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Ydaiber Orozco

Ydaiber is named after her two abuelas, Ida and Ever. From her abuela, Ida, she got her love for the 1920s era, shown off by her fashion of T-strap heels and red lipstick. From her abuela, Ever, Ydaiber got her love for cooking, which she embraces in making her product for her business, Spread + Nourish.

Before moving to L.A., Ydaiber studied at the renowned William Esper Studio in NYC, a city that allowed her to immerse herself in bilingual theater, commercials, and independent films, while also flourishing in her career as an Event and Catering Manager. This fast-paced, ever-changing day job was preparing her for additional success as an independent producer. Applying these skills to her love of storytelling, she dove into the world of production, connecting directors, DPs, actors, and editors with the same spark and flavor that she uses in her cooking.

Since moving to L.A., Ydaiber often trades her T-straps and red lipstick for running shoes and comfy boots, but don't let her newfound laid-back vibe fool you. This recovering perfectionist can still whip an excel spreadsheet for every task imaginable and knows exactly where she is and who she is meant to be. Whether in front or behind the camera, Ydaiber is an artist who always strives to deliver a performance that's as creative as her namesakes...sweet Ida and Ever, excited for life and a whole myriad of opportunities.

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Latinx: Mexico/Central American, Latinx: South American

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English, Spanish

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Los Angeles