After holding over 40,000 auditions for RENT—plus countless other theater, film, TV, and commercial projects—I’ve built up tips for how to make fast adjustments in your auditions. 

Together, we’ll work through detailed and nuanced preparation of your scenes. I support your instincts on the material and apply my skilled Casting Director + Director’s eye as well. I offer an outside perspective that you can trust, and you come away with reinforced confidence to kick ass in the audition or performance. I have familiarity and expertise in all genres and mediums: film, TV, web, theater, and musical theater.

I’m positive that the deeper you go in your work, the more irresistible you become. I believe that any audition frustrations can be traced back to how you prepared. Building audition and on-set confidence through preparation is crucial. 

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Working on film requires honesty in every moment. I work to unearth the nuances in the text by noting your instincts and giving insight into the possible range of text interpretation. My casting director experience and director’s eye are keenly aware of truth, text analysis, and what works on camera.

In generals, I will provide guidance on what works in front of the camera, and I’m confident that you’ll be able to translate our findings to your audition or performance. In audition prep, we will mine the scenes for nuance of behavior and thoughts.

My actors audition for networks, cable, feature films, sitcoms, dramas, and new media. I’m well versed in all dramatic mediums.





Actors who get ongoing coaching during film/TV jobs are equipped with higher confidence, more flexibility in receiving redirection, a developed character backstory, and multiple acting choices. Your level of preparedness increases exponentially. You also receive my support as you navigate the sometimes tricky professional circumstances that come with the territory of working as a series regular, recurring, or lead.

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The trick to auditioning with a great monologue is turning it into a dialogue between you and another person. I’ll show you how, and you’ll never feel abandoned and alone onstage (or auditions) again!

Find the nuances of your personality within a monologue. Your monologue is your own voice. My specialty is not selecting monologues—I suggest specifically seeking a monologue coach for that need.





We start with the text—we don’t need a piano or music. The first thing singers immediately notice when they work with me is how a song instantly changes without the music. I like to think of the music as an underscore, a delicate interplay between words and thoughts. Your character’s words and thoughts drive the music.

I’ve worked with singers for Broadway, opera, night clubs, American Idol, The Voice—I’ve even coached the Rolling Stones’ soloist, Lisa Fischer! I don’t sing, but I speak the singer’s language.

If you prefer coaching with accompaniment, please have accompaniment recordings to play off a device such as your phone. 





I’m originally a lady of the theater. Theater is the heart and soul of the acting business, and it’s a brilliant place to practice being truthful.

From the audition room to Broadway, for over 25 years, I’ve walked through every step of creating roles to maintaining them in long-running Broadway shows.

Together, we can generate or refresh your work.