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Meet Studio Alumni. Matchmaking is the secret to great casting. When I was casting for years, my greatest actor leads came from personal recs and lots of searching. To this day, many Casting Directors and Creatives love to reach out to acting studios and working colleagues for ideas. May your search expand and lead you to the talent you seek. This database will be constantly expanding as we track down my thousands of alumni. Connect away! —Heidi

Amanda Huxtable

I’m a proud Canadian born and raised Canuck, married to the goofiest Idaho farmboy a gal could hope for! I’m obsessed with all things Inwood - Matcha lattes at cozy coffee shops, walks in our gorgeous NATURAL FOREST literally across the street from our apartment (pls don’t stalk me… I’m maybe giving you too much location info??!), and above all: scarfing down local garlic herb & cheese bagels while hugging my friends TIGHT. While I do love to spend my time eating, I’m also 50% Crazy-Type-A-Spreadsheet-Freak, Calendar Master, and Social Planner Extraordinaire. If I ever stopped acting, I would probably end up as an uptight obsessive wedding planner for the rich and clueless.

Despite my Gossip Girl lifestyle dreams, in real life I’m not afraid to embarrass myself (or you - WATCH OUUUT), laugh-snort at myself, or make/be a full mess. I also know and value when it’s time to be an adult human person thing and take responsibility, care for those I love, or do some Reiki or crystal healing to chill ouuuut... My side hustle used to be modeling (there are some FUNNNY PICS YOU GUYS), but I like carbs too much so now it’s babysitting. These little monsters teach me a lot about being true to myself, splashing in the rain, and that sometimes poop is truly NOT funny.

Gossip Squirrel

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20s, 30s



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Equity, Non-Union

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No driver’s license




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New York City