JULY 2024

This on-camera class equips you to create the tone of a story by understanding the world you are in. Learn how to make nuanced, committed choices so that you can expand your range as an actor and become a valuable collaborator. 

Get inspired to meet the demands of every project, no matter what genre it is. Cultivate your ability to adapt your acting quickly and confidently so that you’re ready to deliver super tight auditions and take in-the-moment direction on set.

Class size: Limited to 6 students
Prerequisites: None, can be taken in any order with Part 1 and 2
Location: Online
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July 8, 15, 22, 29
7:00-10:00pm EST
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Class content

(This class was previously called NAILING THE GENRE.)


Help create the tone of a story by understanding the world you are in. When you are living and breathing in your imagination, it plays into the screen. When you see the horror in front of you, it will play into your eyes. When you put the era of the scene into your wardrobe, it changes how you carry yourself. When you understand the origin of sitcoms, you know what you have to do.


In this signature on-camera class of mine, we’ll be tackling the nuances of different film/TV genres.

When a filmmaker pitches a project, they always use cross-references to describe the world and tone. For example, “It’s Fruitvale Station meets Winter’s Bone.” You, the actor, might see this phrase in an audition breakdown! It takes a knowledgeable and prepared actor to translate that reference into specific acting choices.

In this on-camera class, I want to help actors familiarize themselves with project references to understand tone and pacing. We’ll make sure you address your detailed scene prep—understanding the relationships, crafting the moments before, arc, stakes, backstory, and more—but then we’ll tweak your choices according to the nuances of the genre.

Each class will explore the nuanced range within a genre. You will be assigned a sub-genre each week.




  • Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action, Thriller




  • Streaming channels, Primetime networks, Indie, Historical Drama, Procedural, and more




  • Single-cam, Multi-cam/Sitcom, Witty Comedy, Action Comedy, Sex Comedy or Raunchy Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Dark Comedy, Mockumentary




  • The focus for this class will be revealed between weeks 3 and 4!


Warning! Actors often tell me that taking this class transformed their perception of whether they could truthfully act in a (fill in the blank) genre. Yes, actors have said, “I didn’t think I could really act in a horror project until I took your class,” or, “I just didn’t think I had comedy chops.” So, be warned: you might have fun, and you might realize that your range is way wider than you thought.

Who is this class good for?


This on-camera class is for both seasoned and new actors who want a better handle on how to nuance their acting choices according to a project’s genre.


We will always be focusing on skills particular to acting on camera, but you’ll find that the work applies across all mediums from theater to musical theater to commercials.


In all of my acting classes, we work on these elements:

  • Moving inside the frame for dramatic effect.
  • Working with the frame’s limitations.
  • Making your scene partner “real”
  • Developing acting philosophy that extends way beyond technique.
  • Living and breathing in every moment for your absolute believability.


If you’re a working actor, you can trust that you’ll be challenged.

If you’re a new or returning actor, you can trust that you’ll be inspired.



You will need to plan for homework time to research your assignment, prepare your materials, and practice your self-tape set-ups. All studio classes are designed to stretch and support your complete prep process as an actor for self-tapes and in-person auditions. The more you put into the class, the more you get out of it!



This is not a networking class with a casting director. This is an on-camera acting and auditioning class with a teacher who has over two decades of professional high-level experience and who cares most about the actor’s process. In the end, I believe it is the process that books the job and supports the actor’s need to stay inspired.

What you get


Self-tapes and virtual callbacks & screentests are here to stay! Let’s play, revitalize, and take to the next level your understanding of the frame.

Come away from this on-camera class with the ability to recognize the genre of a project and to translate those nuances into clear acting choices.


This signature class of Heidi’s includes:

  • Recorded scene work
  • Small class size for individualized coaching
  • Tips for how to maximize and tweak your self-tape setups
  • Development of self-tape best practices
  • Group learning and community
  • Study of the art and craft of acting
  • Assignments designed to challenge and inspire your knowledge of film/TV genres

About Heidi

Heidi Marshall

ACTING COACH: Heidi’s career has spanned over 25 years and includes time as the lead Casting Director at Telsey+CO for the Broadway musical RENT, as well as for 70+ projects in theater, film, television, commercial, and voiceover. She’s coached countless actors into roles for Film, TV, and Theater. Most recently, she coached and prepped Halle Bailey for her audition and screen test for Disney’s upcoming The Little Mermaid. Heidi’s active filmmaker career informs her director’s eye and influences her aesthetic for working with actors. 

For full acting coach bio, click here. For filmmaker portfolio, click here.




Watch clips from one of my online on-camera classes. They were filmed with the actors’ own home set-ups, coaching, a remote classmate reader, and my control of the camera (remotely) during class.

You’ll be astonished at what you can create in your self-tape!

Thanks Toccarra Cash for letting me share it here!



Thanks Rachel Moses for letting me share it here! (Don’t miss the bonus prop use at the end of the scene!)


Conversations with Heidi




I love studying how the Genre of a project affects your acting choices!

In this on-camera class, we will dive into identifying a huge range of Genres (over 30 sub-genres will be covered!) PLUS studying how the elements of each Genre affect your acting choices. You will not believe how specific it makes your audition scene!

When you are doing self-tapes, you are expected even more to figure it out on your own. You don’t get the insight of the casting director inside the audition room. So this is a crucial skill to develop for your self-tapes!

A self-tape audition is a chance to prove you are ready to go to set.

Whether we like it or not, self-tapes place the demand on the actor to deliver the good work, not the casting director to elicit good work.

In a self-tape, on your own time and in your own setting, you’re the one expected to prove that you’re ready to go to set. Ready to go to set.

If your self-tape is general in any way, then it raises flags of either lack of preparation and focus, lack of care, or simply an undeveloped eye.

You want to play with the big kids, and those kids are dextrous between genres and able to adapt to the various styles. Casting Directors, Directors and Producers need to find out if you are a match for the project. How well do you match the tone of the project? How informed are you in your choices? How detailed are your actions? How committed to a ridiculous (horror, sci-fi, crime, etc.) circumstance can you be?

Everyone wants to move to the next level in their roles, so let’s make sure you’re using all the skills necessary to prove that you are a prepared and independent thinker. This is truly my favorite kind of actor.

There are the 3 main elements that I’m going to work on with you in this on-camera self-tape Class:




But we’re going to have FUN working on these elements! We’ll use genres as a way to test, bend, and inspire these 3 main qualities in the actor.

And what better way to really test these skills than self-tapes, when you are expected to deliver full-out with all the tools and craft and knowledge that you got!

I look forward to working with you,


Heads Up About This On-Camera Class

P.S. Beware! This class is going to open a can of worms for you…and you’re going to just LOVE preparing your roles. You’ll never be the same auditioning actor…I’m 110% positive.

Watch Interview


Loren Fenton

I like that Heidi builds on what we bring into class instead of imposing her own interpretations on the scenes.

Crystal Millington


I understand my place in the story better and how to make character choices based on how to serve the story.

Ellen Williams


Loved it all! It was one of the most enlightening and fun experiences I have had! Consistently in this class, I learned mightily from my fellow actors, and Heidi was our fearless, insightful, wonderful teacher who guided us, laughed with us, and celebrated our progress every step along the way. Thanks, Heidi!

Julia Wade


Heidi, I will say it again. I loved every single moment of class. The learning was fantastic. I really loved having to go through a seemingly impossible scene for Self-Taping for the 1st class. Brilliant set up to show us that we can problem-solve our way through each opportunity/audition. I LOVED watching how each fellow classmate worked and took direction and grew. I loved how you alternately turned us loose, shaped, loosed, shaped, loosed … Thanks again. I will be back.

John Hogan

I feel more authority over my space, and feel less limited by the four corners of my backdrop in the frame.

Amala Cherian

It definitely came at the right time for me since I moved to Vancouver with the intention to seriously pursue acting. This class helped me connect with Heidi, who has been very sweet and a fantastic teacher! And, of course, my kind classmates who created a supportive environment. It was interesting to learn about different genres and how so many clues within a script can help steer us toward the right genre when necessary. This experience taught me that taking risks, letting go of any control we have that could be restricting us, practicing each take from various angles and perspectives, and just having fun while playing the truth of the character’s story and emotions can bring out the most committed versions of ourselves as an actress/actor while performing in our method of storytelling, which is acting. This class meant the world to me since it is my first ever acting class and training I have received, so it has helped me in a lot of ways.

Alexander Benjamin

So many moments clicked for me. The emphasis on not being afraid to challenge yourself within the genre and applying yourself to make each style interesting within itself and not flat. Made me more cognisant of how much space I can take up.

Annie Fang


This class came at a great time for me. I’d been feeling off my game and it was lovely to find community. I’ve been full of determination (and a fair share of desperation) and uncertain how to channel it effectively. But now I feel more confident about building a world and tone with framing, pace, bold choices, and even more prep. I feel like this class helped me find some of the fun again, so I’m super grateful. I feel like I was always trying to commit more to a specific genre but had no idea where to put that energy and focus, especially when differentiating between drama and comedy. This class gave me actionable ideas.

Michelle Fenelon


I find myself holding back in my self tapes as far as my personality and imagination but this class encouraged me to commit and go all the way. It was the most challenging and helpful class I’ve taken in my acting career.

Daniel Oakley


Thank you for such a wonderful class and experience these past few weeks, Heidi!
I’m grateful to Rosie for introducing me to your world—not to mention the fantastic cohort of *collaborators* in that orbit—and to you for your instruction, insight, and encouragement. I’ll look forward to joining you again in any number of ways, and will continue to look to your guidance and leadership in this pivotal time to be actors!
Shawn Denegre-Vaught


I’m doing a play here in Portland, Maine called Sanctuary City and I thought of you in rehearsal today! The play is super heavy (but doesn’t have to be) and today my director told me to do a heavily dramatic scene as a sitcom… and I immediately thought of YOU and your Genre/Tone class. I was transported back to class with you, and I immediately played along. I asked him, “What kind of a character from sitcom? Joey (The Womanizer/Dumb One), Ross (Lovable Loser), Chandler (Logical/Neurotic)? And it gave us a window of opportunity to play and try different ways of doing the scene which made it soooo much better! It reminded me of that exercise you had us play with, when you had us do different sub-genres for our scenes. I felt so prepared and ready!

I wanted to thank you for giving me that tool to recognize what my director was asking of me and it gave me confidence to be fully committed

Sophia DeMornay-O’Neal


I feel grateful and more confident in general in my acting. Which is surprising to me! I will absolutely recommend this class. I deeply thank you Heidi, for infusing this class with your honest advice and toolkits for approaching a scene, guided by the genre.

Angela Pearson

WOW WOW! This class was extremely self revealing. In addition to EVERYTHING I learned, I had some very surprising emotional healing moments. The work revealed and help me process and conquer past wounds emotionally as well as insecurities. So so so good!

Alexandra Foucard


Thank you for sharing your talents as a director and filmmaker and translating it into a language that resonates so deeply with actors. Words cannot express my gratitude!!!!!
Anya Krawcheck


Actors are constantly hammered with ‘naturalism, naturalism, naturalism” that it can feel like a nightmare when something comes up that is more stylized. Even some of the “stick-it lines” that can show up in procedurals can feel so silly. But learning to love leaning into the tone and just giving yourself permission for a line or moment to be as cheesy or traditional or over played as the text is asking it to be. Truth is different than naturalism, so giving myself permission to play within what the text wants to be.

Tara Nicolas


I love how the class reminded me to play. I felt safe to make mistakes, to see what works and what doesn’t, and to keep exploring. Moving forward I won’t feel limited by if “I’m right for a role” or if “I’m ready”. Instead I’ll explore and experiment and have funnnnnnn

Amanda Harris


This class came at just the right time, as I felt so stuck getting the same kind of auditions but never knowing how to tackle them. I felt I got such a wide range of knowledge and that was really exciting. I also felt it was really great to treat each take like I would be on set- I just have to keep going. I don’t get a lot of “on set” experiences, and it was exciting to be treated like I could– I believed in myself too. Watching others work gave me a lot to aspire towards. The genres we covered felt so MANAGEABLE

Hiram A. Murrray


I freaking loved this class. One of the best classes/training I’ve had in my career. Truly invaluable in every aspect. Thank you Heidi! I was afraid of comedy, but learning the archetypes gave me more confidence to tackle comedic scenes.

Katie Kuang


The class helped me understand how every genre has a set of rules, or a general format that’s followed. Something that was obvious, but always slipped my mind as soon as audition sides were in my hands.

This class couldn’t have come at a better time. I feel more confident and look forward to putting what we’ve learned to practice. Thank you Heidi!

Blake Hackler


Your presence is such a big part of it Heidi – you create a virtual space that feels playful and comfortable – you invite folks to do better but with such a light touch so no one feels threatened – I always leave feeling better than when I came in. Would take any class with you!

Keivonna Tucker

I learned so much and had a blast doing it! It felt so open and comforting from the start which I loved. I was a bit intimidated coming in and psyched out that I wouldn’t be good enough to participate but those fears were put to rest immediately. I’m so so grateful that I did, the experience was one of a kind. It made me think in ways I never have before. I highly recommend it to all my friends and plan to take another soon! Thank you for your work, Heidi!

This class gave me SO much more confidence! I will commit more than ever to my role and actions.

Denise Yuen

It’s given me a whole new lens of approaching auditions. I’ll be making choices on genre, researching them and making acting choices based on that from now on.

Alexis Atkinson


I can already feel I’m on my grind more. I put in for roles I never thought I’d get before and I’m called to audition. I think it’s because I can see myself more how I use to when I started acting: that nothing is off-limits , that if you have a handle and mastery of the genre, in a similar way you would cater your resume for a specific role, there’s nothing I can’t do or try. Have more fun with it. I am now not as afraid of the instructions, I use the limitations to expand my scope of how I play with a role.

Sakile Camara


I learned soooo much. I have so many valuable notes about the different genres. A lot of the information I learned were things I have never even thought of or probably wouldn’t have figured out on my own or in other classes. It was also just really fun to do genres we don’t often get to audition for.

Deb Katz


I loved this class completely. Heidi was incredible (warm, open, generous, beyond helpful) and the other participants were awesome too, very engaging and generous and kind. Great experience!!!

Sevrin Anne Mason


Heidi’s Genre class taught me so many extraordinary lessons, all of which I’m eager to incorporate into my audition tool kit. As is typical with Heidi’s work – she uses the language of genre to teach a variety of acting and audition techniques specifically tailored for film and television. In her class we learned to be genre detectives when looking at breakdowns and audition sides, we learned the intricacies of a litany of genres and subgenres, and we refreshed skills we’ve previously learned in her other audition courses. For me, though, the most beneficial element of Heidi’s classes comes in the form of re-learning to enjoy my process. Finding ways to actually have fun with my auditions, and using the full spectrum of my creativity within my self-tapes, ignites my imagination; it gives me a format to explore and find joy in my craft, especially during the fallow periods when I need it most. I cannot endorse Heidi’s classes enough. I can’t wait for the next one.
Gea Rose Henry


I felt super stuck when it came to different genres honestly. I felt like the school I went to (unintentionally) beat the idea I could do many different genres out of me. I’ve been working a year to regrow that confidence in myself, that I can and have done anything before. This class really reminded me to PLAY!! I CAN do fantasy, or teen drama, or horror, or romantic comedy.

Kate Cherichello


Believe me, your voice being in my ear during all my self tapes this past year has been hugely beneficial. The difference in my self tapes since Nailing The Genre has been so noticeable. I’m much more proud of all the work I have done with self tapes in the past year than ever before.

Thank you for everything (as always!)

Caitlin Searson

I learned so much in just four weeks. This class freed me up quite a bit. Finding my way into new genres, especially high-concept genres, required play, imagination, and unfiltered choices. Heidi created an environment that nurtured all of the above.

Siobhan Carroll


I can’t wait to see how this class impacts my auditioning. From the inside, I am excited to apply more specificity to my self tapes and tweak the look, tone and choices based on the genre. I am also delighted to have connected with new actors!

Catherine Rogers

Brilliant class. So specific and targeted. Playing with the genres opened my mind! Most of all Heidi’s, ability to meet you where you are and push you MUCH further is absolutely stellar. I learned from Heidi and from all my classmates because Heidi creates such a safe atmosphere of openness, experimentation, and learning.

Estrela Straus


It was a game changer! I’ve been meaning to study with you for a long while and nailing the genre was the workshop that I most wanted to take! Many things clicked for me […] but most of all the freedom to play and let my imagination take the lead is the greatest insight I take from this workshop… The freedom to take chances and play around!!!! Thank you!!!! And I loved the vibe of the classes… Thank you so much!!! I’m very inspired!!!! 

Leilani Johnson

What I loved the most was how Heidi took time with each and every one of us, and was patient and didn’t rush in any way.

Kayla Ryan Walsh


I definitely have felt the need to be creatively stimulated, and it absolutely succeeded. I’ll also say that I was a bit tentative at first because of what I do in the room as a stage actor is big and bold typically (and having next to no experience with screen) but Heidi giving us the permission to do what we’d do “in the room” on screen was so freeing, and gave me permission to play further, and deepen specificity. So I felt as if I COULD trust my “big” instincts, and then just hone in on more details, all the while being aware of the camera, and what I wanted to achieve visually as well.

Gracie Rittenberg


 I feel so much more in charge of my auditions!

Thank you for trusting me and running an amazing class! I’ll definitely be back for more.

Heather Girardi


What a Kick Ass class! I walked away with what feels like a years worth training. I feel so prepared for whatever may be thrown my way and so much more confident. I am pumped!! Knowing about these genres, the sub genres and all their nuances feels absolutely necessary to be able to bring it in the audition room and on set. And it really highlights for me, with all the work we also did on actors thinking like filmmakers, that we are a part of a community telling a story. And crafting how I can help move this particular story forward. My doing this helps the whole team. I am so grateful to you for having this class and to Athena for encouraging me to take it.

Dillon Heape


i was really struck by the exercise we did on the last day of class.

this class helped me broaden my vision of what’s possible for me, especially in TV projects.

Joseph Piercey


Heidi and the rest of my classmate created such a safe environment to learn and create together. I don’t think I’ll ever pick up a script without thinking of the genre now!

Megan Greener


It’s fantastic, and has quickly changed how I think of any material… And it’s changed how I help my own students put themselves on tape – I’ve been throwing out genre tips to them left and right!

The genre gives you the container to work in, which is NOT limiting or stifling, as many may think – it actually gives you more chances at specificity and play.

Rachel Pedinoff


I grew a lot over these 4 weeks. I’m so grateful for this class and That I can still work with you/learn from you across the country. Favorite moment was realizing that action can be played on camera while still being the scene!!!!

Jess Altchiler


I LOVED getting thrown into the [______] scene in the first class. I would have never chosen it, and I would have never believed I could do something so intense. But not only did I do it- I had a BLAST. It helped me connect my dancing background with this new path I’m carving out. It changed a lot for me as an actor and also as a dance teacher.

I love tapping into the different sides of me and exploring the different ways a story could go. And it helps remind you how much you’ve learned. Thank you so much as always and look forward to the next class I get to take with you!

Dani Marcus


In other acting for camera classes or workshops I have taken, there is often a large focus on what not to do. Don’t be too loud/too much/too big. So I end up going into each session feeling afraid to make a mistake, and I stifle my own creative instincts because I don’t want to be “wrong.”

You rarely, if ever, teach in terms of “don’ts.” With you, it’s always DO, it’s always more, it’s always yes, and….

You inspire us to reach deeper into our wells of creativity, emotion, wit, specificity, and always encourage us to go further into what makes us uniquely us.

I can’t tell you how badly I needed to get in touch with all of that again after so many months of creative drought. Nailing The Genre was a gift. I loved every moment of it and I had the come-down blues when it ended! Thank you so much for that delicious surprise of a class!!

Ryan Hagan


I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to take this class. I would recommend it to anyone (and already have!). This class came at exactly the time I needed it to and I feel more rejuvenated and inspired than ever. After graduation from undergrad in 2016, I kept putting my life on hold trying to get into grad school and as each year passed, I realized I was still in the same spot waiting for someone to give me permission to do the thing I wanted to do. With COVID moving things online and New York not feeling as far out of reach as it once I had, I decided to give an online class a shot (my first formal class outside of private coaching’s since 2016!) and I am so glad it was with Heidi. Permission has been granted and I have a new found light inside that I am ready to explore. Thank you for creating such a warm and nurturing environment!

Robyn Babina


I just enjoyed learning again. I’ve taken many, many classes over the years and Heidi is so knowledgeable and has the greatest ideas for making a scene pop and stand out. She helped us use our talent to showcase our strengths and that is something no one has helped me do yet. I really enjoyed her essence and her enthusiasm too.

Dani Marcus


I really loved this class. What a sense of play from the very beginning! I had been feeling extremely out of touch with my actor self after a year of pandemic life and this was exactly what I needed to remember how much I love actor work. I loved diving right into the work in each class. I loved focusing on one genre at a time. The context of genre really helped me process the new information. It was delightful to watch people work and grow more specific from take to take.

Maria Pedro


This class came at the perfect time. As I’ve started to really grow as an actor and also as a human and have had a second to evaluate new goals, I found this class so inspiring, especially in a pandemic where I haven’t been able to take acting classes. Also in a world where self tapes are the new norm it’s a skill I need to refine. I LOVED when we turned the scenes on their heads with playing with archetypes and genres outside of the perimeters of the how the scene was written. Self tapes stress me out usually which hinders me, so I feel a little less intimidated now and I might actually have fun in the preparation now! I could not have been happier that I signed up for this and I can’t wait to take more classes!

Deon Oliverio


Class came at the perfect time for me as before I felt like I was doing “solid” tapes as opposed to special tapes. My experience in the class was wonderful! It just showed how the work that is expected is very specific and thorough if you want to be a serious working actor in the industry.

Derrick Peterson


I truly enjoyed watching everyone grow in each specific scene. Repeating the scene a few times with the changes/additions/tweaks Heidi offered and seeing the improvements definitely aided my learning process. It was a wonderful class.

Chris Clark


This class was really big for me. I’ve felt like I’m just sending the occasional self tape out without giving myself a chance to actually book the job. My favorite moments of class were when I locked in and really go to play in the scenes.

Janet Aldrich


I had never used zoom for self tapes until now. So I never saw where I was in the screen until I went to editing. Now, even with my reader in the room with me, I think I’m going to record with zoom. The camera has become a scene partner.

I now have the tools and the permission, the support to use the camera to enhance my audition instead of just record it.

Michael Quattrone


Working within the Zoom format really surprised me!!

Getting into detail about eye-focus and point of view for each genre allowed me to open up within my self-tape setups and freed me to make more choices in my scenes. Challenging myself to do ALL of the actions the script asks and how to implement them is already helping me tell better stories in my auditions. I started using these notes in a handful of auditions immediately after class.

Thank you, Heidi!! Your approach is always and still so incredibly encouraging, and supportive. I feel challenged by your assignments and notes, without ever feeling beaten down. Thanks for being such a thoughtful and positive mentor in challenging times.

Lara Notarianni


This class reignited something in me and I really feel like I can ride the momentum and apply what I’ve learned.


class was fantastic, i really liked doing it via zoom, too (i wasn’t sure going into it!). heidi, your personality is so perfect for both teaching and directing–you are highly skilled at explaining and putting things into perspective, you are encouraging but also get the best out of people.

Tara Polhemus


I previously felt stuck in having to do a scene a certain way, and now I see endless possibilities.

Athena Reddy


I’m a lot more confident bringing sci-fi/action scenes in for my upcoming agent meetings. It’s the kind of work I’d love to be doing but have held back from going full tilt on. And I think being able to really show it and play in those worlds is going to make a significant difference for me.

Al Carabello


I’m going to work the frame better on my auditions. Since we’ll mostly be doing self tapes now due to the pandemic we’ll be able to fully control the frame and use it to our advantage.

Mariana Parma


What I loved about this class was diving into the different Genres and sub- genres. And how important it is to be specific and fully committed to the scenes based on the genres, how that effects the framing of the scene, tone, and speed.

Lara Notarianni


I can’t believe Nailing the Genre is over- it really flew by! I’m so glad I jumped into this class last minute. I’ve learned so much from your and the other ladies’ creativity, experience and commitment.

Thank you for holding this space for us to explore and support one another. I’m so excited to continue using the tools you’ve given us to keep growing.

Nicholas Leung


Just wanted to ping you to tell you how grateful I am for all your guidance this year. This has been quite the year, but your classes and working together have been one of the highlights.

Tristan Rose Gillia


I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful class! It was honestly one of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken (wow there are so many genres and I never realized how much room there is to play in them!). You create such a safe and fun space to play and discover in and it was always the highlight of my week.

Albert Nelthropp


Just did my first shoot for a film! Thanks for all your help along the way Heidi… It was all action sequences, and you helped me feel comfortable playing the camera a lot and knowing what works for certain frames! Had a great time!

Christian Riccardi

I thought the environment of the class was very welcoming and lovely, and Heidi established it for every class.

Mariana Parma


I was very impressed how time efficient the class was, allowing everyone to have multiple takes, and allowing us to commit even more in our scenes.

Justin Wing-Timm Yu


[…] the first time in a long time that I’ve felt like I had the license to play!

Julie McNamara


So wonderful in all ways! I really needed this inspiration to delve in/enjoy the acting work again, and as usual, Heidi Marshall gave me just what I needed. Also specifically useful and applicable in this remote time; helped me learn to apply all this to self-tapes/Zoom auditioning.

Stephan Alexander


This class has been extraordinary for me.

Lana Young


The class was fabulous as expected. I love Heidi’s insights and thoughtful perspective. It was lovely to connect with such a great group and be reminded of why I love my job so much. The curriculum was engaging, dynamic and productive and I would recommend it to everyone.

Mia Pinero


I never realized how much I didn’t know about self-tapes (eye line, action, proper lighting, PLAYING ALL the action in the stage direction etc. I thought I was being specific, but realized how much further I need to go, and how much more fun that is! Also, how each genre requires a different camera shot, energy, pace, appearance, etc.

Keyana Hemphill


I had a great experience getting to learn from Heidi during my scene and while watching my classmates. I really enjoyed working on the scenes in class and getting live feedback.

Christina L. Williams


My entire approach on self tapes has changed. I won’t be tepid in my approach to my self tapes anymore, that’s for sure!

Patty Kiernan


I had a great experience! I was apprehensive, never having done an online acting class, but Heidi made me feel very safe and comfortable. I learned so much and really felt like I grew as an actor in a short amount of time. I also really appreciated the small class size.

Connie Bahng


This was my first class at the studio and I’m so glad that I was able to take it. During this quarantine, I was itching to continue acting in some form and being in this class for the last four weeks was so much fun. I learned from watching my peers as well as working on my own scenes. I also loved the positive spirit of the class and the encouragement to constantly explores and play!

Natalie Hinds


I looked forward to it every week, and I thoroughly enjoyed our exploration! The class size was perfect, the content was next level, the length of time was spot on. I feel like I have so much to digest and more than one tool to add to my actor’s toolbox now.

Amy Rauch

Excellent class with so many insights and discussions that made me feel much more confident in front of the camera.

Jennifer Tatman

This has totally changed how I act and do scenes. I now know how to prep better for auditions and roles. I know how to research the genre, how to explore both opposites and subtle changes, and how to really use the frame and space I have.

Ray Brahmi


Excellent. Beautifully structured, very substantive, edifying and supportive.

Joelle Montoya


Heidi, Thank you again for helping me as an actor and artist to go deeper into some serious play time. My experience was fabulous and I feel like its an amazing spring board into a deeper level of artistry. I see Genre everywhere! haha Thanks again.

Kimberlee D. Murray


I’ve learned how to explore making bigger choices and creating the environment for scenes. This class taught me the importance of understanding the different genres and how useful that can be in my approach to the scene.

Kristin Yancy


I felt like in our class, not only was motion encouraged in a way that I really liked, but there was direction for it– so it felt true to the character.

Emily Evans


Thank you for continuing to provide such a safe space to learn, even under these incredible circumstances.

Albert Nelthropp


I just wanted to let you know that I am having the time of my life taking your classes! Throughout this quarantine and pandemic I have had a hard time finding the drive and ambition I normally have, but your studio’s classes have really brought it back. For that I am forever grateful.

I have taken maybe one or two short on camera classes before this, but I have really found an ease behind the camera and a love for the medium in taking your class!
J. Stephen Brantley


I highly recommend this class with Heidi Marshall whether you are a serious actor preparing to come back, or just a film lover craving creative engagement and community spirit. (Or if you’re like me and don’t even know!) I learned so much, had loads of fun, got tons of validation, and found myself doing things I didn’t think I would or even could. In short, worth it. Space is limited. Enroll right now.

Jean Garner


I had the wonderful opportunity to commit to some more training during this challenging time for all of us–and your class was one of the absolute highlights. Not only did I learn a lot, but I greatly appreciated the way you patiently worked with each of us to build on our strengths and levels of preparation for those roles–and guide us through some of what was holding us back.

And the last day of improvising genres was a blast. It combined artistry with fun, which is A+ in my book!

I look forward to studying again with you in the future when my schedule allows. Thanks again, Heidi!

Bill Youmans


Thank you. What you gave blew my mind.

Dana Shiraki


Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and passion with us these past 4 weeks! One night you mentioned one of your other groups and it struck me how you were teaching us with the same care and enthusiasm as if we were your only class, and it made me feel so fortunate to have found you and this class.

When I was researching [a genre], some of the characteristics that came up echoed how friends have described me in the past, but I never would have put two and two together without that assignment. I definitely have a much stronger sense of who I am as an actor now!

Lillian Johnson


I LOVED being back in class! It was one of the best things to come from this virus. I learned so much in the last month!

Zachary Schanne


Thanks for all the insight you gave us the past four weeks, I have a whole new perspective for self taping.

Tiffany Mellard


Thank you for such a wonderful four weeks. I really enjoyed taking your class and I’m so thankful for the safe space you’ve provided amidst the chaos. I’ve learned a great deal and I’ll always carry this experience with me, in front of the camera and beyond. I hope to take class with you again in the near future.

Anne Stockton


Thank you so much for yet another truly wonderful class! Each one of your classes has been so chock full of information, tips, and ideas. Perhaps most importantly though, you have an amazing ability to motivate me to work harder and dig deeper.

The GENRE class took all of this to yet a higher level. I just loved it and feel I am increasingly open to taking chances and risks. You set up an environment that is very safe to experiment in. I am so grateful for all that you give to these classes – huge thanks!

Helen Herbert


I’m definitely going to apply this going forward and approaching auditioning in a completely different way. It’s changed my whole outlook on the process.

Rory Byrne


I will absolutely research the genre of pieces I am working on as well as researching filmmakers/writers/show runners to get a sense of their past work. I will also use my understanding of genre to prep work allowing myself to make it fresh and find new moments by applying “the wrong” genre to a piece. That is incredibly freeing and so helpful when prep can get stuck and safe. 

Sara Brophy


This class gave me a lot of tools for my Actor Toolbox. First of all, I’ve better learned HOW to study a genre–what I’m looking for, the hallmarks, the trends, the things that need to be there, and the things that are open to my twist on it. Then, my prep got more specific with this class, particularly after the High Concept class. I started to add the beats from the script (not just the text) into my breakdown, which is not always something I did–so much happens in the space between spoken lines.

Sam Given


A privilege to do work in this crazy time. I’m still assimilating what we covered…probably will for months to come. Opened my eyes and gave me a recharge creatively.

Lauren Walker


I wanted to reach out and thank you for such an amazing class series. I feel much more confident and prepared to take on the challenge of any self tape. Thank you for your honesty, patience and insight.

I have a better understanding of how to work with the camera and use it to tell a story. I feel more freedom to take risks as an artist because my preparation strategy is solid. Moving forward, I will do more research in prep, take bigger risks in my commitment to a role and continue to find ways to use the camera to help communicate the story.

Mona Moriya

I think it’s okay to take time to set the tone of your scene and to really get into it. It was nice to be able to take a moment to set the scene for myself.

Christina Mei Chen


For me, top takeaways were adding specificity with props. Having the liberty to bring things to your audition. You get to choose rather than wondering if they’ll let me stand here or use that. You have the freedom to do it because you are setting up the space. What do you have to lose?

Justin Yu


I always thought that self-taping on a laptop was said to be “eh,” but I can elevate the tape so well with all the little cinematic tricks and the idea of fitting yourself as creatively as you can in that box. The idea of breaking out of that boundary, fighting against the box. There is no right way.

Taylor Green


You have to work harder to bring your reader to life because you’re on a screen and not in the room, so you have to prod them in different ways and bring them to life through the screen.

Analise Rios


You can be a lot more creative than what I initially thought, and make it more cinematic. You can add props and you can play around with your body or with the camera placement.

Toccarra Cash


This class made me think about the positioning of your body so that you’re not flat. I saw it transform everybody’s scene, including my own, by fixing my positioning. I am excited to start to play with my positioning for future self-tapes. It makes a huge difference. You don’t stop acting until it’s cut. It still lives and breaths, you’re still having moments until the camera is off.

Taylor Blackman

Depth can play so much in the scene. It can play the emotion in the scene as well. That was a spark for me.

Simbal Haldipur

Great class, thank you! That was fun.

Marta Rymer


I love learning about how to use the natural space that’s available and being aware of playing with the sound and varying eyelines.

Mollie Craven


This is a visual art, so the choices you make about where the lights are, where the frame is, where your eyeline are. Think like a cinematographer. These are tools that will continue to set us up for success.

Gabriella Campo


It comes back to just fucking going for it. I get caught up thinking I “have” to do something because it’s a self-tape or it’s on camera. Just go for it and make the choice. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. It just makes your character more rich and more interesting.

Salome Mergia


It just extended what I have been learning in your class. It frees us up to be able to use the space.

Lauren Hugh


I had heard of the two thirds rule in photography, so it is interesting to know that it’s something we can play with and apply. It was interesting for me to learn that you have to figure out your microphone and volume. It was cool to see us use the depth of our space.

Connie Costanzo


Top takeaways: Find the environment. Add texture by putting your hand on the walls. Really freeing myself up. Coming from a theater background, I feel like I’m always trying to keep it contained for the camera, but it was nice to use physicality more on camera and have it work.

Loretta Miller


I’m so used to the framing in the instructions that they send, I didn’t know I could come closer to the camera, I didn’t know I could bring the camera to me to create a feeling. It was really cool to experience that.

Rachel Moses


Takeaways: think like a filmmaker. What is the aesthetic? Really playing around with that and creating that world for yourself. There are so many ways I can sit in this chair. Playing with that, and with angles…

Bryce Townsend


The canvas feels a lot broader in this scenario. There are more objects, more locations at our disposal. It’s like a whole different artform. Today we got back into eyeline work, and behavior—living, breathing, moving, and existing in a space. The “magic show” started a couple times because you can suspend your disbelief. It’s so captivating.

Malloree Hill

My top takeaways were to take advantage of physical props, light, and environment when appropriate, and also not limiting myself.

Lucy Anders

My top takeaway is that we are in control. Sometimes I feel like I need to stay in the literal box, but we have the freedom to play. Why not, if they’re going to watch 600 of these. We have nothing to lose. 

Charles Platt


I strangely feel more empowered from the work we did in today’s format. It was very empowering to me to have complete control over my frame, what it looks like, what they get to see from me. I get to be the cinematographer. Creating an environment and a connection to the scene partner—it’s clicking for me suddenly that those are the two most important things I need to do in an audition.

Violeta Picayo


I really get to decide how I want this to be framed, and what story I’m telling, and how. It feels weird because it’s in my home, but it’s the same path of making decisions.

Dina Lucchesi


The great thing about the self-tape is that you can record yourself a few times and see which take is better, see the differences. And you can send at least two different takes. It gives you the chance to play.

Molly Brenner


For me it was really helpful when you had me bring the props in. It definitely inspired me. Having things to play with can be so helpful in a scene. My brain usually doesn’t go there. So it definitely made me think about making choices and adding elements that will be fun to play with.

Alex August

I think a curse and a blessing of the self-tape is that you have the chance to see yourself back and do a couple of takes, to try it different ways and see what you want to improve upon technically or emotionally. That can also lead you to getting too in your head and wanting to do it over and over, so it’s a matter of finding a balance.

Tony Aidan Vo


For me, I often get caught up in the lines, in what the character needs—all those aspects of doing the character. The takeaways from class are the shaping of the scene, thinking about why the producer or casting director chose this scene specifically, and trying to find the dynamics and arc of the scene.

Drew Redington


I think that with the self-tape, you can be more creative than in an in-person audition. Having a self-tape gives you a little more freedom, and I think running towards that a little bit is more fun to do and will make your tape stand out more simply because you’ll be doing something different than someone else.

Studio guarantee

Full disclosure — please note that we do not guarantee that actors in these classes or workshops will be hired for any project that we might direct, produce, or cast. We teach and coach because we enjoy supporting and nurturing actors as you develop your personal process for auditioning, working and creating your own work.