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Kumiko Konishi

Despite being born and raised in the Washington D.C./Maryland area, I'm also greatly shaped by being the daughter of an immigrant from Hiroshima Japan, as well as coming from a long and somewhat complicated American history on my mother's side who's family is truly a fusion of cultures like the classic bowl of gumbo that our Louisiana Creole and Native family eats on the special occasions. My diversity isn't just limited to my multiethnic background but also spans to my ever growing bucket list of interests. From continuing to refine my Japanese language skills by living in both Tokyo and Nagoya for 2 years to playing all sorts of sports such as soccer, swimming, hip-hop and Native Jingle Dress dancing, and kickboxing to recently picking up skateboarding with my two energetic little boys. I'm constantly curious about life and adventure. But not all must be so adventurous, sometimes just learning how to make a sour dough starter survive is feat. I have not yet been able to do it by the way. hahaha But I can make a mean banana pudding. What southern holiday meal would be complete without that?

Age Range

30s, 40s

Gender Identity



Multi-Ethnicity, Indigenous: Native American/First Nation, Indigenous: Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Indigenous: Latinx, Asian: Central Asian, Asian: East Asian, Asian: South Asian, Asian: Southeast Asian, Black: North African, Black: East African, Latinx: Mexico/Central American, Latinx: South American, Latinx: West Indies/Caribbean, MENASA: Middle Eastern, MENASA: North African, MENASA: South Asian

Race - Identity

Asian, First Nation/Native American, Latinx, MENASA (Middle Eastern or North African or South Asian), Multi-Racial, Oceania/Pacific Islander


English, Japanese

Union Status


Drivers License





Social dancer



City Based

New York City