A Philosophy, Not a Technique

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This tip is going to liberate or disappoint you.


Learning techniques of how to act on camera is only about 10% of the answer that you are looking for.

So many actors come to me with a plea in their voice and eyes: “I want to know the techniques to acting on camera so that I can … [actor says one or all of the following] 1) Not look foolish in the audition room, 2) Book a film/TV role soon, and 3) Do it again and again.”


We little humans have this need to make sense of things with little formulas.

If I do it a certain way, I will get a certain result.

We have this idea in our heads that someone else knows a secret that we don’t know, and that’s why they’re doing what we want to do. They figured out the secret.

There must be a formula to know??

But there isn’t a formula to follow to create your greatness.


To my eye, watching countless actors working in my studio and coachings, I observe that acting on camera is much more magical, much more mysteriously intriguing, much more fluid and constantly shifting, and much much much more intuitive than any formulaic technique.

So. Does it liberate or disappoint you that there is no one technique that will give you all the answers to acting on camera?



I hope to liberate you and to guide you closer to that 90% of what I think acting on camera really is all about.

Keep reading…


Acting on camera is a philosophy, not a technique.


Try this: nurture yourself as the actor philosopher instead of just being in pursuit of finding the exact formulaic method that you hope will get you hired in film/TV.

Be a philosopher about your process, your deeper self, and you will likely find that your confidence boosts, your curiosity for the craft increases, and your love for acting… comes back and flourishes.


Go about your pursuit of acting on camera like a philosopher building a theory.


Be inquisitive about acting on film.

Ask questions always, dig deeper always, try new approaches always, walk into the challenges always, discover new moments in the scenes always.

I am betting that you will love talking about acting again with this approach!


Always, always, always be on a journey with your own acting process.


Here’s the “technique-philosophy” that I use when coaching actors… adapt and adopt for your process.

I like to…

  • ask tons of questions in the work
  • say, “There is no perfect way to do this scene”
  • challenge you to ask yourself, “What else have I got in me?”
  • look deep into a single moment and investigate it thoroughly
  • try changes in rhythms, tempos and line deliveries in every take
  • go off-book and purposefully find new words for the characters
  • try the opposite of your first idea and then merge them both

I like to play.

I like to watch you play.

I like to watch you come alive as an actor when you start to fully explore your own process and leave behind all concerns for proper techniques.

That’s my “Heidi Philosophy.”


It’s really simple. Be a philosopher in the work.

Be a philosopher about every role, every scene, every approach in acting choices…and you will have your own “technique” very soon: The [insert your name here] Philosophy.

Today, develop your philosophy.

And let it change tomorrow…because you are fluid like that…you are a great wise philosopher.


I can’t wait to see your acting philosophies play out on screen!



  1. Adam Block says

    “Nurture yourself as the actor philosopher…” I love this idea, especially as it relates to auditioning, which to me is fraught with the dangers of being too technical. Great advice! Can’t wait to begin class!

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