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March 14, 2012 | No Comments.

I started teaching On-Camera Auditioning and Acting again after a one year hiatus.  It sure feels good to be back in the room with artists interested in not only developing their craft, figuring out why they may be stuck, pushing themselves to the next level, but also to feed my own creativity in this exchange!

In the classroom and on this Blog,  I am sharing real life stories from inside the casting process and I find myself walking down a memory lane all the time.  I am remembering the excitement of casting and unearthing a talent not yet explored.  I am remembering the people that have walked in the room and embarrassed me or him/herself, or both of us.  I’m remembering the vulnerability and bravery that it takes to allow oneself to be judged, and the craziness of the actor who mooned me in the audition room and revealed  writing on two butt cheeks: “cast” “me”. I recall the joy of phoning someone to hire them, and then the sorrow of having to call and say the role was cut or the director changed her mind.  Casting is such a ride.  On both sides of the table.  Now, I open myself to share with you my insights and opinions from the other side and hope that they might give you that ounce of encouragement, or pause to reconsider your choices, and in the end, give you support in being confident in your choice to pursue your love.  Art is a gift for anyone lucky enough to do it. 

Good luck! 
Sincerely, Heidi

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