JUNE & JULY 2024 

Find ease acting on camera in a safe and small class.

Exploring truth on camera is both technique and philosophy. Learn to allow your specificity to anchor you, and trust yourself in the moment-to-moment work that follows. Get extra attention to self-tape techniques that will blow your mind with inspiration, plus a detailed look at your own tech setup. Online acting classes challenge the actor to develop a complete awareness of what the camera loves and needs.

Class size: Limited to 6 students
Prerequisites: Open to all
Location: Online
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MONDAYS June 3, 10, 17, 24
6:30-9:30pm EST
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WEDNESDAYS July 10, 17, 24, 31
7:00-10:00pm EST
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Class content


Each week, you receive an assignment. You will individually choose and prepare a NEW film scene that fills appropriate casting possibilities for you, as discussed each week in class. No monologues. You will be guided to select appropriately challenging roles and well-structured audition scenes.

Your introductory assignment includes a specially created Actor Reflection Questionnaire! Once you answer these questions, you’ll begin to understand your marketability.



We film your scenes and provide you with downloads after each class. It’s an excellent way to study your progress, catch your “tricks,” and see what the producers/directors are seeing on the monitors. Online acting classes have boosted actors’ self-tape skills so beautifully!



Who’s in it, and how does it work? We recreate the audition room in every class for on-camera auditions. In addition to auditioning for your colleagues, you will also experience sitting “behind the table” and learn to assess what makes a good audition by observing others.



Use approaches that connect you to the words and make the text play as a natural conversation (to the camera, to the reader, and to the people behind the table who are hiring you). My approach was developed extensively while directing with Baz Luhrmann, and it applies to theater, television, and film. My directing sensibility is to create ease that reads on  camera. The camera loves the moments between the moments.



Explore your perception of the types of roles you are seeking to be hired for vs. the types of roles you are auditioning for.

  • Get honest with your type.
  • Learn how you handle the audition room.
  • Where are they getting their ideas of you from? Learn why you need to be in control of your social media.



Focus specifically on strengthening your individual on-camera acting skills by examining and working on your on-camera audition skills. I use the audition room as a microscope to look at your entire process as an actor.



My years of experience as both a casting director and film/theater director will support you in shaping your audition skills and your perspective on the business.



I will be in dialogue with you about taking action in your career by nudging you along and providing resources. I encourage you to use select takes from class to generate interest in your talent. Yes, you can post them anywhere if it’s a published film/TV show that’s already aired. Post your scenes on your websites or to share them with reps—it’s a great conversation starter about your process as an actor!

My joy is matchmaking, and I seek those opportunities for my alumni. For this reason, I have created an Alumni Database where you can upload class videos.

Who is this class good for?

Artists! This class is for actors who are committed to moving to the next level in their acting on camera, in auditions, and in performance. I teach a process and philosophy—some call it a technique, and some call it a philosophy. This class welcomes actors who are either new to or experienced with working on camera. I will build you from the ground up—or rebuild and evolve your existing skills. I run a very tight ship, and feedback is guided and unique to each person’s journey.

This online acting class is for you if you want to feel safe and free to take risks. Find out what is in your way from booking or moving to the next level.

If you’re a working actor, you can trust that you will be challenged.

If you’re a new or returning actor, you can trust that you will be inspired.

Note: If you feel that you need a primer class to build a foundation before taking Part 1, you’re encouraged to start your journey in the 3-Part Private Training Series with Athena Colón. We designed them for you!



You will need to plan for homework time to research your assignment, prepare your materials, and practice your self-tape set-ups. All studio classes are designed to stretch and support your complete prep process as an actor for self-tapes and in-person auditions. The more you put into the class, the more you get out of it!



This is not a networking class with a casting director. This is an acting and auditioning class with a teacher who has over two decades of professional high-level experience and who cares most about the actor’s process. In the end, I believe it is the process that books the job and supports the actor’s need to stay inspired.

What you get

Online acting classes imitate the real world of self-tapes and virtual auditions.


In this class, we’ll focus on the following goals:

  • Let’s develop your ability to work on camera with ease.
  • Let’s strengthen your self-tape confidence and skills.
  • Let’s build your understanding of your unique marketability in this changing business..
  • Let’s truly further your deeper understanding and philosophy of acting on camera.
  • Let’s zero in on your self-tape techniques!



This class is part of my signature trilogy of on-camera classes.


My signature Part 1 class will continue to include:

  • Audition preparation techniques
  • Individualized coaching during class
  • Tools and strategies applicable to self-tapes and in-person auditions
  • Intimate and non-competitive space: 6 students max
  • Downloadable video files of your on-camera classwork for personal review
  • Resume templates and website reviews, plus ideas for revision
  • Audition resource guide
  • Industry insider stories & detailed understanding of the casting machine
  • Safe space to grow and to discover your strengths & marketability
  • A passionate ally



What folks say about this class:


“Heidi has worked as a casting director, directs, and genuinely likes actors, so what she offers is insider information that empowers the actor in the experience of auditioning.”



“Your class was instrumental in helping me develop the techniques that allowed me to go into that audition room 4 different times and finally land the role of Richie (HBO Looking). I tell all my actor friends about your class, I can’t rave enough about it.”



About Heidi

Heidi Marshall

ACTING COACH: Heidi’s career has spanned over 25 years and includes time as the lead Casting Director at Telsey+CO for the Broadway musical RENT, as well as for 70+ projects in theater, film, television, commercial, and voiceover. She’s coached countless actors into roles for Film, TV, and Theater. Most recently, she coached and prepped Halle Bailey for her audition and screen test for Disney’s upcoming The Little Mermaid. Heidi’s active filmmaker career informs her director’s eye and influences her aesthetic for working with actors. 

For full acting coach bio, click here. For filmmaker portfolio, click here.


Conversations with Heidi



I look for windows of opportunity between my directing gigs to teach this class. I always get inspiration and rejuvenation when working with talent on camera. You all inspire me.

My classes are small and private, and they operate purely from word-of-mouth by over 2,000 alumni students and the countless actors I auditioned while I worked in casting. I’ve been offering this class format since 2003, and I’m thrilled that word-of-mouth is powerful and that there is such a need for this type of class.

With so many classes and networking events out there, I frequently see confusion arise in actors about your marketability, your skills, and your belief in your own talent.

Think of me as a private coach within your audition process. 

My passion lies in supporting you as an actor as you navigate through the information and the “truths” presented to you about yourself and the business. This is a safe class to explore your marketability and camera skills.

There are actors of ALL levels of experience and ages in my classes and private coachings: working TV actors, veteran theater actors (Tony Award-winning, regional, fringe), film actors in supporting and leading roles, commercial actors, and actors returning to the business after a hiatus called “life happens.” When you start working in front of the camera, the playing field quickly gets leveled.

My classes—Part 1 and Part 2—are not separated by levels of talent. Everyone, including the award winners, starts with me in Part 1, and we build a process together. I lay in the lessons and techniques very thoughtfully and purposefully over the classes. Some actors will say it is like developing a philosophy together. This class will give you more than just techniques. It’s the whole package.

I look forward to working with you,


Watch Interview


Susan Jordan Deleon


Life Changing invaluable instruction on auditioning, the art of the self-tape and the best introduction to the Industry.

Trinika Janelle


This class has a lot of good gems so take notes. It validates some of what you know and teaches you what you didn’t know about yourself as a person and an actor. Be ready to work and watch the growth happen. It will stretch you!

Camilla Nigro


High level of professionalism, safe space to experiment and grow in the absence of judgment but supported by people full of talent and skills

Julian Sky


This is a class where you get personalized attention, vital industry specific information, and hands on audition experience all delivered in the most supportive, constructive, and community-focused way imaginable.

Eka Kukhianidze

It’s a really great class that can boost your knowledge of the auditioning process and what it really is in the bigger scheme of things. It can help you familiarize yourself with the process a little bit better. It’ll make you a more efficient thinker when it comes to selftapes.

Ryleigh Dionne

Helps to fine tune and analyze on camera audition work and how you can improve or shift the work you want to do

Karen Cruz

If you want to learn how to nail your auditions, take this class! Heidi shows you more than just getting a good self tape. She shows us not to limit ourselves in the roles we’re think are our only fits.

Katerina Mangini


An intimate class where each actor is able to build their skill set through scene work, simulated zoom auditions, observations of other actors and what types of feedback they’re receiving, and awesome tips/information for joining the industry!

Joyce Meimei Zheng


Incredibly helpful artistically and VERY PRACTICAL. and a safe working environment.

Nyah Williams


You will grow, you will uplevel, you will stretch and you will be ready for that next audition… when it comes

Angelita Esperanza


Gives an overall look at the industry while empowering each actor to look at themselves through the lens of the filmmakers and where they would like be in the business through scene work and exercises.

Miranda Volpe


Useful, practical, inspirational – I would give this class my highest recommendation for anyone who wants to push themselves back into working or up-level their techniques.

John Caldwell

I love Heidi’s approach to instruction and her acting philosophy. Even though it is an online class the sense of togetherness was palpable

Ross Barron


This class has been helpful in instilling a sense of play into the way I’m looking at auditions. Heidi being a great director, casting director, and teacher, helps to make it feel like the work done in class is a bridge between school and the professional world – go audition and discover some things – it’s what you did for the last four weeks anyway

Dale Hursh

Provided the most insightful information to improve the entire auditioning process.

Miranda Volpe


I did an in person film audition today, the day after our class where we worked on auditioning  with multiple takes of the same scene with adjustments. In the audition, they asked me to do three different takes with adjustments each time. I can’t think of better preparation for today’s audition than your class last night. Thank you for your knowledgeable, insightful, coaching and practical, timely techniques. I really appreciate your work!

Cianna Castro

Heidi is the GOAT. She’s the perfect coach that blends business and creativity really well. She understands that they go hand in hand in this industry and holds nothing back in telling you how it is.

Angela Pearson

The specifics of all the on camera 101 and more you want to know but leaves you with the effect and wisdom you would have garnished from a Masters program at the best film school and you’re being led by a working, active expert that genuinely cares and is invested in you for your very best.

Danny Houk


An inspirational, celebration of acting that helps you grow in dog years while re-discovering what drew you to acting in the first place.

George Antonopoulos


Heidi teaches a MasterClass. This is a journey, and the destination will arrive. Heidi teaches you that this is not easy, but if you literally work extraordinarily hard, do all of your ‘prep work’ in advance and be ‘ready for anything’ on set, in an audition or otherwise – that you will be able to adapt, morph, and flex to meet the whims and needs of any director, casting director, etc. in real time. Heidi brings all of her wisdom in to a concise format.

Nagham Osman

It’s an amazing and methodical class that gives you tools and breaks the myth of what an actor does.

Anastasiia Chernykh

The program is truly unique and very relevant.

Jeremey Adam Rey

A must do if you want to have an edge in this industry. Especially if you are multitalented

Claire Marie Miller


This class drives you to do the work and view yourself as a business. For someone who went to college for MT, some of the information I “knew” already, but you truly word it in such a clear and clever way that I actually understand it to the full extent (and apply it!!) This class helps you work on yourself by watching/helping the other actors in the class.

Darby McDonough


A class that pushes your prep, auditioning, and self-marketing skills in the industry. It works you from the inside – out, as well as the outside – in.

Alfred C. Kemp


This class will reveal yourself to yourself. Meaning you will wake away with a much more comprehensive outline of your marketability and how to make it work for you immediately. You will leave knowing the camera is your very best friend if you accept it and accept yourself. You will have tools which you can use immediately once you have an audition that will set your audition apart from the rest. It’s truly a revelation of a class.

Kev Lehmann

Deep first approach to really understand the industry and the casting director role and view, specially on the audition phase. You’ll find a new understanding of “what to do” when taking a scene, in terms of the scene itself and your character, having new tools to bring on your work.

Clarissa Boston


The breakthroughs you experienced in a training program; paired with an intimate, honest space to nurture the creativity and collaboration of acting on camera. The stakes are low, so the need to perform is replaced with the burning desire to create.

Laine Berry

It was an intense discovery of my uniqueness and ways to share it in auditions and on set.

Michael Hollick

This class answers a lot of questions about the industry casting process while beginning to identify your part in it all.

Evy Ortiz


You will learn a lot about the roles you can play. You will get a lot of help with how to market yourself as well. You will feel more confident in virtual auctions because you practice that every week in class. You also may get some videos of good scenes to share.

Susan Bishop

Incredible, professional, and pushes you forward by reducing fear.

Kiara Hines

As a beginner, I felt this class was perfect. I didn’t get too overwhelmed and was able to give myself permission to go for it. Thank you so much for an awesome class!

Hillel Meltzer


TAKE IT. Hugely informative, supportive, educating and delicious.

Brianna Allen

This class is the best way to build a solid foundation for acting. Heidi helps you develop clear views of the film industry and helps mold you into an actor that can ultimately help filmmakers in their visions.

Ari Deram


Great for getting to know yourself as an actor more and embracing your individuality with a new group of people who support each other.

Mallory Hawks


A wonderful grounding exploration of the on camera world. There are plenty of opportunities to explore acting on camera and mock auditions while also being able to observe and learn from others in their process. You learn so much about the industry and also receive very specific feedback about your work and marketability.

Natalie Lall


This is an amazing introductory class to working on film/tv that helps you learn the basics of auditioning and empowering yourself to chase down the work that you desire.

Lauren Dudley

This class is a great blend of on camera acting work and audition process, marketability, and industry insight. It offers concrete tools for how to move through a self-tape process, attend a callback, and receive feedback in the room. Heidi also offers helpful one on one coaching and community-building within the class. Students come away with tangible information on their own marketable qualities and how they can apply those within the industry to get results. I would recommend this class to all actors at any stage of their careers. It was so helpful for me at this phase of my journey. Thank you, Heidi!

Kasandra Lloret

BEST first acting class you can ever take if you want to learn about the business and your artistry.

Beth Ann Hopkins


It gave me more confidence that I can still be human. That I don’t have to strip myself of all expression, I just have to trust, breathe, be free and let every take continue to explore more options.

Aaliyah Raghnal


The most creative, supportive and motivating class you can take. We go over how to prepare and audition with more confidence.

Christie Spessard


This class is an essential class for anyone that wants to sharpen their acting on camera skills, learn more about their marketability, and learn about how to sustain a career in the business. Heidi is incredibly inspiring, organized and one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Federico Parra


Taught by a TOP quality professional who provides real world experience. The class is tailored and evolving with the industry and WILL make you a more comfortable auditioner.

Nicholas Zoto


You have to experience Heidi’s class for yourself because you will walk away from it feeling like a way more confident actor, as well as very thankful to have met Heidi, and had the chance to witness the many, many skills that she brings to each class as a Coach and as a Mentor! She is considered Top Notch for a reason!

Hannah Balagot


A class with a generously enormous amount of tools, resources, ideas, and approaches to acting on camera – technique and business savvy information to approach creation with confidence

Carla Hill


Heidi’s class will give you a wake up call about what’s really going on “in the room” and how you can make the best impression.

Kevin Ganzekaufer


Invaluable, mostly for increasing comfortability with working for film/TV AND auditioning in general. Also, really cracks the code of age range/type.

Tova Hopemark


Very well designed & executed, Heidi brings so much knowledge & experience in the industry, you’ll be challenged & stretched in the best of ways and learn skills that you can implement immediately into self tapes

Stella Doyle


This class truly gets on to be more comfortable in front of the camera and opens your senses as to the ways to approach script.

Angelina LookingGlass


It changes how you feel about self-tapes, and makes auditioning feel more comfortable. The class helps you become in tune with your scenes and brings out more creativity, and authenticity in you as an actor!

Ruben Caballero


Great opportunity to grow your community and audition confidence.

Audrey Wooster


This class is the most approachable and insightful acting class out there. Heidi does such an incredible job making you feel safe and comfortable while also pushing you and your craft. As someone who is incredibly detail-oriented, the amount of information and insight that she has prepped before, during and after the classes is also truly extraordinary.

Elizabeth Harlow


You will learn so much not only about acting, but also about the industry and your place within it.

Mariana Arôxa


I could not have been as ready as I was for the magic I experienced with PART 1 had it not been for the toolkit they’ve helped me build.

I do not share this feedback lightly: you’ve managed to cut through a space inside of me that I had not yet explored, while leaving me with a feeling of inner kid safety, of fierce compassion for my creative and a limitless vision for what I can accomplish without outside permission. I knew I had it in me, in a rational sense. Now I am becoming this truth.

My class notes make me smile every time I look at them.
Robert Castillo


Heidi- I’m struggling to find the words to accurately describe how your class impacted me. Above everything, I must say your aura is positively contagious. You genuinely seem so passionate about what you do and that alone speaks volumes. I mean some nights it was getting late and you were still connected and engaged with the class. Thank you!

Rob McCaffrey


This class allows a more holistic, natural approach to our industry. Teaching us to trust our own ideas and instincts and, subsequently, applying them to our work.

Emily Reinkall


I just wanted to say thank you so much! I learned so much from you. I really enjoyed the class and being in that sort of environment. I really feel that I have gained so much knowledge and feel that I have grown as an actress and a person in this class. Thanks again!
Adelina Santana


Eye-opening and inspiring. I’ve grown so much over the past month, and now I have a completely fresh approach towards attacking scripts and auditions.

I feel more inspired and excited to create.

Boris Granolic


Distilled, practical tools and information on putting yourself forward in the best possible light.

Gave me great insight into how others saw me and how I can use that to market myself. The class allowed me to learn a lot about my process, the disadvantageous habits I have developed and highlighted the spaces where I can improve. Knowing that this information was coming from someone who was so knowledgeable and experienced in the industry gave gravitas to all of the gold nuggets coming our way.

I got so much out of it, not only from the great tools and information you gave us, but also learning about myself in the process and how it affects my acting and auditioning.

Your vast knowledge, passion and support throughout the class was a joy to be around and meant a great deal to me.

Lauren Skemp

The one-stop-shop to launch yourself into the heart of the industry

Monica Fleetwood

Tactile skills that help the actor become more present and confident in the work and business. I really enjoyed the empowerment and “it’s a long journey” mentality.

Stacie Greenwell

Fun and informative. Heidi is a great teacher, she takes time with each student, and it is evident that she truly cares about helping actors!

Michael Motkowski


This class will challenge what you know and refocus what you don’t.

Kristen Jeter


Thank you Heidi!

This was truly a great experience and a recharge to my batteries. The invitation to be imaginative with myself again and create the lane that’s best for me was exactly what I needed.

I really appreciate you.

Anaya Susette
This is my favorite acting class I’ve ever been in! I’ve learned so much that I feel like I should’ve learned years prior, and these are things I can use for the rest of my career!
Ytzel Montano
You made the class and the environment safe and warm. I learned so much from this class.
Bart Blachnio


An excellent deconstruction of the on-camera audition process from a trusted, working source.

Dan’yelle Williamson

This was my third class with this studio and I have to say that this one was my favorite. Diving into more specific work, exploring outside of my comfort zone, and being given the permission to play, were all experiences that have inspired me as an artist to continue in the industry.

Gloria Cardona


Everything you should’ve learned in conservatory about auditioning for film/tv.

Elina Golde


It will inspire you to keep pushing for your dreams, build a support network and give you confidence in your craft.

Samantha Nandez


Heidi is just one of the kindest people. Her whole approach to the auditioning process really put me at ease and I really loved that we had a chance to go through the casting process in each class. It was a real opportunity not to just practice the scene, but to practice your interactions with whomever is casting you.

Michael Coale Grey


It got me really excited for my potential and possibilities as an on-camera actor, and made me feel like they are achievable.

Kyle Fox Douglas


It is comforting, different, a real “actors’ class.”  This is a class that is about the craft that acknowledges the business.

Gloria Cardona


I feel very confident to play and put to practice all the golden nuggets we learned in class. Thank you for your generosity, insight, encouragement and constant optimism.
Sakile Camara


This class is where you can try different scenes and use all of your tools in your tool box and learn a whole lot more in the process. You learn about the craft of acting for TV/film and how to start a sustainable career in a practical and unique way. You’ll be inspired everyday.

Annie Fang


A great way to refresh your artistic perspective, demystify self-tapes/camera acting in general, and expand your community.

Kara Green


This class is a comprehensive overview of the business that teaches or refreshes your awareness of working on-camera with a more critical eye. It offers great reminders that through your approach to the work and choices made, you can shape how others perceive you but only to a certain degree. It reinforces community, dialogue, and open dialogue and motivates you to step out of your comfort zone to stretch and grow within your artistry.

Morgan Milone


This class truly digs into not only techniques for auditioning and camera work, but effectively prepares an actor for the virtual world of auditions through zoom which translates to self tapes. It also works on the mindset of auditioning, and how we as artists can fuel our lifestyle and creativity for longevity in this field.

Matt Vita


Great practical and technical advice taught from somebody that actually cares and has actually been in the room and is an actual filmmaker herself! What you want to learn, taught by who you want to learn it from!

PJ King


Heidi’s class was eye-opening, being taught by an industry vet that had worked behind the camera in casting and as a director. Heidi’s approach to an audition is a more creative and frankly more fun. I hung on to her every word.

Callee Miles


I’m trusting my instincts now that I have more technique to back them up.

Hanna Shykind


I feel more comfortable to make bigger choices, which is huge! I also am now going to be mindful of how genre informs your framing and acting style.

Marnie Breckenridge


I was able to find moments to really just BE in the character’s heart and mind…to truly FEEL what they/I was feeling as I was saying their words. Their words became mine. I didn’t feel like I was ‘performing’ by the last two classes. What shifted most for me was that I now understand my eye-lines for the iPad and how I can be as ‘small’ or as ‘big’ as I want and both will read on camera. Wild.

Angelina Boris


What shifted most for me throughout this class in my approach to acting on camera was actually my mindset. Not only am I discovering a whole new world of preparation, but I am redefining efficiency and discipline within my self tapes. I am also trying to avoid diminishing my choices behind the camera in the midst of minimalizing, allowing myself more exploration. The concept we learned about applying notes to specific moments for specific results was super helpful for me as I continue in my processes!

Ashley Laroche


From diving deeper into your craft to also understanding the business and collaborative side of acting; it’s an eye opener and unique take on self taping for auditions for tv/film.

Russell G. Jones, Obie Award-Winning Stage & Film Actor


Heidi has worked as a casting director, directs, and genuinely likes actors, so what she offers is insider information that empowers the actor in the experience of auditioning.



Your class was instrumental in helping me develop the techniques that allowed me to go into that audition room 4 different times and finally land the role of Richie (HBO Looking). I tell all my actor friends about your class, I can’t rave enough about it.

Martin Landry


Hey Heidi! It’s been a while, but I just wanted to write and tell you I booked my first ever co-star! It’s for Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building. The audition was only one line, but now that I have the script, the character appears to be a significant eccentric presence over a long party scene. I used your advice and gave my slate some personality (in addition to giving multiple takes of the single line). Who knows for sure, but I think the personality slate may have helped show I could play a small character capable of leaving an impression. Whatever happened, I got the job, and I’m thankful for the tools you gave me.

Nikki MacCallum


I just wanted to tell you how much I got out of your Part 1 class. I loved every minute and I am so excited for Level 2. You are so knowledgeable and awesome and have such a gift for pushing in the most positive way. This class has been so meaningful for me and really helped me find some of the holes in my auditioning as well as given me permission/the confidence to push boundaries I was otherwise nervous to push.

Thank you for everything!

Nora Elkind

I deeply appreciate your emphasis on individuality…I think we are riding a beautiful wave of change. I strive to create and work within an industry that celebrates uniqueness and nonconformity. Your teaching style is affirming and empowering. Thank you.

Tesz Millan


I’m feeling so confident right now because I’m finally excited to do the work. That is very different, new and refreshing for a creative returning to the fold.

Alex Kostka


Thank you for providing a safe and positive space. I just finished and sent out an audition while riding the wave from last night’s class and it feels so good!

Dena Rysdam Miller


Thank you for pouring so much energy and care into our class! It was just what I needed to help me refocus on film work in a safe and exciting way. I appreciate your dedication.

Desi Oakley


I CAN’T RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH!! Whether you’re new to on-camera acting or wanting to level up your approach to the craft, run don’t walk to this class, or any opportunity to work with Heidi.

Alex Kostka


With this class you can discover more of yourself as an actor and what you’re capable of with outstanding guidance!

Ej Dohring

Heidi is super passionate and approachable. She really meets every actor where they’re at and you will leave the class feeling stronger and more confident in your on camera abilities.

Jane Seaman

What shifted most in my approach to on-camera acting was feeling more human.

Tara Halpern


Great groundwork class for anyone interested in working on-camera. Heidi will demystify the accessibility of finding on-camera work and give you a solid understanding of your marketability in the industry right now. This class will make you feel more confident in your preparation and approach to self-tapes and zoom room auditions.

Julieta Gozalo-Michaud


It really helps solidify the basics of auditioning on camera, and it gives a glimpse into what it’s like on the other side of the table, as well as helping you think outside the box of how to market yourself, and what kind of roles you can excel at.

Claire Jamison


Heidi approaches this work with kindness and honesty, meeting everyone where they’re at and giving constructive and *applicable* feedback. You’re not taking a class where you’re only working on co-star sides, you’re bringing in material that you are drawn to and that you want to work on. The feedback on marketability was something I had done in other classes, but the way in which Heidi helps to break it down and put it into perspective felt more productive than other instances I had done similar exercises. There is a lot more to be said about Heidi’s class, but her passion for the community she’s built/building, and her love of the work is infectious and I’m excited to continue being a part of her creative family.

Jose Martinez


This class is like a guide to finding your courage as an actor through positive reinforcement.

Carol Cadby


This class is invaluable, it reframes your approach and attitude towards film acting, auditioning, and the entertainment business. Heidi is a masterful guide and mentor who inspires actors to recognize their potential and strive to be their best selves.

Myka Cue


Learning from you in the past year has been such a pivotal and nurturing experience for me as an actor, and it’s undoubtedly prepared me for a lot of the on-camera work I’ve been doing this past semester at Brown/Trinity.

I continue to use the tools you shared, especially in our work with industry guests. I’ve been receiving wonderful feedback from casting directors from Playwrights Horizon, The Public, Telsey and CBS, to name a few, and I’m also happy to share that I’ve booked work with The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis this summer. Much of the confidence, playfulness and skill I’ve been able to bring into these work/audition spaces are all thanks to you!

Lisa Naso


Great scene study class, but it’s unique in that Heidi goes in depth into the filmmaking and casting process, each actor’s unique marketability and understanding “type”. I came out of it with a new perspective on auditioning 🙂

Julia Klavans


A crash course in self-tapes for film that will get you thinking about what kind of actor you envision yourself as.

Aaron Jin


From the very first day, this class hit exactly what I needed. Absolutely worth it.

Johnathan Dougan

This class will take what you thought about on camera acting and flip it upside down.

Shaneye Ferrell


Heidi teaches with warmth and non judgment. She is focused on the actor and what she can pull out of them. As she works the scenes she hones in on each performer and guides specific to their needs. She is very present and intuitive. This class will also provide practical and technical skills important to working on camera and ways to create a successful on camera audition. I feel more confident with my set up and audition prep. I also have insight into what a casting director sees when they are watching an on camera audition. You can feel that Heidi is invested in setting you up for success.

Kara Teehan

Engaging, you learn so much and get to work with amazing actors and teacher

Alexis Ward


If you want a fresh start to your existing career, you have to take this class!

Jennifer Wang


It’s hard work but it will kickstart the things you need to do to move your career forward!

Regina Schneider


Heidi was great. So supportive and wise. I gained a greater understanding of the things I can control in the room vs. things I can’t. She created a space for me to grant myself permission to let go more and trust- permission to be me.

Heidi Hackney


What shifted most in my approach to on-camera acting is that I have a wider range in the eyes of others than I thought. It’s easier for me to drop self-doubt and second guessing.

Anderlyn E. Smith


I’m finding more success with thorough preparation mixed with the ability to play/imagine.

Michael Serrano

I see the art of auditioning from a completely different perspective than before.

I’m glad I took part in this class and learned to see things through the eyes of casting people who are simply looking for interesting and open individuals to help them complete their cast.

Rebecca Gever


What shifted most for me in my approach to acting on camera is trusting that when I am playing and loose, I really come alive and am natural.

Nicole Santiago


A great class not just about acting on camera but information on how to market yourself in the industry. Things that your are never told elsewhere!

Maddie Vandenberg

This class definitely got my confidence boosted in that I’m not as far off as I thought I was, and also confidence in the fact that the roles that I want to play, and am interested in playing, and that I think I would be good at are how other people see me too.

Millie Witherow


This class prepares you to be working and active in the industry no matter your experience level. It equips you with many needed tools to find your path to success.

Evari Pickett


I will go into every room knowing that someone believes I can do this job and I know that I can.

Anh-Mai Kearney

Informative, helpful, and really great at helping you grow and find practical techniques that work for you in growing comfortable on camera.

Luke McDonough


Giving myself permission to change things up every take has done wonders in letting my work feel alive every time.

Joan Almedilla


What shifted most for me in my approach to acting on camera: I like the brave act of being “messy.” That it’s not so much about about perfecting the delivery of the lines but how the “wheels are turning.”

Abby Garber


A great class for learning more about working on film/tv. You get above and beyond what you signed up for. Heidi provided endless resources and invaluable information. I hope to stay connected to the community I met through this class.

Sydney Lyons


If a friend texted me & asked me about this class, I would break the world record for longest text. I would tell them how it has made me a more confident actor & person. We had such a supportive class & I would let them know that they would meet people that lift their spirits & are in their corner & want them to succeed. I would say how incredible or a teacher & person Heidi. I would also make sure they new that there are no rules & to not be nervous.

Sydney Steen

It’s a really dynamic and supportive class. There wasn’t a moment where I felt defeated. The class also flows very well and a makes the most of the 4 sessions. If you’re skeptical about Zoom acting classes (I certainly was!), don’t be! The pros far outweigh any cons, so go for it!

Abby Linderman

This class is perfectly balanced- part industry and part technique. Heidi breaks down the shrouded and confusing parts of the industry and explains how YOU as the actor fit into it all. This class will help you feel confident in an effective process and your ability to deliver clarity and “youness” in your work.

Cody Hernandez


Learning about forming small technical things that I can change to make the audition feel much more in my own control.

Nayab Hussain


This was an eye opening look into who you are, who you really are…

Janet Aldrich


It’s so much more than an acting class. For me, it was miraculous to see all levels of other actors learn and grow into who they can be. That brought me confidence in who I am as an actor. I gave the skills, the instincts, the talent. With this class I found them.

And to experience this life from Casting’s perspective was brilliant. Thank you!

Eddie Tavares


Been working on this film from the other side of the camera and today is our final day of filming. As I reflected last night about my experiences from the “other” side, it brought up some of the importance and highlights from your classes. More so the “why”. Being prepared, being able to take adjustments, giving options in choices, being able to “get there” quickly, asking questions. It has given me something to think about and more insight the next time I’m back in front of the camera. Thank you for all your knowledge and the community you’ve created!

Skye Pagon


A wonderful class—it was truly so comprehensive and unlike any class I’ve had before.

Nathan Nolen Edwards


“Someone thinks I can do this.”

I have an audition due tomorrow that I was feeling overwhelmed about, and then I remembered casting contacted me because they believe I can do this!!!

Thank you for [teaching us] that!

Joan Almedilla


…my heart is absolutely like a 4th of July fireworks of gratitude. I booked a role on TV- my first ever TV gig- so heck yeah I’m celebrating! But everything you said happened and I was unfazed by the new lines and new props and the ever changing blockings they threw at me! I kept hearing your voice and imagining you having pom-poms and cheering me on!

Sydney Lyons


I have truly not stopped talking about it with everyone I know since the moment it started. I feel like a whole new actor coming out the other side and that was only part 1!

Thank you so much for creating such a positive, supportive, & welcoming environment. I have been in so many scenarios where it wasn’t supportive or getting a note meant you’re wrong but your approach is so uplifting and confidence-boosting. I appreciate your way of teaching that is in anticipation of getting the role & being on set. I’m so glad to know that I have someone in the industry that has my back & is in my corner.

Myka Cue


This was such a wonderful class! Other than the incredibly useful tips, Heidi created such a warm and vibrant space for learning where I felt supported as an artist. Her story was inspiring. I felt like the class gave me more agency as an actor. It’s empowered me to take hold of my career and my craft, and to trust that I’m on the right path in my journey.

Jamie Morrow


Revolutionary. Great for an actor who is feeling a little stuck and wants to get unstuck. Great for the actor who doesn’t feel stuck because they realize they actually were! I have told so many people about this class already.


I have a starting point, and I no longer feel clueless. The power is in my hands to start cultivating the career I desire!

Mariah Ciangola


Heidi is really inviting, and she allows you to think and process through so many tools to be a stronger performer for the camera.

Kathryn Rhoads


It’s not only about auditioning for the camera but gaining a better awareness of yourself and your place in the industry.

Raul Luna

It’s so jam packed with juicy info. You’ll feel so at ease growing with a close, small group of peers in such a short amount of time. And you WILL learn/grow, no worries there. You’ll definitely feel like you used your time wisely by signing up! Plus Heidi is a gem!

Nathan Nolen Edwards


An acting for camera class for the soul. You will discover talents that were already inside of you and you will grow more quickly than you thought possible.

Charles Craddock


A good look into the process—from the inception of an idea to being on set, and following this process from the view of the casting director.

Kate Silk


Intense, but worth it! So many truth bombs about the industry!

Dayo Olatokun


In this class you’ll receive empowerment, encouragement, and quality engagement. You will leave taking ownership of your creative choices on camera.

Gavin Fonseca


A must if you’re feeling stuck and uninspired by the audition process.

Allie Re


This class will reinvigorate your perspective as an actor and a creator and give you the opportunity to really practice all of the technical and creative skills that you’ll need for self-tapes.

Alex Aug

Thank you for continually working hard to find solutions and keep our momentum going! This is why art thrives beyond any disaster; Artists have the creativity and will to keep going.

Katie Mitchell


I feel like my confidence has drastically improved which has informed everything.

Such a great class for actors at any level. Heidi was so wonderful about creating a safe space and supportive community to grow!

Sky Smith


I feel so liberated from the pressures of having to *impress* people, and as a result I am getting good feedback on work that looks like I am genuinely having fun!

Johnny Rivera


This is the perfect class for you to understand the power you possess in the audition room/self tape. Heidi empowers you to trust yourself, the camera and others in the room.

Mara Jill Herman


Community-driven safe space to explore acting on camera with talented actors and an incredibly supportive teacher.

Jessica Altchiler


In the moment, I knew that you were giving so much to us. And now as time has gone on, I can feel how the seeds you planted have helped me change my perspective, understand the craft and the industry, and feel more hopeful and inspired to tell stories and make meaningful work.

You are a special teacher whose lessons are so profound that they take life within you, growing and evolving far beyond the classroom setting.

Thank you for being you, and for what you do!

Martin Lewis


This has definitely changed the way I look at classes over zoom. So damn glad to have been in this with all of you, and so excited to know y’all! Community is something I’ve missed during this lull in work, but this class has filled my cup. Thank you y’all! And thank you Heidi!

Curtis Holland


Thank you to everyone for your kindness, patience, support and trust. And Heidi, thank you for understanding how to speak to us in an honest, yet gentle, manner. I clearly see why any actor who speaks of you has nothing but good reports.

Paco Tolson


I cannot be more thankful to have had such a wonderful group of artists to be in process with. We all take class to grow and push boundaries, and it meant so much to me that our zoom room was nurturing and positive while we navigated our challenges. Thank you, Heidi, for making that happen, and for imparting so much wisdom in such an encouraging way. I know my notebook is full.

Joey Palestina


This is a new day. Full throttle ahead. I was really emotional at the end of class Tuesday, something changed in me.

I will most likely take another class very soon.

Thanks for everything, Heidi.

Katie Elman


I just wanted to send a huge thank you for such a fabulous class! I’m so impressed by how much you were able to include in only four classes. I was challenged in ways I didn’t expect, and have been forced to re-evaluate so much about myself, acting, and film/tv throughout this process really deeply.

I also wanted to express my gratitude for your faith in and respect for actors. It is so refreshing to work with someone who truly believes in actors in such an honest way, and I believe it is what allows us as students to thrive so much. Thank you for your warmth, attention to detail, and genuine love for the artform.

Marissa Carpio


It’s a class that really builds self-awareness on who you are as a person, artist & creative collaborator. It helps you be a better auditioner and to let go of the idea of being the best actor you can be – be the best YOU!

Camilla Clark


This is an excellent, well-rounded class that not only helps you understand the craft of acting for camera, but also helps you understand your particular niche in the TV/Film industry. You will learn to see the industry from the perspective of casting and creatives, which is a valuable and necessary tool for any actor.

Logan Floyd


This class is vital. You receive a wide shot of the industry you feel like you’re fighting tooth and nail against only to realize it’s not such a big bad monster. This class gives you the information about to and film to assess where you fit and where you want to fit. That assessment is made through refining the audition technique as well as marketability as an actor, which allows you to go into the self tape with confidence you’re bringing something to the role they want and need.

Angelica Toledo


This class is an excellent opportunity to get yourself on camera and push yourself to work productively and in a realistic audition setting

Sarah Ellis


This time with Heidi ignited my soul. I needed this wake-up call to feed my spirit. This class had me giving myself an active hand in my career again. I revel in the excitement of collaboration again, of learning, of putting myself out there. Of making daring leaps in the industry.

Tyla Collier


This class will give you a clear understanding of what happens on the production side of tv/film, before actors are even thrown into the mix. It will put into perspective just how subjective casting is and how bringing your best, most authentic self is the way to succeed. It will help you pinpoint where you are most marketable and the types of roles that are in your wheelhouse. It will help you get more creative with your self tapes.

Lauren Taylor


I’d say my level of commitment and focus increased dramatically. My ability to let go and drop in to that commitment has definitely helped with deepening my relationship to the character and the circumstances of the scene.

Sean Mann


If you want to drastically get better and have a better feel for the business and where you fit in it, take this class. It’s different than any other class you’ve taken before, I promise.

Johnette Janney


This class provides great industry knowledge. You will work on your range and marketability. Heidi provides the best insight on marketability I have ever come across. The feedback and coaching you will receive are designed in such a way for you to take with you and to continue to grow on your own. You leave better equipped to handle the challenges of the industry while being inspired to do so.

Kelly Filios


It was really useful applying qualities to only certain moments in the scene rather than as a general wash and allows me to take adjustments that may feel conflicting!

Gabriela Garcia


It was great to play with the angles. I usually taped myself flat front and not at an angle towards the person I am speaking to. Volume. I learned that the volume I use when I am going over my scene is actually enough for the scene. Working inside the frame of the computer/phone screen was so helpful to know and watch as I played the recording back. How the eyes tell everything or nothing.

Logan Graye


This class is one of the most beneficial I’ve ever taken. Not only is it on-camera acting, it’s how to play “the game”. You know, the audition techniques, the marketing tips, the mindsets required to stand out and get into the room and book the job.

Ashley Sims

I have a better understanding of eye line, and movement within a small space to show emotion and scenery change.

A beginner-friendly introduction into acting with a focus on mastering online auditioning through self taping and zoom.

Michael A. Dean


This is a class where you will obtain the correct and detailed information on how the casting process is broken down. If you don’t feel you know how to connect or at least become marketable in a way that casting will want to see you, this class is the best way to shift your approach, attitude and perception towards CDs and the process as a whole.

The casting process will never be explained or broken down for you in another class like it is described in here.

This class with bridge that gap between the disconnect we(actors) have when it comes to the business of casting and what is required from us to be marketable/problem solvers for them.


informative and eye opening, a must attend!

Amy Keum


I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful class! Your perspective is so refreshing. I’m leaving this month feeling renewed and inspired to take on this pilot season!

Lida Benson


Your classes are so supportive and nurturing, and you build an amazingly wonderful community within the Zoom classroom walls. I get excited to prepare fully and present my best takes so I can learn the most from you and my peers. You meet us where we are in the moment, then encouragingly push us forward. I’ve taken some other on-camera Zoom classes this quarantine, and your format is far and away the most fruitful one I’ve experienced so far (everything from the class size and length to the self-tape tech requirements to feedback to a nuanced focus on marketing and the current industry). I feel like in the eight classes of Parts 1 & 2 I have grown by leaps and bounds.

Katie Pautler


I enjoyed your class so much. It really put a lot of things in perspective for me and I haven’t felt so excited about acting in a long time. Thank you!!

Lily Waldron


I have learned more in your class, not just about acting for the camera, but about myself than I have doing anything since moving to NYC. Through doing your class I have gained so much of my self confidence and drive back and am so excited to put what we worked on into practice.

Kristin Yancy


Take this class if you feel lost on who you are and how you fit in the industry! It also hits SO many aspects of what it’s like to work as an actor– and what you need to survive and thrive!

Clinton Edward


warm, well-structured, nurturing but still a challenge, a safe place to build tools and confidence for auditioning and working on screen

Logan Graye


I wanted to thank you so much for such an incredible Part I experience. Your warmth, wisdom, and encouragement inspired me to take risks and grow, not only as an actor but as an artist. I got everything I wanted out of this class and more! Your passion for this industry has motivated me to start the new year with exciting goals. I can’t wait to utilize all the things I’ve learned.

Lauren Karaman


Every audition is a chance to explore my character and my scene. That was REVOLUTIONARY to me. I will be walking into auditions and taping with a sense of freedom and play that I didn’t have or prioritize before. Letting go of my plan is SO FREEING (and fun!!!).

There is SO much I will be doing differently as I audition, from the moment I enter that zoom room to the moment I sign off. 

SIGN UP NOW! This class goes so beyond the technicalities of taping, and invigorates you as the artist you are as a whole.

Rebecca Forsythe


I have more fun during the process of preparing and have more confidence since I understand where the casting side is coming from now!


Lee Hubilla


All classes at your studio have a special effect on me that is different than other teachers I’ve studied with. I always leave class feeling inspired, hopeful, and buzzy. I think you also attract folks who are looking for more than just tips & tricks, hard-hitting instruction, or connections in the industry – you’ve really made a community.

Neli Garcia


Very helpful. The best class I’ve taken. Heidi is a gem!

Rojo Perez


Heidi understands how to explain what to expect and what is expected of you in auditions without it feeling overwhelming. She understands how to help with your acting while also reminding you, you are a business.

Nikki Kelder


It is an excellent first film class to take, it will help you feel like you can confidently audition for films and know the techniques. But most importantly (and which I think is the absolute best part of this class, and which no other class I’ve taken has ever even attempted to cover) you receive invaluable information from your classmates and Heidi on your individual marketability possibilities, which has seriously helped my feeling of being lost in a giant crowd of actresses because of my perceived lack of individuality. I now know that I am unique and have a large list of roles and types and adjectives that I can refer back to when I am feeling stuck, frustrated, or overlooked, and that document alone is worth the price of admission. I highly recommend, each class was better than the last, and in just four classes I feel so much more prepared and knowledgeable about myself and the film industry.

Joanna Bronson


Heidi Marshall is an intuitive teacher that describes with passion our industry from her perspective and experience. She is uniquely talented in her ability to communicate exactly how a performer can improve their work and will also give each member of the class ample attention to further sharpen their individual assets, talents, and tools.

Stephan Alexander


It’s the most comprehensive introductory class for a person who is ready to start being seen by CDs and wants to start working. I feel so prepared!

Jean Garner


Heidi is a warm, supportive, patient, understanding, skilled, honest, and caring teacher who shows you the ropes of the industry and guides you to greater ease and dynamism in acting for the camera. She is an expert and truly wants to take you to the next level, and the next, and the next! I highly recommend this class!

Onekè Cummings


Now that the world has changed towards Self-tapes and Zoom auditions I now know how to infuse auditions with personality and a sense of play.

Heidi’s class is great! I have a much stronger understanding of my own marketability as well as a clearer understanding of the current auditioning climate

Jess Altchiler


You have to take this class if you want to learn more about the TV/film industry, auditioning, and all you are capable of. I was constantly inspired and lit up each class, and had such a thrill diving into the preparations each week. Heidi is an absolute treasure with boundless knowledge and the ability to challenge you (while remaining supportive). She tells stories. I really look forward to taking Part 2.

Lida Benson


I’m SO glad we did the marketability exercise — SO HELPFUL! That totally helps me determine what assets come through naturally on camera and which ones might need extra focus.

Meg Supina


I am actually starting to seek out auditions for on camera work! I feel more confident!

Stephanie Branco


Thank you for sharing all your wisdom, being so positive and helping all of us grow. I learned so much and now it’s about putting it into practice.

Megan MacKenzie Lawrence


Heidi’s studio = high quality and raising your game in a safe and supportive environment

Zach Eisenberg


I had an incredible experience. I truly feel like I have a much stronger grasp onto the film tv industry then I did before.

Rebecca Klein

I so appreciate the way you create a learning space that is safe and fun and rigorous. I have learned so much and it left me hungry to learn even more!

Sierra Phillips


I cannot thank you enough! You helped me realize it is possible to stand up for your values and still be a professional actor. You taught me to trust my natural self and be in the moment. You taught me to have more confidence that there are more opportunities to come.

Cameron Hill


I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for these past few weeks of class. I really looked forward to every session and am emerging very inspired with these new tools under my belt. Thank you for bringing so much to our zoom lessons as well as the resources and support! Super grateful to join the community.

Kendall Cafaro


Thank you so much for your guidance, support, and overall encouragement. I’m so grateful for the Heidi Marshall Studio Community. The Facebook page, the resources you post, and the pop ups are always so helpful.


This class has reinforced that someone in the audition room WANTS you to be the right fit for a role for a multitude of reasons.

I’ve learned to put less pressure on myself and to just do my best and be myself because I’ll be the only ME that a casting director will see.

Dana Shiraki


I feel more confident about putting myself “out there” in terms of physicality and comedy, two things that would instantly form knots in my stomach when I saw them in audition material.

Also, I now know how people see me and how to use that to give my character a stronger point of view and personalize the scene more. I never thought about using my own strengths in the scene, that they want my essence!

Katie Griffith


Not to blow smoke, but seriously, this was one of the most educational and fulfilling classes I have ever taken. This class has impacted my auditions most significantly in that now I will actually actively seek out auditions for film and TV instead of just theatre. Now, I will 1) not put my own talents, my own complexity, range, creativity, and ideas in a box that I believe others will “want” or whatever. 2) I will use all those tools I learned to excavate the scene forwards and backwards, up and down, inside and out 3) trust myself, chill out in the audition room, make it about the work, and be my own best friend in times of fear or overwhelm.

Amy Lee Pearsall


I came away from this class with at least (!) two new fun tools to use in my preparations. I also anticipate working more often with colleagues (if not a coach) on my material before auditioning/self-taping, as my work in class absolutely benefitted from feedback.

Megan Greener


With thorough preparation, I can audition for *so much more* than I thought, or was told.

Julia Gallagher


Just wanted to give a big THANK YOU for such a wonderful class these last 4 weeks! It was lovely getting to know you and I genuinely looked forward to class every week. I took away so much, especially from the marketability class (so awesome that you wrote out our marketability ideas and sent them to us) and our last class (loved the exercise where we gauged how far we were going with our character adjectives on a scale of 1-10)! I also loved how small the class was and how intimate it truly felt, no doubt due to how you conducted everything, too! Hope to work with each other again soon.

Albert Nelthropp


Your classes have been such an amazing outlet to let my artistic juices to flow. And I truly will always remember this time in my life.

Adam Hyndman


As I reflect on the year that has passed, I am filled with gratitude. One of the major thanks I have for the year is to you; how you have been an advocate for me and created opportunity for me (and so many like me) to tap into greater potential!

Toccarra Cash


What an enormously beautiful and beneficial experience. Thank you for your expertise, enthusiasm, and guidance thru this process.

Julianne Cross


I am so much more comfortable in front of the camera now, and am really going to lean into my sense of play going into any audition room. I’m so much better at taking adjustments and being open to receiving them. It’s been a treat to watch each take back and see the growth and changes between them.

Welinton Vallejo


I feel empowered! The audition room used to feel like a scary place but now it feels like a safe place to play. I will do EVERYTHING I learned in audition rooms. Especially changing the energy of the room. Thank you!!!


I had this idea in my head that I had to be totally still and subtle to the point of being unnatural, and as silly as it sounds, I’ve realized that on camera acting really is just acting! I think I’ve loosened up and am trusting my instincts more.

And I’m putting myself out there more for on-camera auditions—I’ve booked two upcoming short films, which I think will be great practice.

Laura Leigh Turner


Just wanted to tell you I booked a co-star role! I can’t thank you enough for all you taught us in your Part 1 class. I am new to the tv film world, and your class really pushed me outside my comfort zone and has helped me own auditions these past few weeks!

Madeline Egan Addis


I have a new perspective/understanding of how much I’m ALLOWED to OWN my presence in the room in my auditions. In fact, I have to! And I do my best work when I do so.

Natalie Neckyfarow


I feel like I have a lot more fluid approach. I am no longer approaching auditions from a place of getting it right and am approaching it from a place of putting my own stamp on things.

Tatiana Le’Joy


I learned more in these 4 weeks than I have in the years of acting classes I’ve taken. It was a perfect balance of working on the craft and learning about the business. THANK YOU HEIDI!

Meghan Mulcahy


I really realized in the final class how it feels to contain myself to the “plan” out of fear, versus how it feels to allow myself to take in, be vulnerable to my scene partner (especially when I’m telling myself that the character is not supposed to be as vulnerable as I am!), and let behavior come out of those small, specific moments.

Trevor Salter


I think ownership of the audition process shifted the most for me. It’s always been such a daunting process for me and I’m getting better at walking in with confidence and a little reckless abandon.

Patrick Clark

This class has given me the confidence to go into an on camera audition and feel like I can give my 100% without thinking I’m doing something wrong or flying by the skin of my teeth. I will walk in knowing how to slate properly and how to handle an on camera audition vs. before I had no clue how they were even run.

Aya Ibaraki


I realized that for many years I was presenting myself in a wrong way. I was more concerned about what they wanted me to do. Now I can create a character of my own to inspire others, and it is so exciting to think this way! I think this will replace my nervous energy with positive exciting energy at auditions!

Tristan Rose Gillia


I absolutely LOVED this class. I accomplished my goals of feeling more confident in front of the camera and getting better at audition skills all while having a great time. And it was such a warm and supportive environment. Every single piece of advice, note, and direction from you was extremely helpful and I left knowing how to continue forward with my goals each class. I also said in the first class that I was feeling embarrassed and ashamed walking into an audition and submitting and that has completely disappeared and for that, I am grateful. Thank you Heidi 🙂

Matt Dellapina


This past fall – due in no small part to your class – I was cast as a series regular on a new Amazon show.

Alyson Lange


Exciting news: I booked my first Co-Star role on CBS’s Elementary!! I filmed it last week and it went so well.

I can’t wait to get back into class soon!

Lillian Isabella


Thank you so much for everything! I’m really grateful for all the breakthroughs I’ve had in your class. You are incredible and have such a wonderful wealth of knowledge.

I’m grateful for all you do afterwards to keep us connected and engaged as well.

You’ve completely reinvigorated my love for acting on camera.

Mary Adams


Your class was genuinely a very big factor in what finally allowed myself to fully understand and accept that the choices I make are mine and no one is “better”— we just bring ourselves differently to the character.

THANK YOU for always going out of your way to give such thoughtful and helpful tips and personal stories. And thank you for providing a community of support and knowledge on Facebook!!

Quynh-My Luu


Heidi—I had an in-depth audition the other day where the director gave me notes and worked with me on all the material he had me prepare. Because of what you talked about your Part I class about the process and watching the actor “working through it,” I gave myself permission to take the time I needed to process the feedback before doing the second iterations. I feel like in the past I would have rushed immediately into doing it again. So grateful for the experience with you in class!

Tara Polhemus


I wanted to thank you again for our session yesterday. It was so fun and inspiring, and my manager was super happy with the clip options.

Cristina Madero


Thank you for making this journey so warm, inviting, and so so simple!! I feel so much more confident in front of the camera because of you! Can’t wait to be on set!

Erica Hernandez


Thank you again for such a wonderful class! It’s been so long since I was in a classroom setting and acting class that I was legitimately pretty scared going into this, but you’re so kind and wise—you truly gave me a lot to think about and use going forward.

Thank you thank you for your patience and generosity!

Cam Wenrich


I’m seeing the effects of taking your class almost immediately. I don’t know if it’s the newfound confidence, the on-camera training, or the new clips on my website, but something’s working!

Gabrielle Elisabeth


I’ll probably keep repeating this over and over again but you have no idea how excited I am to be in class with you. I thought I’d be terrified to learn this new medium, but all of that fear has turned into excitement! I’m excited to get messy and fail and learn in this safe place.

Adam Hyndman

Your thorough, process-driven approach is something that allows students to discover and really have the “ah ha” moments organically. Thank you for making Part 1 a very safe, human, and demystifying experience.

Rachel Pedinoff

I booked my first ever pilot here in LA! Shout out to the #HeidiMarshalltechnique saving my ass!!!

Aisha Jackson

I walked out of the room feeling confident and proud of what I did! That NEVER happens when I audition for tv lol SO THANK YOU!! The tools you provided have been extremely helpful and I can’t wait to work with you again in the future.

Danny Tejera

I can’t tell you how completely influential and helpful and transformative it all was.

Erin Bradford


I had been feeling stuck coming into your class, but your class reinvigorated me and gave me new ways to approach the business.

Kristin Macomber


I am still reeling from our incredible class.  I learned so much and am feeling EMPOWERED!  I feel like I am finally ready to leap off the edge I was hesitating on!

Autry Haydon-Wilson


 I’m starting pilot season and am using all the tools I learned in class. 

Courtney Capek


I can’t thank you enough for all you have taught me, how much better you’ve made me and how much you’ve changed me. Not only as an actor, but as a human. You are magic.

Ta’Nika Gibson


I wanted to let you know that I just booked a small part in a Feature Film and then right after booked a principal role on a Netflix show. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! My first film and first tv show EVER! I wanted to say thank you for your amazing class, as I know it was exactly what I needed to get past the audition room and actually get booked! Thank you for being an inspiration and for all that you give to the artist community!
Melody Fadness
I am officially a Heidi Marshall devotee. "The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires"-William Arthur Ward. That about covers it. You are an exceptional teacher in the way you, with care and positivity, nurture, compel and enliven your students. I thank you and I thank the Universe for you:)
Brian Hatch


[After the first class] I woke up this morning and as I told my wife, I felt like my brain had been put in a blender!!!  Watching my tape several times, I’m happy to see I have a really solid base to launch from! Looking forward to blending my brain a little bit more and then pouring out an amazing acting smoothie.
Sarah Peele


A few weeks ago I went to an audition for a pilot and made a point of using the tools that I learned in your Part 1 class (specifically, picking out descriptions in the character breakdown and trying to incorporate them into my choices.) I got a callback! And this morning, I just found out that I booked the job! So THANK YOU.  
Stephen James Anthony
Just wanted to let you know...I just booked an episode of Gotham! I wanted to send along my thanks for all your advice and guidance, I think your class was instrumental in helping me make the push. So stoked to make my network tv debut!
Kimberli Flores
I had such a great time in your class! I am so thrilled I took it.  I learned a lot and I feel so much clearer and confident in the room in just a few weeks!!
Ray Brahmi
Your class was incredible!  So helpful and inspiring and fun. It was also beautifully designed.
Mackenzie Jones


Thank you so much for such a beautiful, inspiring class. I loved learning from you and my classmates. I already felt like I knew how to audition, but now I really feel like i know how to succeed and bring more of myself into the room. 

Lily Sondik
I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing class!!!! I went from being nervous and fearful of being on camera to really hungry for more!
Mike Mihm


It was such a wonderful experience and I'm so glad to know you and to have worked with and learned from you! I have already been applying what I learned in the audition room and in my practice.
Paige Sommeror


How do I possibly begin to thank you for the invaluable learning experience you’ve given me! And! While creating a home environment with your warm and encouraging spirit. You’ve nurtured a new and energized wave of thinking in me. I’ve more clarity about how I’m viewed professionally within the industry and how I view myself as an artist personally. It’s refreshing to have a more holistic approach to the industry, marketing, auditions, preparation, and self creating. I also had one of the better auditions of my 6 year stint here in NY. Not only did I show my commitment and eagerness to perform to the Creative Team, I showed it to myself. It was a total game changer for me.

YOU have made such a BIG difference in many, Many, MANY ways for me.

Stephanie Gandolfo
Thanks again for all of the warmth and wisdom you’ve provided these last 4 weeks in the Part 1 class. I’m so bummed I had to leave a bit early, but I really think I nailed my callback and even gave myself permission to take a moment to really prepare and just breathe. I felt like I controlled the room and they respected me more for it. Your knowledge is invaluable and I am so grateful. I am proud to call myself an alum. Keep spreading your sunshine. The world needs it!
Jean Ann Garish
Thank you for always being such an advocate for us performers. You are truly one of a kind. 
Christopher Gabriel Nunez


Heidi Marshall: THE HYPE IS REAL.  I am so fucking happy to be in your class.

Cassandra Cushman


Your class was exactly what I needed in my life right now. I feel empowered and inspired.

Hye Yun Park


“Dear actor friends, who dread auditioning even though you’re painfully, amazingly great actors… get thee to Heidi Marshall’s audition class ASAP. You’ll experience a paradigm shift and start loving auditions. I certainly have! I can’t say enough good things about her class. Seriously.

Melanie Beck


Your class is so FUN, productive, unique and inspiring. Thank you for all you give to us.
Danny Lindgren


Thank you so much for that coaching session. Truly feel inspired and prepared for this shoot.

Al-nisa Petty


I’m now more confident than ever about my my career and where I’m at in my journey. 

Gary Simpson, CINEMAX Series, The Knick


Very seldom in life are things ever as promised. My audition, my first ever without singing, was as if I had done a dozen prior to. Your class presented the geography of the room as it actually was. You gave me the mind-set that allowed me to hold to the points I needed and ignore the ones I did not need. I was, I guess we can assume, successful. [He booked HBO on his first audition!]

Emily Loewus


I learned WAY more than I was expecting about acting as a whole, not just for the camera, and about myself as a performer and artist. I am very grateful for the extreme care and clear effort you put into your work with your students.


Delphi Borch


I just wanted to thank you so much for a wonderful class. I learned so much and met a wonderful community, all thanks to you.
Eevin Hartsough


Your class was one of the best things I did for myself as an actor this year and what you’ve created and continue to foster is such a wonderful source of information and encouragement and community.  What you’re doing has brought me so much value and I wanted to thank you.

Elyse Brandau


Thanks for EVERYTHING HEIDI!  Really incredible insight. Such a great class. So helpful. Hope to see you soon for coaching on a project! 

Jackson Mercado


Thank you for everything-  working with you has definitely been both eye opening and game changing.

Randi Silverman
I was told this class would change me. and wow, was that an understatement.  I came to this class just hoping to get comfortable being on camera. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d walk away considering myself an actor, let alone a dramatic actor. And yet, here I am, doing just that. Your class awakened in me my untapped potential and I am so incredibly grateful. 
J. Stephen Brantley


I draw on things I learned from you every time I get in front of a camera whether it’s a job or an audition, and I am amazed at how much my experience of film and TV has changed since that time.

Renee Bergeron


I can honestly say that after taking your classes, the way that I prep for auditions has completely changed. I am so much more confident and prepared now so that I can just have fun and let go in the room. 

Amanda Huxtable


You truly create a magically electric, yet safe working environment.
Kristiana Priscantelli
What a great class last night. I felt like was a new person after leaving, for the knowledge you were willing to share really gives me hope and inspiration. I woke up feeling fresh and ready to continue with my journey differently. 
Coley Campany


I learned so much and you are so gracious and supportive. I am working hard to put that knowledge into play. I don’t feel like an unleashed ballon floating around all over the place. Because of your class I feel more grounded because I have a fuller tool chest.

Denise Summerford

"I just wanted to make sure I properly communicated to you how this class was so much more than I ever expected. It wasn't just about film and tv technique but about who we are as people, finding our unique voice and believing that this is what is going to get us work.  Everything else is out of our control really.  That's my Biggest take away. So THANK YOU again for being YOU and for wanting to teach.

Mia Hutchinson-Shaw


Since taking your class I have booked two theater jobs and signed with an agent. I feel completely different in my auditioning, stage and screen. I am so grateful for your incredible class and for your generosity of spirit! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

June R Ballinger


You are such an inspiration to me and a reminder to stick to my guns. Your generosity and love of teaching and the craft creates a safe and encouraging space in which to learn. And I saw my classmates just bloom over the 4 weeks.

Jarrad Green


“I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing learning environment you created in the four classes I had such a pleasure of being a part of!  I took so many good notes, have so many great take away’s, and now feel much more comfortable and trusting of myself in the room with a camera pointed at me!  I can’t thank you enough!

Alexandra Neil


Your class was the beginning of an unlocking thing that really helped me find my way back into the work I love.

Sarah Crane


Thank you for pushing me to my limits and places I didn’t know I could go. I left last night with more confidence in film that I ever have.

Trevor Kluckman


“Your class is really a joy and inspiring in all the best ways I know of in our business/adventure.

Fahad Ahmad


As I shoot a drama serial in Karachi, Pakistan, I remind myself of the acting tips I learned in class. They are handy across languages! Thank you.

Penny Middleton


So much of my confidence has been boosted after working with you. Understanding my brand, my actor triggers, etc has really made a difference. I know that I have a lot more to learn (always), but instead of waiting I’m being proactive…which is huge for me. My website, my resume, even my new headshots are all thanks to you! You’re a fantastic teacher but more importantly you’re just a great person

Sidiki Fofana


Thank you, Heidi, for being a blessing to the creative community in every way.

Nathalie Altman


I feel reenergized and inspired to stay acting and to be in this biz… I’ve regained a confidence in my ability to act, and certainly have rekindled a major passion to work hard at my craft and get better and better at it, and this is after a long period of feeling quite “rusty” and not being sure if I could even do it anymore… Feels Like I’m de-rusting for sure. And I also love your emphasis on staying creative in all ways, daily!! It’s certainly one of the roadblocks I’ve experienced in my life, that of giving up the daily discipline of creating, the ritual of it, because life and finances are just too tough! Ah, fear and excuses…. Happy to say I am now of the mind it’s never too late to start a career and a creative life anew… 

Jenna Robino


I am reeling from last night's class. Couldn't sleep till 3 A.M. - it was like I had an acting red bull that's organic and good for you.  Thank you for creating a safe place to play and share. Your teachings are spot on, your intuition too. I was so nervous after the first class hearing about your journey with Rent and La Boheme. Then I remembered you are a human being too!! And an amazing one!! So thank you for putting me at ease not without a little nudging to unearth the goods! I will always welcome those adjustments! I feel a great sense of accomplishment and peace after your class.

Stacie Capone


Thanks again for an amazing 4 weeks.  It’ was super fun and some amazing take aways that I’ll be putting into practice!

Jean Grant


Everything from your class is synthesizing and I feel I’m unlocking my potential in auditioning. Grabbing that low-hanging fruit! I cannot thank you enough.

Jean Ann Garrish


I just realized today that over the past week I’ve been a happier person. I thought, maybe it’s me trying to change my overall attitude, but I’ve had an epiphany that it’s being in your class and it’s working!  It’s the same feeling I get when I write, I think it’s because I’m creating and being proactive, so thank you again for your wisdom and encouragement!! 

Kellie Cullinan


Thank you for the advice you gave me at the end of Part 1 camera class. You tell us to create the projects we want to be in and make them happen. Your advice may be simple, but it opens physical and artistic doors that make this career so rewarding.

Gwenevere Sisco


I feel very strongly about nurturing my community of fellow artists, and it is so nice be in a room where that is encouraged.  This class has taught me a lot about the business and myself, and lit a fire under my ass in the process!

Catherine Rogers

I'm missing the tough and wonderful work of your acting class. Just had to take 5 seconds to say thank you for the way you show up for us, push us, tell us the truth, and find magical ways to make us do better. Wow.

Matt Mancini


Thanks for such an amazing class… I feel ready to walk into any audition and present myself confidently.

Nancy Fox

Your class was everything my friend promised: so much more than acting class.  Your love of actors and the support system are found nowhere else.

Katy Wright-Meade, HBO, Boardwalk Empire


I’d love for you to know that I still apply your audition technique years later and find it invaluable. In fact I just booked a recurring role on Boardwalk Empire season 3

Colin Lee


Watching not just everyone in the class, but also watching you work and approach things has been SOOO informative, and it’s been a while since I’ve worked some of these muscles with a lot of the work I’ve been doing the last couple of years, so it’s exciting and terrifying in the best way.

Brian Hotaling


I am learning so much, I am giddy with possibility.

Rachel Pearl


It’s been a huge revelation for me. When four different people told me to sign up because you would be perfect for what I was looking for, I knew I needed this in order to feel more confident moving forward- and the class more than delivered. To feel like I can focus on the acting because the mystery of the room and the process has been cleared up for me is EVERYTHING. Honestly, the information you gave us in the first class alone would have been worth the price of the 4 weeks. I am totally grateful and can’t wait to come back for more.

Robert Spence
Just had to take a moment to publicly thank Heidi Marshall and the wonderful Polly McKie for introducing me to her class. When I signed up you asked what I wanted to get from the class and I said to feel motivated and inspired again. You helped exceed my expectations. Thank you.
Mia Baron

I loved your class and it really did help to boost my confidence ( as well as my skills) as I head back out to the wilds of LA.

Eric Chase


I had a good casting session with several indie film casting directors at Network event. I have to say, that they loved the picture you suggested as an Indie shot, overall the scene was a big hit, and it was wonderful to be able to direct them to my website to see my reel for other work. Thanks for pushing for those things to come together.

Mia Zifkin
I was inspired by all of the direction and exercises you provided during class. It brought to light a number of different areas that I had not ever been exposed to. In essence I now have more tools in my box because of your class.
Erin Singleton
Thank you for the wonderful tips you gave us. Since your class I've been booking student films, taking more classes, and growing as an actor. I'm trying to take my acting to the next level.
Shannon Conley
I remember one of our classes where you talked of women and make-up and how going without make-up can be a powerful tool that we should get comfortable using.  So, I used it!  Of course once I got to the audition and saw all the "hot mamas" I began the doubting game!  Ah, the mind, such a beautiful dangerous weapon we use to torture ourselves!!  In any case Heidi, your classes have taught me to think more expansively about the audition/casting/role-making process; in the past I never would have gone for an "older" role or gone without make-up & such - ultimately, these are the self-imposed boundaries that limit us.  And even though I didn't think I got the part, I wasn't sad about it because I came in fully prepared.  Actually getting the part was almost beyond comprehension! Wouldn't you know, I got the call from the director giving me the role!
Ana Maria Jomoloca
[The agent] said, "Yep.  I can tell Ana Maria's been working with Heidi Marshall".
Dashiell Eaves


It was really nice to get to know you again after all these years, and I do feel that what I learned in the class has fundamentally changed how I audition on camera. No small thing!

Faith Aronowitz


Today was the first audition where I really felt like I took back the power in the room, and thus no matter what happens, I feel really great about what I did! And more confident in my abilities for next time. Do I think it was the best work I’ve done in an audition? No, definitely not, but it was definitely the best overall audition experience I’ve had in a looong, looong time, or maybe ever. And now I feel like I can focus more on the prep for the actual work  – I know, craaaazy idea- instead of freaking out about going into the room. All thanks to techniques you’ve shared with us. I just had to share that with you. Thank you!!

Laura Daniel
I seriously cannot thank you enough for the gift of working with you. These classes and the homework have been a mind-blowing experience. Thank you for helping me break through walls! I feel like The Hulk!
Lauren Toub


I have been doing this since I was 5 years old, taken a million acting classes and yours was the only one that I actually felt truly helped me as a blocked artist.

Lisa Tharps


Your eye and focus and ability to dissect talent issues… amazing.

Zeshan Bhatti
Honesty.  You showed me how to be honest in this business, THE ARTS and myself . When I came into your class I was lost. I had auditioned like a mad man. I had done seminars and met with casting directors and agents. I produced web shows with people that I didn't see eye to eye with on the art. So you make me think about being Honest about my Type, Look and my Abilities.  I have been auditioning for a long time and I hate being type casted. Yeah, I know they want to type you because you look a certain way. But my heart and guts tell me that it doesn't have to be that way. I don't have to play a cabbie or tough guy or a terrorist or the funny Indian guy. (I'm not Indian BTW, lol.)   So I came back to being Honest. When I play a character, I have to be totally honest in those moments. But then I'm not honest with my self when the camera stops or when the lights black out on stage... So I'm not a writer or director or have any formal training, but who needs a method when you have passion? Thanks, Heidi.  You saved me big time...I almost quit 2 months prior and thanks for giving back to the Arts ..to receive things you must first give back...
Darius DeHaas


It can be very hard, as one gets older, to dig into what blocks you- impeding your work, your flow, your joy, etc- and I am deeply grateful to you for giving me a safe space in which I can reveal those things so I can exorcise it and be in my bliss again!

Katie Honaker


I have been reflecting on the class all week and whenever i think about it i feel calm. Just calm about my work and calm about the future and that is rare for me. Your class really is a safe space to work in and i’ve not felt that before. Thank you again so much for a truly unique and amazingly fun class! I really do feel very changed as an actor.

Myra Thibault


Thank you so much for all of your help and incredible insight. I have learned so much from you these past couple of months. I feel so much more confident in auditions situations– on or off camera. And I feel like I have a deeper understanding of myself as an actor–  my unique essence, and  a deeper appreciation of it. As well as how to keep it light! 🙂

Breece Wilson


Your class is just what I needed. You have such a wonderful, positive and inspiring way of helping others. Thank you very very very much for choosing to help us actors do what we love and do it well!  I love you!

Natalie Buchinsky

I just wanted to thank you, Heidi, so much for all your encouragement and genuine support.  I just attended an Actors Connection event with a group of panelists, mostly casting directors, and it highlighted how rare and amazing your passion for working with actors really is.  I'm beginning to understand what it means to do the job of bringing "all of yourself" as an actor to an audition (what it really means to PREPARE), and it's just making me reflect on what that means for a casting director too.  It's such invaluable insight for an actor to have and think about, and I want to thank you so much for the part you've played in helping your actors understand the dynamic that exists in the audition room.

Bjorn Dupaty, Amazon Series, Alpha House


I know what I’m doing in the theater,  I know when it’s working and when it’s not.  I can’t tell with camera.  I guess it’s just going to take time and constant working.  In all, I’m still trying to get out of the mode of doing it right, but doing it me.  Because no one can be me and when I let myself just be me, I think it’s a pretty special thing.  Thanks for listening. Working it out.

Emma Ramos


Can’t be more excited and thankful for your class, your spirit, your mentoring!!!!  I would say you’re one of the few truly supporting, honest, authentic amazing artists out there right now. You are doing magic for us, keep it up!!!!

Wes Mason


Tuesday was really special, I walked away with such a sense of self and power as a performer unlike ever before. Can’t wait to dive deeper.

Jessica Kahler,


I’m really loving all that’s happening in class. Thank you for your continuous encouragement and inspiration.

MacKenzie Meehan, The Wolf of Wall Street


just want to thank you! I had an audition this morning that I’ve been dreading for a number if reasons but I went in an applied your audition tips and I felt great! For the first time, ever, I really allowed myself time to think the thoughts and let the scene breathe. I’m so thrilled that I decided to take your class. It’s already paying off. Can’t wait to learn more.

Jeff Riberdy


For me there was just so much reminding going on.  The stuff that we may take for granted and just assume it’s going to work for us always but really, it will never if you don’t constantly work at it and keep it fresh… I.e. Listening, connecting, letting the work go and just being present.  I’m learning to be still and simple.  It’s hard for me!  But I was shocked at what happened when I just sat and allowed things to happen.  It all just showed up and felt truthful and alive.  I can’t wait to continue exploring the intimacy that is acting on camera!

Jessica Walker
You just really got me thinking.  So thank you for the lessons both oncamera and off. You've taught me a lot already and I look forward to more.  I think you're one special lady.
Ydaiber Orozco


I can’t say Thank you enough for being one of the best if not THE BEST teacher in town, I’m so grateful to have met you and to have the opportunity to explore my craft deeper in such a positive environment!

Natalie Roy


[What shifted most about acting on camera] confidence with being real, ugly, messy. swinging between opposing emotions, making bigger choices! less self consciousness!

Peter Davenport


I knew my lines and beats, and I told myself “have fun!” And ya know what? I even surprised myself! I focused on my reader and listened and they all laughed through the entire take. Then the director gave me an adjustment and I did it again (AND I even asked questions!) and they laughed AGAIN all the way through it!!! Thank you for all that you impart in me/us and for your Unbelievable Positivity!! God bless you. I had so much fun I was floating on air afterward.

Tal Yardeni
In so many ways!!! I feel like I am so much more knowledgeable about the whole process and feel like I am more in control of my audition, "tai-chi-ing the room" And picking three adjectives in the breakdown and using it in specific moments is a godsend! Thank you!!

Studio guarantee

Full disclosure — please note that we do not guarantee that actors in our online or in-person acting classes will be hired for any project that we might direct, produce, or cast. We teach and coach because we enjoy supporting and nurturing actors as you develop your personal process for auditioning, working and creating your own work.