Dig deeper and reflect yourself authentically in all of your acting choices.

Forcibly knock down your personal obstacles on camera and learn to reinforce who you naturally are. Uncover where you’re stuck, what inspires you, and what ultimately causes you to book the job. Includes special focus on your Websites and Images.

Class size: Limited to 8 students
Prerequisites: Heidi's PART 1
Location: Online
*$300 deposit is required to guarantee your slot. Non-refundable, but transferable to a friend.

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October 6, 13, 20, 27
6:00-10:00pm EST
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Conversations with Heidi

Together, let’s focus on strengthening your acting choices on camera, building your confidence, and clarifying your website/headshots presence to reflect the amazing you. Our work stems from what YOU want to have happen in your career. Let’s experiment, evaluate, and get really clear about your qualities that lure people to you.


Part 2 is specifically designed for students who have completed the foundation work with me in Part 1. This requirement is not based on skill level, but rather on familiarity with my personal process. There is a method to my madness! And I want to start with you at the beginning. If you have not taken Part 1, please click here to register for it. 

Watch Interview


Johnny and I were invited to speak at the SAG Foundation about actors producing their own work.



I was invited back to speak at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation about actors processing and handling rejection.



In Episode 7: “Heidi Marshall,” I chat in depth about casting RENT, Jonathan Larson, what inspired me to start my coaching career, filmmaking, and more.



In Episode #20: “RENT Audition Throwback (and new tips!),” I talk behind-the-scenes casting tips.



In Episode 90: “Sixteen Candles,” I discuss the iconic film Sixteen Candles.



I share my best practices for working with actors, including live scene work with two actors, followed by a Q&A.


About Heidi

Heidi Marshall

ACTING COACH: Heidi’s career has spanned over 20 years and includes time as the lead Casting Director at Telsey+CO for the Broadway musical RENT, as well as for 70+ projects in theater, film, television, commercial, and voiceover. She’s coached countless actors into roles for Film, TV, and Theater. Most recently, she coached and prepped Halle Bailey for her audition and screen test for Disney’s upcoming The Little Mermaid. Heidi’s active filmmaker career informs her director’s eye and influences her aesthetic for working with actors. 

For full acting coach bio, click here


Who is this class good for?

To my Part 1 alumni—we know and trust each other now. You want to take some big leaps, right? Let’s dig deeper.

I’m fully invested in you, and I’m learning your defaults and your strengths. We will continue to stretch your talents with each assignment.

What you get

  • Opportunity to generate momentum and excitement while you hustle for work
  • A privately coached classroom where you feel safe to explore and ask the questions that may be deeply frustrating to you
  • Support as you explore your sense of self in your work and build confidence about your process
  • Chance to peel back the layers and uncover your unique voice
  • Expansion and clarity on your current marketability
  • Major nudging to get your online presence in shape
  • Intimate class size (max. 8 students) so we can do more individual work



….Nope! You’re actually going to get so much more because I’ve tweaked my 15+ year old signature class to include a BONUS FOCUS on self-tape techniques!

  • Let’s develop your ability to work on camera with ease.
  • Let’s strengthen your self-tape confidence and skills.
  • Let’s build your understanding of your unique marketability in this changing business..
  • Let’s truly further your deeper understanding and philosophy of acting on camera.

Again, in this online course, you’ll be getting extra attention to self-tape techniques that will blow your mind with inspiration. Plus, we’ll take a detailed look at your own tech setup.

Class content

  • Opportunity to generate momentum and excitement while you hustle for work
  • A privately coached classroom where you feel safe to explore and ask the questions that may be deeply frustrating to you
  • Support as you explore your sense of self in your work and build confidence about your process
  • Chance to peel back the layers and uncover your unique voice
  • Expansion and clarity on your current marketability
  • Major nudging to get your online presence in shape
  • Intimate class size (max. 8 students) so we can do more individual work

For my alumni of Part 1, I have designed 4 intimate sessions that reinforce your uniqueness and continue building upon the adjustments and explorations that you’ve started. 


Class Agenda



Sounds cheesy, but I’m betting that you don’t know why you are so special and valuable to a script, to a director, or to a character. I will assign a scene to you and show you why.


Auditioning with boring exposition material requires a lot of character work to sell why you are perfect for the “undefined” role. Oh, this is one of my favorite classes.


Focus on taking emotional risk in the audition. I’ll encourage you to stretch yourself beyond your own beliefs. I’ll also push you to take risks in a highly charged emotional scene or a ridiculously comedic one.


Dramatic scenes are not the only way to show your range, your charm, and your specialness. What attracts people to you? Discover what your scene partners and audiences are responding to.


The BIG PUSH: Websites


I am making a big push for all of you to clean up your social media and web presence. You will be required during this class to launch a website. (“Required” is a loose term, but I will certainly prove why you need one and push you to do it!) We will evaluate the online presence you want to create to reflect who you are and the kind of work you seek.


Aya Ibaraki


I realized my negative self-talk was preventing me from having fun doing what I love to do, acting! By modifying my feedback in positive and fun ways, my mind totally shifted. I have also learned my uniqueness and marketability as a puppeteer/puppet maker.

Andrea Schirmer


THANK YOU… I just loved your workshop. You have such a beautiful way of encouraging actors and bringing out the best in them.

Cyndee Rivera


I feel stronger every time I leave. You help me find this incredible power within and I’m just loving it!!

Erik Liberman


I named a goal in your class — to be on TRANSPARENT. It’s come true — I play a wonderful guest in the series finale!

Brad Bong


Thank you for always being such a fierce source of growth and play!

Sam Reetz


It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to play in front of camera, so thank you for being patient with me and creating a safe space for us to explore our work and keep growing.

Bobby Roman


I walked out of the room feeling confident and proud of what I did! That NEVER happens when I audition for tv lol SO THANK YOU!! The tools you provided have been extremely helpful and I can’t wait to work with you again in the future.

Fredi Bernstein


I just shot a small role on a new show for HBO yesterday which was a huge win for me but I have so so much gratitude for you and your studio, and Johnny of course.

Tisa Howard


I appreciate EVERYTHING I’ve learned, thank you for sharing your knowledge and allowing us to explore and discover/rediscover who we are as ACTORS!

Noriko Sato
Maybe we all have that true character in us but it's not so easy to access it?! So when I get help from a super cool teacher like the most amazing Heidi, I learn to connect with it!! I love all the process and I love everything I learn! And I love how I feel!!! This workshop told me it's great to be me. I know you told us "you are enough" in you classes too, but why is it so hard to keep reminding ourselves this?!?!! and to show more of "me". It also really gave me more drive and determination to make more interesting characters on screen!! And real! And I really felt I can do that!! Really, I felt I can be a better actor and I'm so inspired to keep going!!!
Emily Evans


I just found out that I booked my first TV costar role! I just wanted to thank you so much for class and helping me to feel confident and find myself in the whole process. I left class feeling so energized and excited and to book right out the door was a really cool moment, so I wanted to share the news and my appreciation!  Thank you for all you do for actors!!

Jake Lasser
I also found your class so freaking empowering. First of all, it's so intentionally and intelligently structured--every exercise has merit in itself and then winds up offering some extra sneak attack lesson made all the more useful through our having experienced it directly. The space was not coddling, but it was still supportive. I finally genuinely believe that I'm good enough for this job. That's, well, huge for me. Deep thanks.
Martina Potratz


Meeting you and taking your classes is the gift that keeps on giving.

Eddie Taveras


Heidi, you rock socks! 

Marco Zappala


“I didn’t know I could create my journey. “

Chris Russell


I learned so much from you in the scope of my acting career. Every night, after one of your classes, I walked to the subway feeling so good about myself, so excited to get home and do the next thing, to add the next ingredient to my career. Your kindness, encouragement, and positivity was something that I carried into my own coaching as well.  I wanted the same for my students. I was able to be blunt and honest but at the same time feel encouraged and pumped to celebrate their own uniqueness. You taught me that. So, thank you. Thank you for being an incredible teacher and human being and advocate for us actors. 

Melanie Beck
Can’t thank you enough for all the inspiration and insight you have given through your classes. I feel capable and raring to go, yet open to learn. Your class is so FUN, productive, unique and inspiring. Thank you for all you give to us.
Brooke Lacy


Because of you and your class, I have a newfound love for acting and I’m a million times more inspired to keep creating in any and all ways. I didn’t know it was possible to be this inspired!!! Thank you for shepherding and inspiring me on my journey as an artist and human being.

Matt Mancini
I'm so proud to call myself an alumnus of your class…. I have to say going through my old clips - I thought, “OK! Not bad!!” Over the past 6 years of performing and living the dream, and through your classes, I can finally say I’m a lot kinder to myself and a lot prouder of my work! Being kinder to myself makes me more focused and allows me to zoom in on tangible things to work on. 
Irene Diamond
I appreciate you, your class, and all the information you have generously imparted to me.  Your work and mission are extraordinary
Belle Caplis


I just finished filming a short this weekend and I was so so so relieved that it was after taking your class. Rather than trying to land a perfect take, I used each opportunity to make different choices, to give the director more choices not one, and it was sooooooo freeing!!!!!

Jenna Sofia


I am so grateful for the community and sane container that you create for your actors. 

Kevin Kilner


Your thoughts  & beliefs are beautifully written, the truth, & conveyed from your heart. Thank you!

Claire Tyers


I'm telling you--- your class really prepared me for what I had to do those THREE DAYS I was shooting.  The amount of confidence and focus your class forced me to have truly bled into my work.  Because of your Romantic Comedy lecture I knew exactly how to read the script--what part of the show I was entering, what level to be at, what the story thus far needed from me--I was able to look at the work from the outside in and not get all inside myself and stuck.
Gabriel Awan


Heidi doesn’t play. This experience was a lot of work and worth every ounce of effort.

Dawn Vicknair

I got so much out of the time we spent together; I think I benefitted more from 4 short weeks of your class than months spent with other teachers. Not only did I learn a great deal, but I also gained some much needed self-confidence and I attribute this to your approach and the supportive atmosphere you promote in your class. You helped me look at things differently and feel better about my approach. Thank you.

Chris Russell


You’ve given me so much confidence moving forward. The whole arc of the classes is so inspiring and wonderful [Parts 1 & 2].  Truly, all of the doubts and anxieties I had about myself and what I was “putting out there” had been my worst enemy, and you’ve not only helped me embrace them, but learn to love them about myself and use them to my advantage.

Catherine Rogers

You are in it at the heart and soul level.  That’s why you reach such depth with us in the studio.

Samantha Britt


It was the most empowering experience I have had in many many years. Your generosity inspires me as an artist, teacher, and human. I have my first film audition tomorrow (today)! It’s a short surreal-horror-comedy. I want to have fun and be present in the moment, welcoming surprises. 

Bryn Packard


Nilsa and are in the process of developing our own projects and we help each other prepare for auditions, so we decided to take Heidi’s classes together. Working with Heidi has helped us figure out how to better coach and direct each other and made our creative process even more fun.

Erin Roy


Thanks for all your help with getting me up and running. I’ll be using what I learned in your classes for years.

Basilica Bliachas


Heidi, thank you again for such a wonderful learning experience and all the support, you really rock!!!

Amanda Martinez


Going Beyond was the most valuable exercise for me. Not necessarily because of how my work changed when you worked on it with me. (I really really liked the last take that I got.) But the lesson was helpful because of the process that you introduced to us to use after auditions.

Laura Dadap


Your class shifted my mind and heart and perspective in such a positive direction. You are perpetuating a community of creative people that are kind to and considerate of each other. It is amazing to understand there is no real “other side” of the table, we are all striving towards the same goals!

Tobi Lee Sigona


I definitely feel like I made more risks since Part 1. I noticed that I tend to stay away from doing comedy because I don’t think I’m funny, but it’s so much fun to do the more physically demanding roles!

Chelsea Lando


It was extremely valuable to hear that we all need to find what we like about ourselves and what we can pat ourselves on the back for accomplishing, because chances are no one will do it for us.

Darlenis Duran


Second time around and I didn’t think it was possible to learn anymore from you but I sure did. I felt like class was even more challenging for me this time. Thank you for pushing me. For helping me acknowledge my crutches and work through them. Showed me how to put things into action. I feel like I have a whole new set of tools to help me in that audition room. But most importantly you reminded me that my career goes beyond what I do in the room, but that I also have to know how to market myself and showcase my work in the best way possible.

Tiffany Trainer


Thanks so much for all of your giving and generosity.  Your incredible spirit is why we all come back to you  (and send our friends! :))

Athena Colon


In the beginning, I was unclear about how much of myself I should bring to the character. And now, I feel secure to create character using my core qualities. We quickly realized there’s no wrong way to read a scene. Everyone will bring their own spin. No need to try and become something we are not. We can simply create from our most authentic selves.  I also have a better sense of my marketability and the direction of my site!

Marchelle Thurman


I learned so much about myself and acting from your class, and for the first time, I found the joy and fun in auditioning. I had two auditions for plays two weeks ago and used what I learned in your class for both auditions. I got great feedback and booked both of them!

Ally Young-Price


Part one is a great foundation, but part two gives me permission to actually believe all the “Ah-ha” moments I’m having. So much so, that these “Ah-ha” moments are happening outside the classroom–AND I BELIEVE THEM!

Nyseli Vega


Taking the alumni class is a booster, I feel so much more connected to my craft and have a better focus on what my goals are…it’s the recharge I needed!

Wes Mason


I will say that the first class of Part 2 blew my mind. By seeing other actors deliver the same material in a completely different way, it exposed that the only person you compete with is yourself and that no one really does what you do.

Dashiell Eaves


Thanks again for the great class. It was really nice to get to know you again after all these years, and I do feel that what I learned in the class has fundamentally changed how I audition on camera. No small thing!

Sean Carvajal
You have been such an inspiration this past year, and you have had a huge impact on my growth as a young actor.
Polly McKie


Heidi, I love the way you make us feel like heroines!

Fiona Graham


Wow… I learned a great deal about myself on many levels… so thank you!

Ilyana Kadushin


I see your classes as a continuation, a process of going more in depth with your actor self and your marketability. In Part 1, you find your niche but may only go partially there commitment-wise on the journey. In Part 2, I saw in my self and other actors a deeper commitment to our own place and marketing it to the entertainment community AND a lesson that this journey of “coming to this marketing commitment “is a deeply creative one, not just “Marketing” in a cold sense.

Michael Maloney


The thing about your classes is that you are asking students to learn about themselves – who they ARE. Serious self-reflection can be a jarring thing for some people. But the ones who really buy in and want to actively take part in that journey, they sign up for the next class because they want to continue learning about themselves. So you have this group of people who really “get” that to understand any character, they have to understand themselves first.

Johnny Sanchez


In Part One class, I was able to find how to tap into the audition process and in Part Two I was able to find how to tap into the overall process of my career.

Jessica Kahler


Part 2 I felt was all about delving into the relationship between the actor and the camera. A more technical class. Part one was delving in to self, identifying type, working  toward and against type casting- and part 2 I think incorporates all of that work and then brings on camera technique to it, Maybe that was just my experience, but I felt that after 1 I could identify roles I would be cast in and roles I’d like to play and part 2 was taking that knowledge and putting it to use by applying technical skills in front of the camera and refining my audition prep. Also, after 2, I knew what kind of photos I wanted and how I wanted to market myself through my website. That was  HUGE help to the start of that journey.

Talym Jinn Kim


Part I class should be required for any seriously-minded actor whether the individual is just starting out or has been pounding the pavement for 15 years. With that said, you really start to apply and see the results in Part II class.  It’s remarkable how much growth that takes place in everyone when they take Part II class.  You can see that change take place even more as you witness actors honing their craft in the Alumni Gym.

Kimiye Corwin


I loved Part 2 class with you. I learned quite a few things…It’s best to really commit to my point of view of the scene and do it the way I really want to, not the way I THINK someone would want me to do.  I learned that it is really important to bring MY best qualities and strengths to the character.  And you and the class really helped me learn what those best qualities are.  Updating my website helped give me focus and tune into the reality that I am my own CEO.

Ana Maria Jomoloca, Orange Is The New Black
A huge takeaway is to have fun and remember that the Casting folks are probably desperate to have someone come in and liven, lighten and laugh it up.  And I as well.
Misha Calvert


I felt more like a part of a creative family than I have since conservatory. You do a great (like, one of the best in the industry) job of facilitating a sense of community in your classes, and that was even more present in 2 than 1.  It was definitely helpful to my learning to feel so very comfortable in Part 2 with the group, and the size of the group.  It was really really helpful to continue straight on from Part 1. There’s something about saturating yourself in the mindset that causes long term shifts.

Studio guarantee

Full disclosure—please note that we do not guarantee that actors in these workshops will be hired for any project that we might direct or cast. We do guarantee my supportive honesty and my open sharing of knowledge. We teach and coach because we enjoy supporting actors as they develop their process of working within the audition room. We seek to build their knowledge about the business of auditioning.