Creating the Perfect Agent


Finding the perfect agent is like finding the perfect lover.

You want someone who will listen to you, make you feel better when you have a bad day, defend you against the naysayers, and make you feel like the star that you secretly know that you are.

You want the ideal relationship that you’ve heard exists.

And yet, it isn’t happening.

“I don’t wanna talk to anybody, was I not clear? Nobody. I don’t care if Justin Bieber calls and wants me to negotiate the rights to his virginity, I don’t wanna talk to him. NOBODY.” – Ari Gold, Agent, Entourage

Your agent doesn’t answer your emails, calls, texts, and is always on the phone when you stop by the office.

Something isn’t working with your agent.  Something is missing.  The magic is gone.

Typically, the first reaction is “I have to find a new agent“.  You start asking everyone you know about their agents and maybe even taking secret agent meetings.  You are anxious to get the auditions that are slipping you by.

I get it.  You want to work. You need help to get the opportunities.  You need the ideal agent.

Before you drop your agent, before you give up, before you slander an agent to anyone who will listen, will you take a breather and consider these questions first?

1. Have you communicated (ideally in-person or on the phone) with your agent about your frustrations?

2. Have you done the work of being honest with yourself about your
current marketability? (age range, physical type)

3. Have you described to your agent your ideal marketability at THIS MOMENT IN TIME?  Have you listed examples of types of roles that you can corner the market on?

4. Have you generated your own work to inspire your agent?  (demo auditions online, updated reels, web series)

5. Do you have current headshots? (yes, within the past 2 years, at least!)

6. Have you been networking with casting directors and directors so that they will know your name when you are submitted?

Here is how you want to start communicating with your agent.

“I don’t want to be a pest, and I know your doing a fantastic job reping me. I try to do my best to keep my ear to the ground and in the air, and I’m not sure, yet, what’s the best way to check in with you about things. Hoping we can meet and discuss.”

Here is what you want your ideal agent to say to you.

“We’re a team!  Let’s do this together.  Emails are great, lists[of auditions you hear about] are good.  Keep me posted on the open calls you go to as well.”

Yes!  This is a real exchange between an agent and one of my alumni. 

Building the perfect agent-actor relationship takes thoughtfulness, effort, and communication.  It is in your hands.

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