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Eddie Rabon


NaTonia Monét

So I have to say, I’m known for lots of talents and things of that nature but mostly… my love for Cinnabons. They say, “What would you do for a Klondike Bar?” I say, “Late nights are fun, but have you twerked with a Cinnabon?”

Ok ok we’ll get back to that. My love for comedy and sketch led me to write and perform in my very first comedic web-series entitled, THE GREAT BLACK WAY with the most popular episode having over 86,000 views. This series was also an official selection of the NY Indie Theatre Film Festival. The sophomore series I wrote and performed in alongside my friend Nikko Kimzin is entitled #UNBOOKED. Now, this series was definitely a step up in overall production (lavaliers are our friends). However, it wasn’t entered into any festivals- let’s get back to the Cinnabon… My love for Cinnabons birthed a sketch entitled LOVE HURTS that was featured on Comedy Hype.

Yes it is true, I am in fact a dancer and studied ballet for over 20 years so
where did this affinity for sketch comedy come from? Well for starters I was born and raised in the capital of the confederacy; Richmond, Virginia. The blatant micro aggressions and subtle racism drew me further down south (now that’s laughable) to my scholarship in Dance at The Florida State University. I absolutely loved FSU and my time there was pivitol; there I gained the rest of my sense of humor through one brilliantly long on-again, off-again relationship and my comedic timing when I finally turned the relationship all the way off and he proposed. HA!

When I’m not acting, writing, or dancing or singing—legend has it this only
occurs once every 10 years—I enjoy enjoying life! This includes spending time with my family, especially my two nieces who still live in Virginia, adding stamps to my passport, and devouring white asparagus… LIES! You’ve been reading this bio for too long to know that it’s always about the Cinnabon.

Age Range

20s, 30s

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Black: African American

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Black or African Diaspora



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Professional dancer



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New York City