LOVE DAY (it’s all about you)



Today, I just want you to feel great about all that you are doing to follow your dreams, your passions, your goals.

Take a bubble bath in self-appreciation.

Can you love, for even just a moment, something you did to further your dreams recently?

I’m not kidding when I share this. I get at least one email a day during busy seasons from my alumni friends about some aspect that they are struggling with:  agents, auditions, callbacks, acting jobs, day jobs.  It is such a struggle to keep a positive spin on the obstacles that keep flying at us!


Heidi’s Tip for Valentine’s Day


Today, on this day of love, let’s work on the mind-shift that it requires for sustaining this career for a LIFETIME.

Identify one positive thing that you LOVE THAT YOU ACCOMPLISHED in the past week, or month, or 6 months, or year!

  • an amazing audition that you had
  • a role that you did and loved doing
  • a new medium that you worked
  • a phrase of great feedback that you got
  • one valuable thing that you learned about yourself as an artist
  • a new contact or relationship that you made
  • an investment that you made in your artistic development
  • a class that you took and learned something about yourself as an artist
  • an artistic community that you joined or initiated

Or, maybe it’s as simple as this: you haven’t quit or given up. Love that you have the strength to keep going.

Don’t neglect the things that you have accomplished and keep building upon them.

LOVE YOURSELF.  Please. We need you to love yourself. And trust me, when you love yourself, everyone else will too.


LOVE YOURSELF in the comments below! 


Share what you achieved in your career this past year.  Little things and big things are all valid.

Every year, I (re)post this Blog on V-Day to remind actors not to neglect the things that you have accomplished and to keep building upon them.

Let this blog and your comment become a marker for yourself that you can return to next year as PROOF of your accomplishments.

Play the game with me. Post in the comments below what you LOVE about your accomplishments from the past year.

Then, next year, when I repost this Blog again, you can see your comment again and track that LOVE for yourself…


  1. Sara Luke says

    I love how I have grown professionally this year with my PA gigs. The biggest thing I love is that I finally got to work on a webseries and finished writing the first episode. A LOT more work to do but this is a concrete start. After years of talking about this something clicked and I finally did it!

  2. Larissa Laurel says

    This is so wonderful and so needed…a great reminder. Wanted to cry reading your message. I am thankful for booking a pilot where I acted across Taran Killam. Not only did I make him laugh, but he said I was funny! I mean an SNL member told ME I’m funny!! I absolutely LOVE that!

  3. Kendrick Mitchell says

    This past year, I was fortunate enough to be able to go back to the stage. I met so many wonderful people, and worked on brilliant material. BUT it was because of that that allowed me to take a leap and quit my full time job. From there, I completely redesigned my website, and started building a social media presence starting with Instagram (this business is changing!!) I refuse to put aside my full time job being able to create for another full time corporate job again. My 2017 is about forward motion!

  4. Carole Monferdini says

    I feel a great sense of achievement this past year. After recovering from hip replacement surgery in March, I did wonderful roles in two terrific plays downtown in tough venues but extremely satisfying experiences nonetheless; small roles in two short films (one who contacted me through you, Heidi!); a very challenging lead in a Columbia student film; a principal in a national commercial; about a half dozen staged play and/or film readings; got new head shots and updated my website and resume!

  5. Carly says

    I had my first big-network co-star and became SAG-AFTRA eligible 🙂 I also began filming my first lead in an indie feature with an amazing cast and crew. And, last but not least, I just prepped series regular sides for a class with less than 24 hrs and had people actually laughing so hard they were crying. It felt damn good to know I can make people laugh like that.

  6. JP MORAGA says

    I am headed to LA an I am so excited and scared at the same time. But I know where I am now in terms of what I want in my career. So always a big thanks to you Heidi on taking the time for this. Eeeeeeee LaLa Land here I go.

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