For actors who want to take charge.

This is an era in which actors inspire the creation of TV series, films, web series. Your career is in your hands. All you need to do is unlock your creativity and purpose so that your passion and motivation can flow.

Class size:
Prerequisites: Open to all
Location: Union Square, New York City
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November 16 & 17
SAT. 10:00am-6:00pm, SUN. 10:00am-7:00pm
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    This class will be co-led with Johnny Sanchez. It is not required that you are an Alumni of Heidi's previous classes.
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Watch Interview

Heidi and Johnny were invited to speak at the SAG Foundation about actors producing their own work (November 11, 2017).

About Heidi and Johnny

Heidi Marshall

ACTING COACH: Heidi’s career has spanned over 20 years and includes time as the lead Casting Director at Telsey + Co. for the Broadway musical RENT, as well as for 70+ projects in theater, film, television, commercial, and voiceover. Most recently, she coached and prepped Halle Bailey for her audition and screen test for The Little Mermaid (Rob Marshall). Heidi’s active filmmaker career informs her director’s eye and influences her aesthetic for working with actors. 

For full acting coach bio, click here


Johnny Sánchez

WRITER/PRODUCER: Johnny Sánchez is an actor + writer + producer. As an actor, he’s worked with Steven Soderbergh, Michael Bay, Frank Oz, Arthur Hiller, and John Badham, among others. He co-produced Find Me Guilty, directed by Sydney Lumet, starring Vin Diesel and Peter Dinklage. He also co-produced Even Money, starring Academy Award winners Kim Basinger and Forest Whitaker. Johnny produced Muscle, directed by Heidi. Amber has twice received a score of “8” on the prestigious Black List and was a semi-finalist at the top American screenwriter festival, Austin Film Festival. The film is currently in next round consideration for Sundance’s Development Lab. Johnny’s short script SPIC was a finalist in the BlueCat Screenplay Competition.

Who is this class good for?

This workshop is for actors who…

  • want to create their own work, or are curious about what it would mean to create their own work.
  • are tired of waiting for their break.
  • want to collaborate with other filmmakers.
  • don’t know where to start, or want to take their producing experience to the next level.
  • want to develop ideas.


Can I bring an idea for a stage play, podcast, or cabaret act into the workshop?

A:  Yes. Johnny and Heidi have extensive theater backgrounds—from regional to Off-Broadway to Broadway. However, in this workshop, we will reference film, TV, and web series examples. We are currently in the filmmaking mindset. You can adapt our film/TV/web examples to your non-film/TV project. All Actor-Creators are welcome since the exercises are designed to use your project idea as a segue to open up your creativity.

What you get

  • Identify your creative voice
  • Find the why of creating your own work
  • Brainstorm ideas for projects created by you
  • Pitch your idea to inspire others
  • Develop a script for you to act in
  • Fund your project  
  • Set goals for your project

Watch Alumni Projects

Heidi’s studio alumni have been busy creating and acting in their own projects.

Class content


Everyone has a creative spirit to be unlocked! As you start creating projects, you’ll need to commit to your artistic voice. How do you find your purpose in your work and really believe in your vision?

Here is where you start. You claim it.


As a Creator, you help bring a whole world of characters, circumstances and stories to life. You and your idea are one. Expand your approach as an artist—beyond the limits of being only an actor-for-hire—and start to contribute to a project’s big vision by bringing your ideas to life.

Finding the Creator in you is the first step towards developing projects to act in.

This workshop will bring forth your uniqueness, unearth your personal inherent creator, and anchor you in your purpose.

Dear actors, no more waiting for someone else to hire you. It’s your time to create too.

What quirkiness, specialness, coolness, silliness, scariness, brassiness, boldness, dangerousness, oddness, etc. are you ready to share with the world?

The most unique projects with unique characters—produced by actors themselves—have launched entire careers!

Lena Dunham, Issa Rae, Dennis Hopper, Sebastian Silva, Mindy Kaling, Brit Marling, Kristen Wiig, Emma Thompson—who wrote the screenplay for Sense & Sensibility because she wanted better roles!—Nia Vardalos, Barbra Streisand, Vin Diesel, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Tina Fey, and Greta Gerwig. The list keeps growing.


Embracing who you are and what you want to say in the world is the first crucial step to creating your own films, your own TV pilots, your own web series, you name it. You can create it.

Once you’re aligned with your artistic voice, get into motion.


Today is the day you step into the shoes of being the visionary—a leader.

No longer do actors simply get hired to star in projects. In fact, even actors with big names are producing their own work. You can find so much freedom, inspiration, and empowerment by leading the way.

Actors at all levels are generating their own creative vehicles in film and television to prove their casting potential to the industry at large.

There are several scales of projects to inspire the industry—short films, web series, feature films, TV pilots—as well as sample demo scenes that are posted on your Actors Access accounts, Vimeo/YouTube, and personal websites. You don’t have to start out doing a feature film or Netflix series…but that’s possible too! In fact, anything is possible. 


Producing does take lots of work, but it may not be in the ways you are expecting. Filmmaking is one of the most collaborative art forms out there—you just need to be reminded to collaborate with others.

To inspire collaborators to join you, you will need to articulate the vision.

This day will be spent working on honing in on your idea and practicing your pitch to potential collaborators, investors, and allies. You will be able to build and inspire a team, and then take action.

Here’s the bottom line: actors, you can change your careers and contribute to the world by creating work.


We offer ongoing support to everyone who is inspired to keep creating! All participants will be invited into a private Actors As Creators Facebook group. Heidi and Johnny check it frequently to offer group support and inspiration.


Interested and committed actors are invited to join a three to six–month Creators Circle mastermind group. Johnny provides bi-monthly online support and mentoring meetings for groups of four to five people. Join a group after the workshop and use it to continue building your momentum until you get it made.

The Creators Circle mastermind group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others while being guided by a mentor.

We looking forward to meeting you and lifting your ideas off the ground!


Heidi and Johnny

Studio guarantee

Full disclosure—please note that we do not guarantee that actors in these workshops will be hired for any project that we might direct or cast. We do guarantee my supportive honesty and my open sharing of knowledge. We teach and coach because we enjoy supporting actors as they develop their process of working within the audition room. We seek to build their knowledge about the business of auditioning.