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Meet Studio Alumni. Matchmaking is the secret to great casting. When I was casting for years, my greatest actor leads came from personal recs and lots of searching. To this day, many Casting Directors and Creatives love to reach out to acting studios and working colleagues for ideas. May your search expand and lead you to the talent you seek. This database will be constantly expanding as we track down my thousands of alumni. Connect away! —Heidi

Analise Rios

Analise Rios is a Bronx, NYC based (born and raised) actor, singer, and capable mover. She's an animal lover, environmentalist, and as of late, a yoga enthusiast. After graduating from SUNY New Paltz with a BA in Theatre Arts and minor in Music, she moved back to the city. She's been working primarily in the theatre world- from summerstock & regional theatres around New England, to performing on a cruise ship around Asia. Now that she's completed Part I with Heidi Marshall, she is itching to embark on a new chapter in her career: delving into the world of film and TV.

Age Range

Teens, 20s



Ethnicity - Appearance

Mixed Ethnicity

Ethnicity - Identity

Caucasian, Hispanic, Mixed Ethnicity



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Drivers License





Social dancer


City Based

New York City