Private coaching for auditions, self-tapes, and performance. 

Take the time to prep—it will show if you don’t. Spontaneity is actually freed through preparation, and together we’ll work through detailed and nuanced preparation of your scene. Coaching for upcoming audition/performance prep is available with me or my associate coach, Athena Colón.

For Audition/Performance Prep, scroll down and use the SCHEDULE COACHING button.

For customized training towards general acting or auditioning goals, book a 3-Part Private Training Series with Athena Colón.

*NEW*: For customized coaching on industry & career goals for actors, check out our new Business of Acting one-on-one series with Mathia Vargas.

Prerequisites: Open to all
Location: Online
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Coaching or Filming Online

Together, we’ll work through detailed and nuanced preparation of your scene. I support your instincts on the material and apply my skilled Casting Director + Director’s eye as well. I offer an outside perspective that you can trust, and you come away with reinforced confidence to kick ass in the audition or performance. I have familiarity and expertise in all genres and mediums: film, TV, web, theater, and musical theater.

I’ve been coaching online for years, and we are now able to film your self-tapes online as well. (Yes! I can film you on Zoom!). This option offers the most flexible scheduling since we can work last-minute on either coast. Online sessions are recommended for film audition prep and self-tape filming for several reasons:

  • ASAP scheduling as soon as you get an audition
  • Coaching through the camera lens helps you adapt your work for a filmed audition
  • Work from the comfort of your own home
  • Receive virtual on-set preparation and support
  • Best option for keeping your costs down

Coaching with Associate Athena

Associate Coach – Athena Colón has been training and coaching with me for several years. When I prepare actors for screen tests, I frequently add her to the process—including for coaching sessions with Halle Bailey (The Little Mermaid) and Jakhara Smith (Nos4A2). She has worked as an independent teacher and coach in New York City for 10+ years. 

To schedule a single coaching session for audition/performance prep with Athena, scroll up and click SCHEDULE COACHING. 




It’s really about your process and what you need.

From my experience, coachings work best when the actor is prepped. Who are you? What is your relationship to the other person? What do you want? What’s in the way? Where are you? What’s your overall arc in the scene? And the list goes on!

I personally enjoy getting coached when I am prepped. I also like a little cushion time before the deadline in case I want some time to review my takes. I’m a fan of having fun and getting the work done with ease.




Athena was brilliant at helping break down the moments in the scene and bring in more sides in the character along with the circumstances and reality of the world of the film. I felt confident and ready to work in the room, and trusted the work we’d done. The audition went great and I was able to do my best work.
Maria Diez


It is so important to walk into a room feeling so prepared that you can deliver in any situation. Athena gets to the bottom of a text quickly. She recognizes your strengths to bring out a variety of colors and tactics to tell the story. I felt free working with her and really allowed myself to take risks in the audition room.
Reece Vernier Santos


I walked out of my audition feeling whole and happy and confident that I brought my best! Thank you for your coaching! It was SO valuable. In one short hour, you were able to break down the scene and help me fortify a strong emotional prep for a major audition.
Chris Russell


I got to know how terrific a coach Athena is when she helped me work on a pilot audition. She partners with you to find the truth and nuances of the scene and character, while also making sure the best of you is captured. Her work is rich and nuanced and fully supports the individual process.
Farah Bala





Athena Colón is a bilingual, native New York actress, teaching artist, and acting coach. 

Athena Colón is a bilingual, native New York actress, teaching artist and acting Coach. Athena has worked as an independent teacher and coach in New York City for 10+ years. She has trained with former Telsey + Company casting director Heidi Marshall as a coach and joyfully prepares actors for screen tests and auditions. She is the recipient of the BRIO Grant from the Bronx Council of the Arts. While earning her BFA in Theatre from Long Island University–C.W. Post, she co-created a Suzuki-based performance, Third Child, which toured Italy, the Czech Republic, and New York City. Her recent TV credits include: NEW AMSTERDAM, BULL, Martin Scorsese’s VINYL, JESSICA JONES, and LAW & ORDER: SVU. When she’s not acting on stage or film, Athena facilitates acting classes and conducts theatre workshops in NYC. She proudly collaborates with Heidi Marshall Studio and DreamYard.




…that in addition to coaching, Athena also offers a private, 3-session sequence that guides you towards using the camera to your advantage! Learn physicality for the camera, work the beats, bring the internal monologue to life, and practice self-tape techniques. Customized to each actor, where you are at.


How self-tape coaching works

You may choose to add self-taping to a scheduled coaching session. For self-tapes, check out the following options.



Schedule an online coaching and I will show you how we’ll film together! We’ll work on Zoom. I’ll record you via Zoom and give you clips ASAP after the session. Alternatively, you can tape yourself simultaneously with a separate camera or smartphone. I’ll show you how to set this up during our session, and you’ll get detailed prep instructions beforehand. Then, I’ll work as your coach and off-camera reader during the taping.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The quality of filming over Zoom can be sharpened by adding appropriate lighting to your set-up and making sure Wi-Fi is functioning at top speed. Get more tips here.




Schedule a coaching, then read up on my blog tips for doing self-tape auditions at home. You can do it! 

Blog: The Art of Self-Tape & Blocking On Camera

Heidi's unique perspective

After holding over 40,000 auditions for RENT—plus countless other theater, film, TV, and commercial projects—I’ve built up tips for how to make fast adjustments in your auditions. 

I’m positive that the deeper you go in your work, the more irresistible you become. I believe that any audition frustrations can be traced back to how you prepared. Building audition and on-set confidence through preparation is crucial. 

I also have a sincere passion for supporting longevity in an actor’s career, and I offer private sessions to deepen that process. I love to support actors not only as you book gigs, but also as you grow in your acting and auditioning processes. 




Working on film requires honesty in every moment. I work to unearth the nuances in the text by noting your instincts and giving insight into the possible range of text interpretation. My casting director experience and director’s eye are keenly aware of truth, text analysis, and what works on camera.

In generals, I will provide guidance on what works in front of the camera, and I’m confident that you’ll be able to translate our findings to your audition or performance. In audition prep, we will mine the scenes for nuance of behavior and thoughts.

My actors audition for networks, cable, feature films, sitcoms, dramas, and new media. I’m well versed in all dramatic mediums.




The trick to auditioning with a great monologue is turning it into a dialogue between you and another person. I’ll show you how, and you’ll never feel abandoned and alone onstage (or auditions) again!

Find the nuances of your personality within a monologue. Your monologue is your own voice. My specialty is not selecting monologues—I suggest specifically seeking a monologue coach for that need.




We start with the text—we don’t need a piano or music. The first thing singers immediately notice when they work with me is how a song instantly changes without the music. I like to think of the music as an underscore, a delicate interplay between words and thoughts. Your character’s words and thoughts drive the music.

I’ve worked with singers for Broadway, opera, night clubs, American Idol, The Voice—I’ve even coached the Rolling Stones’ soloist! I don’t sing, but I speak the singer’s language.

If you prefer coaching with accompaniment, I please bring accompaniment recordings to play off your phone. 

Musical Theater prep can be done over Skype as well. 




I’m originally a lady of the theater. Theater is the heart and soul of the acting business, and it’s a brilliant place to practice being truthful.

From the audition room to Broadway, for over 25 years, I’ve walked through every step of creating roles to maintaining them in long-running Broadway shows.

Together, we can generate or refresh your work.

Why coaching matters


Take the time to prepare your auditions. It shows when you don’t. The competition is too great to be unprepared or lack confidence when you walk into the audition room.

Spontaneity is freed through preparation. Use each audition as a marker of your growth as an actor. Build confidence in your instincts and choices by preparing.



All the great stars have their private coaches to help them develop their dream careers and their sense of self within their work. Walk onto set or into a rehearsal room having thought through your role.



I’ve specifically taken an interest in revitalizing the work of seasoned actors. If you’re burnt out, frustrated, or battling your current marketable type and age range, then you will find renewed inspiration after just one session. I have a sincere passion for supporting longevity in an actor’s career. Private sessions offer an opportunity for all artists to grow and be challenged. Each actor is unique and deserves the space to find and develop his or her voice.



It’s crucial that actors develop comfort and familiarity with technology in the modern age of auditioning.

Today, actors are asked to self-tape before—or even in lieu of—auditioning in person. Self-tapes provide an opportunity to move forward to the next round of hiring or to get hired immediately. I’ve seen both! Therefore, it’s necessary to capture your best performance on camera and have solid production value when you self-tape. Beat out the self-tape competition by looking like a pro and acting with confidence and ease.

Due to limited coaching time, I’ll prioritize filming sessions for callbacks, significant roles, series recurring, and screen test prep. However, don’t hesitate to reach out for all needs for self-tapes, and I will do my best to support.


How will we work over Zoom? 

We’ve been coaching online for years, and in fact, when we work via the computer screen, it demands even more honesty. It’s very easy to spot when it’s not. Yes, we can film you over Zoom. You will receive specific directions, and you can also read this blog post: How to Self-Tape on Zoom


What are my payment options?

When you schedule a coaching, you’ll have the option to pay via Venmo or PayPal. Your appointment is finalized when payment is confirmed.


What is the cancellation policy?

Once you book a session, it will be added to your coach’s calendar. Bookings made in error should be canceled immediately in order to allow other actors to find a time on the calendar. If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 12 hours before your appointment time in order to be refunded. Otherwise, you will be charged the balance of your booking.


Do you offer coaching on industry/career goals? 

We are now offering a 3-part private coaching series on the BUSINESS OF ACTING with my wonderful associate coach, Mathia Vargas! Check it out now.


Paco Tolson


I just wanted to thank you for all your insights in our coaching session. I feel flexible and ready for whatever they need me to do on the day.

Amanda Martinez


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the coaching this week! I was so pleased with my submission!!!

Ashley Romans, Y: The Last Man


I finally just got back to my home base in LA and you came across my mind. I just want to say thank you so much for these few months in supporting me in the filming process and being so available to me as a coach.

Sam Xu


I just want to say that I am so, so thankful for you for helping me through the first big shoot of my career. 🙂 It’s been a week now I am back in my tiny, lovely Brooklyn apartment that I could fathom… It. Actually. Happened. It was unreal and exciting, and an amazing experience that I will remember for a very very long time.

I am so grateful for the sessions that we had and all the preparations, clarifying the relationships, and even the sessions of just going through the lines. Because when we were on set, all of this became a sort of muscle memory that I had no time to contemplate on. Because we were shooting at a restricted-access open air seaport, with hundreds of crews, and it was SO COLD. Between getting the blockings right for the camera, the stunt car, the cranes lifting shipping containers, and the lead actors, I had to spit out lines faster than my brain could process. All the preparation we did was put to use, nothing was spared!

Dawn Vicknair


I had my taping today. I played and stayed loose enough to make different choices on each take. It was the most fun I ever had doing a self-tape! You really got me fired up in our coaching; when I got home last night, I couldn’t stop digging and playing. It felt so good.

Ashley McCormack


I am typically always confident in my vocals, but I left that room feeling extremely confident in my work as an actor. THANK YOU!

Guy Lockard

Today on set was magic. Thanks for helping a brotha out.

Marcus Jordan

Wow the change take to take is STARTLING!!! Thank you. I’m so excited to get working in this way!

Alexandra Turshen, Amazon’s series RED OAKS


“Heidi is the lady to go to!! I use her convenient skype sessions to make sure I’m super ready for auditions and I went to her AFTER I booked Red Oaks to make sure I would show up on set guns-a-blazin.

New York Times Review, Fantasia as Celie in Broadway’s THE COLOR PURPLE


[American Idol Winner] Fantasia unleashes with a feeling of connection to the dramatic moment.

Morissa Trunzo


Thank you so much for today, it helped me so much, not just in regards to the audition. Feeling very powerful today regardless of what happens! So thank you thank you thank you.

Kat Griffin


I will be interested to see how they end up casting the role- there is was a vast spectrum of very masculine, fully physically transitioned F-M trans people there. Thank you for all your help yesterday I felt very confident about what I presented! 
Lindsey Bliven
You’re awesome.
Dan Truman
You were extremely helpful as well as fun to work with, both as always, and I think I incorporated most of what we did, they gave me additional takes when I screwed up, and I took the adjustment "throw it all away"  without I hope, throwing *everything* away. 
Josh Rivera

The coaching that you gave me made me feel like a rockstar when I got in the room so thank you so much for that.

Orange Is The New Black, Guest Star

You made that performance possible, quite frankly.  I  was really intimidated and riddled with doubt. As embarrassed as I was to be lost when I entered your space, you did a terrific job of being compassionate, specific and clear. 

Brittney Morello

I think that was my best audition for a Broadway show. There’s no question that I was in control of my own audition. I knew from CD’s response that she had received what I shared. I’m excited to work a little differently and more healthfully in future audition situations.

Susan Shea

Your blogs are always so perfectly in tune what one wants and needs to hear. (You are the actor/all beings empowerment whisperer!)

Comfort Clinton


I wanted to say thank you again for taking the time to meet with me on Sunday! I just had my audition and I really genuinely felt like it went very well. I employed all of your tips (including getting a blow out before!) and it made me so confident going in to the audition.

Stephanie McBee, A.C.T. MFA


You are an amazing teacher and I’ve learned and gained so much about myself as an actor as well as a business. I know this is truly the beginning for me. I have so much more to do and so much further to go but for once I feel excited and equipped for the journey [when I graduate]. There’s a sense of feeling more grounded and in anticipation of exploring ME in this journey rather than living for the outcome. Thank you for that!!!

Nina Covalesky


Coaching ’twas very helpful and all went well.  Even when I half-forgot my second line, I was able to just breathe and roll with it since we prepped so nicely!

Katie Dixon


I genuinely feel I learned so many tips and techniques from just working with you in that one session. I felt like I had a mini acting crash course. It’s so important to stay fresh, and I can’t thank you enough! You’ve definitely changed the way I will look at sides from now on, as well as cold reading.

Ingrid Vollset


Thank you for making auditioning fun and not terrifying!

Carmen Gill


Thanks SO much for your help with this audition. I’m really happy with my takes.

Bruce Fuller

I wanted to thank you for everything you taught me. So much clicked in with this audition that I just booked. I can't really put into words what clicked, but it sure did.

David Siciliano


Audition went incredibly well. It was a very necessary and joyous win for me. I left the room swimming in tears of joy and relief; I felt like I had finally returned to that creative lovely place I was in during school and had missed since graduating.

David Martin
You gave me the shot of adrenaline I needed, now to stay on Cloud 9.
Gabrielle Sterbenz


And, may I say, thank you so much!!! I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you helping me get through that block that I have had for years.  I really communicated with my singing today – and it was such a huge breakthrough for me.  I look forward to carrying that connection with me into all of my auditions.  So, thank you a million times.

Melle Powers
“I wanted to let you know that I felt really great about my audition today.  I was more relaxed than I've been in a long time, and really focused on the characters.  Funnily enough, my reader was mouthing my lines along with me, but I focused on using that annoyance as part of my character's annoyance.  I even made the casting director laugh. It was great to be able to separate the audition from the result with the realization that even if I don't get the part, I had fun in the room.
Wendy Allegeart

A heart-felt thanks for your wonder-full bedside manner in yesterday’s coaching.  I left renewed in my commitment to be part of the solution, etc.  Took some bold actions today as a direct result of our talk/coaching.

Vince Vincent


Once again in a short hour you inspired and change my life for the better! You rock!  Being motivated to finally be the artist I’ve dreamed of is amazing!

Samantha Massell


Guess who booked the movie!?  ME!!  All thanks to YOU!!! Best coach ever!  I’m a lucky gal!

Arlene Chico-Lugo


I don’t think I have ever auditioned so well. Thank you for all of your help! There really is nothing better than feeling prepared. Then your nervousness has the chance to turn into excitement (which makes this fun- and that’s why we do it, right?!) instead of morphing into worry

Ellyn Long Marshall, Orpheus Group Casting

Heidi embraces each entity of the audition process with careful directness, providing an atmosphere which encourages the Actor, Writer, Camera and, yes, even Casting Director, to 'do their own thing' to the max!

Studio guarantee

Full disclosure—please note that we do not guarantee that actors who receive coaching will be hired for any project that we might direct or cast. We do guarantee my supportive honesty and my open sharing of knowledge. We teach and coach because we enjoy supporting actors as they develop their process of working within the audition room. We seek to build their knowledge about the business of auditioning.

All coaching sessions are confidential.