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Lorna Courtney

Lorna Courtney was raised in Jamaica, Queens, NY and attended LaGuardia High School for Vocal Performance. Her first professional job was in the musical MAMA I WANT TO SING where she toured for 2 months in Japan at the age of 15. She has performed on the Today Show and behind Chance The Rapper and on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. After graduating a year early from the University of Michigan for musical theatre, Lorna joined the Broadway musical DEAR EVAN HANSEN as a stand-by for "Alana" and "Zoe" and is currently playing "Rosalia" and understudying "Maria" in the 2020 Broadway revival of WEST SIDE STORY. As of the shutdown, Lorna has taken the opportunity to make a transition into TV and Film by working with Heidi Marshall and is also learning guitar!

Age Range

Teens, 20s

Gender Identity



Multi-Ethnicity, Indigenous: Native American/First Nation, Indigenous: Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Indigenous: Aboriginal, Indigenous: Latinx, Asian: South Asian, Asian: Southeast Asian, Black: North African, Black: West African, Black: East African, Black: Sub-Saharan African, Black: West Indies/Caribbean, Black: Afro-Latin, Black: African American, Latinx: Mexico/Central American, Latinx: South American, Latinx: West Indies/Caribbean, MENASA: Middle Eastern, MENASA: North African, MENASA: South Asian

Race - Identity

Black or African Diaspora, Latinx, Multi-Racial, White


English, Spanish, American Sign Language

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Professional dancer



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New York City