Private coaching for actor-creators: FROM PAGE → TO PRODUCTION → TO POST

Get one-on-one guidance from Stephanie Little (actor-writer-producer-director) on moving your project through any phases of pre-production, production, and post. Stephanie offers practical advice on budgeting, financing, hiring cast & crew, shooting schedules, marketing, film festivals, distribution, and more!

Class size: One-on-one
Prerequisites: Open to all
Location: Online
$150 for Single 1-Hr Session / $425 for 3-Session Package


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Class content

One-on-one coaching with Stephanie is designed to provide you with professional guidance from an experienced actor-writer-producer-director in moving your project through the pre-production, production, and post-production stages. Get personalized action plans based on your specific project’s vision and specifications. As a creator, you’ll face big decisions along the way that will determine the trajectory of your project—Stephanie is full of practical advice for navigating all the moving parts!

Who is this class good for?

Actors and creators who are ready to sustain their own careers; express their vision through a film, TV, or web project; and move from the ideation/script creation phase to pre-production, production, and post-production.

What you get

Actors will get:

  • Personalized support and encouragement to take concrete steps forward
  • Tangible progress in the form of action plans for budgeting, financing, pre-production, production workflow, and/or post-production
  • Advice on how to prepare yourself for festivals
  • Tips on how to craft cold emails to potential cast and crew
  • Structured guidance in creating the next step for your project, whether that’s a pitch deck, vision board, or any micro-step within the production flow
  • Mentorship from a professional actor-writer-producer-director and increased confidence in making difficult decisions over the rest of the project’s lifespan

About Stephanie

Stephanie Little

At seventeen, Philadelphia native Stephanie Little moved to Los Angeles, where she studied at The Groundlings Theater, with Howard Fine, Anthony Meindl, and Lesley Kahn, and then in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art’s summer immersion program. Stephanie currently resides in New York, where she continues to write, produce and direct projects—all of which have all taken her on the busy festival circuit. The web series she created and co-wrote, KILLING THE apologetic GIRL, won Best Pilot at the 2016 Dances with Films Festival in Los Angeles; this was followed up by shooting her indie pilot, THE SMALL, and the web series, OTHER PLANS, starring Tig Nataro and Annette Bening. In 2020, Little’s project COACH VON PIDGEON sold to Funny or Die, where she served as the co-writer, co-EP, show-runner and director for the eight-episode show. Currently, she’s developing FBI-centered content for Anne Beagan Productions, making another round of Oscar-qualifying festivals with her own dark comedic project, TARA MESSENGER OF DEATH, starring Margaret Cho and advancing her US/UK crossover romcom which, most recently, has taken Little to London where’s she’s been pitching at BFI’s PFM.



Stephanie is a powerhouse of talent and has a joyful passion for actors creating their own work…because she IS one. Her contagious enthusiasm and deep empathy creates confidence for any artist who is wondering if they can do it. She listens intently and gives amazing, sage advice. I know this to be true because she has guided ME on several projects that I have created.


Jim deProphetis


I’ve always been scared to take the leap and self-produce. And now (anxiety or not!) I feel I’m on a forward path to getting my short off the ground 🙂

Rosie McDonald


I LOVED this class!! Just the whole aspect of “just do it!” will stick with me. I feel so empowered to make my own work and Stephanie was a dream to learn from. The class was clear and gave a wonderful overview of how to produce and she also gave individual attention to our scripts and different processes which of course was so valuable. Stephanie really did go above and beyond and I am just HYPED.

The class really felt like a community and that I believe all came from Stephanie’s energy. We are all going to help out on each other’s projects and have been sharing contacts and connections and it ABSOLUTELY came at the right time for me. I jumped into this class sort of on a whim and it was such a valuable way to spend July. It has shifted what I believed myself capable of and I am so grateful!

Siobhan Carroll


I just had to reach out with some news! I wrapped on my first project. I cannot believe it. It’s a 10 min short film that I collaboratively devised with another actor. We grabbed a cinematographer, one other actor, rented equipment and headed to a location upstate NYC for the weekend to shoot.

It would have been un-doable without your class!

We “set a date” after our second conversation, the calendar you shared was one of the most useful tools, we got some of our funding through an IndieGoGo campaign! I won’t waste time listing every other fantastic detail that I picked up from you here, but we have our three hard drives of footage and can’t wait to move on to editing!


Also – quick update – thanks to your producing class my creative collaborator and I are about a month to two months out from completing post-production on our first ever short film! We’re working on festival submissions now! Eternally grateful to you as always!

Lauren Leger


This was an amazing class. I was thinking about making a short film for a year, and now because of this class, I have a date set for filming, and have cast all the roles. Stephanie taught me what I needed to know to finally get my short done. She gave so much great advice! I’m so happy to have received examples of contracts and other paper work. That area blocked me from getting started, but she explained all the paper work I needed. She also gave great advice on fundraising, and marketing. She taught how to think outside the box, and be just as creative with producing as acting or directing.

George Antonopoulos


Amazing. Stephanie is a major asset to your overall product. Stephanie really inspired me.

Marilise Tronto


The course was very exciting. The assignments were fascinating and I was filled with energy by engaging with new materials and ideas.  Stephanie is so generous both in spirit and with the content she shares. I was amazed how comprehensively she taught us the steps of producing.

Stephanie’s openness to all members of this class (we were all at different levels of experience, with different goals) was most encouraging. She is honest about her own experiences – the wins, the challenges, and lessons she’s learned. I will recommend this course any time I have the opportunity to do so.

Dennis Hull


It clarified a lot of elements that I had awareness of but didn’t know how to plan for or execute on. Particularly related to crew relationships and IP. And as an actor, Stephanie gave me significant insights as to what I should reasonably expect in negotiation and on set, particularly as it relates to safety. Immensely valuable!

Michaela Lind


Stephanie is so knowledgeable, passionate and a rockstar in the way she passes on her knowledge to you and supports you. She went above and beyond for all of us!!

Jenny Piersol


Seeing actual pre-production calendars, pitch documents, mood boards gave me ideas for next steps.

 I feel so much more momentum (and I finished my screenplay!) because of the class.

Studio guarantee

Full disclosure — please note that we do not guarantee that actors in these classes or workshops will be hired for any project that we might direct, produce, or cast. We teach and coach because we enjoy supporting and nurturing actors as you develop your personal process for auditioning, working and creating your own work.