtual chemistry reads!  It's kind of incredible, and it can be very empowering for an actor since you get to take total control of your set-up and audition choices.

I continue to keep my online class sizes small in order to do intimate work with each actor. My classes are always focused on supporting individuals in their own process.

With Zoom, I have many tricks and tips that I've developed and use to record and create an intimate class participation setting. Students are often astonished by how it truly feels like a private and individualized on-camera acting class. (I use these same tools when I privately coach and film online for auditions.)

To prepare, please read my Blog: The Art of the Self-Tape to get you rolling!

Why is class 3 or 4 hours long?

Trust me, I could do an 8-hour class easily! There is just so much more to explore, always. In fact, students always ask me to extend the class beyond 4 weeks. This is why I offer Part 2 class.

When casting, I used to sit in an audition room for 8+ hours straight, no bathroom breaks. I have a ton of stamina and focus when it comes to actors!

How do I watch my class clips?

I use Dropbox. You create your own Dropbox account and folder for me to upload videos into. You can view your private videos from any smartphone or computer. Additionally, you will be able to download your videos to your computer, USB drive, or cloud storage for safekeeping.

Will I work on camera in each class?

100% YES!  All actors work on camera each week. The amount of takes per class for each actor varies depending on the class lesson and your preparedness. I will always make sure each actor puts their scene on tape a minimum of three times. I am also known to stay longer if the class group gets inspired and we are on a roll!

Will I book a job after I take this class?

I’m pulling for that to happen! Your success is my success. Also, I know from teaching for over 15 years that my class results run much deeper than simply booking a one time job. You will experience a realignment in your work and your perception of the industry and thus able to move forward in refreshing, invigorating, and energized ways. You will have so much more information about yourself and the industry and able to really move forward powerfully. You will be excited for your next audition and job!

  • Please note that I do not guarantee that actors in our classes and workshops will be hired for any project that I might direct or cast. I am teaching and coaching because I enjoy supporting actors in developing their process of working within the audition room and opening their knowledge about the business of auditioning.
  • I am available to be a reference to reps, CDs, and filmmakers as you seek work.
  • I do guarantee my supportive honesty and sharing my knowledge to support the actor in your overall process of auditioning and acting.

Can we have a coffee to discuss the class or my work?

I wish that I could! I am constantly conceiving and managing many projects and also supporting current students—I’m booked to the max. It is the life of an inspired freelancer, truly. If you desire to get to know me more, I’m available for private online coachings and virtual consultations. Click here for more details about coaching.

Still have questions?

Contact my team! Send us a message and we'll help you out as quickly as we can.