Opinions From The Other Side

When I teach on-camera auditioning and acting, it’s an exchange that feeds my own creativity.

The artists who feed me are the ones who are interested in developing their craft, figuring out why they may be stuck, tapping their own inspiration, and pushing themselves to the next level.

It’s all about your philosophy.

I teach actors how to dig in and get personal, and then how to let that translate to the moments on camera. I am not interested in the dos/don’ts of acting on camera.  I know that for every rule, there is an example of someone who successfully broke the rule. I love to develop tools, not rules. Really, my focus is not on technique—instead, I’m here to help you develop a philosophy about acting on camera.

Let’s dive in.

In the classroom and on this blog, I take a walk down memory lane and share real life stories from inside the casting process. Being a casting director for many years made my life so rich, and of course gave me deep insight to both sides of the audition table.

I remember the excitement of casting and unearthing a talent not yet explored.

I remember the people who walked into the room and moved me.

I remember the vulnerability and bravery that it takes to allow oneself to be judged.

I remember the craziness of the actor who mooned me in the audition room and revealed two words, one written on each butt cheek: “cast” + “me.” Yes, it’s true, that happened. Austin, Texas open call for RENT.

Casting is such a ride…on both sides of the table.  

I also recall the joy of phoning someone to hire them, and then the sorrow of having to call and say that the role was cut, or that the director changed their mind.

I remember casting down to the wire and thinking we would not be able to make the project.

I remember long days in audition rooms, long evenings prepping who to audition, and weekends spent in auditions. I remember casting around the clock, and always in some kind of crises.

I also remember the simple heartbreak of not being able to hire every actor that I loved.

Now, I open myself up to share with you my insights and opinions from the other side. I hope that my thoughts give you that ounce of encouragement or that pause to consider your choices. I hope that these stories and insights help you get perspective on this business and feel less alone.

Ultimately, I hope my blogs support you in your journey and help you feel confident in your choice to pursue your love of acting.

Art is a gift for anyone lucky enough to do it.

You got this. Follow your heart!



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