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Aeris Danet

Aeris Danet is a 13 year old actor based out of the Chicago suburbs. At the age of 3 Aeris asked to be thrown into the TV while watching “The Wizard of OZ”. During preschool she would disappear only to be found on stage walking through its curtains singing to an empty auditorium. By 7 after begging for years she was finally taking acting classes and performing with the Orland Park Theatre Troupe from June/2017 - April/2019. After her performance of High School Musical Aeris stood on that empty stage and said to her Mother “This is wonderful, I am thankful but I want Lights, Camera, Action! I want the camera right here” as she pulled her hands directly in front of her face. Within 4 months the camera was exactly where she had manifested, Aeris booked her first job on Gillian Flynns adaptation of Utopia for Amazon Prime as an extra. Aeris thanked director Toby Haynes for the opportunity saying she hoped to work with him again. Eleven days later Aeris was back on the Utopia set, this time working opposite Javon “Wanna” Walton in the role of Grants Sister. She has now spent years soaking it all in, listening, observing and being educated by some of the greatest actors and directors without them realizing that this kid was their student and Cinespace Studios Chicago was her new stage. In 2021 the opportunity to join the union came for her work on an Appian Way Production directed by Elisabeth Moss. Aeris felt the time was right to be taken seriously as an actor and joined SAG-AFTRA.

This 7th grade honors student is bringing the role of Rafiki to life for her Jr High Play, in the process of finishing her first book and trying to make a decision on if to attend an Arts High School for Acting or Film Making. Aeris has proven her professional work ethic, she possesses the drive and dedication all while gaining real life on-set experience doing exactly what she loves to do. Born with adept script memorization skills she is allowed to take more risks and will continue to move forward mastering the art of storytelling by conquering her goals. She is humble and reserved possessing a maturity wise beyond her years. Aeris feeds her passion for growth with a focus on acting for TV/Film studying between The Acting Studio Chicago and The Heidi Marshall Studio, NYC. Throughout her journey Aeris credits Heidi Miami Marshall for offering classes for actors vs acting classes for kids. “I want to contribute too strong female leading roles and see a world of teenagers actually being casted as teenagers”.

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