Spring Cleaning (YOUR IMAGE)

Got an itch to re-inspire your image?


Got a feeling that you should do a headshot makeover? A website makeover? An Actors Cccess profile makeover?

One of my favorite tips for students is to revamp their photos and websites. The aim is to check in about what is the real you that is put out to the world.

It’s important to constantly check in about how your materials are representing you in the world. Truly, you might simply not be getting the auditions that you want because your materials aren’t in sync with your goals!

Agh! But, it’s soooo easy to correct!

To help motivate and jumpstart your revamps of your own materials I have made a list of the top questions to ask yourself.


1. Reflect on your goals.


(Yes, pick up a paper and pen and write out your answers, you will be amazed to see your answers written before you.)

  • What type of work do you want to be doing? (be specific – TV, indie film, off-Broadway, regional)
  • What type of roles do you want to be doing? (be specific – focus on 3-5 types)
  • What does the natural, non-performing you look like? (what is one of the best pictures of you that a friend took?)
  • Which genre speaks to you most? (studio film, comedy, sitcom, indie comedy)
  • Where do you see yourself working next season?
  • Who are the artists you most admire and want to work with ASAP?


2. See if the impression you’re already sharing with the world matches your reflection above.


  • Would your materials inspire the Artist you most want to work with?
  • Does your website reflect your specific casting type by the content that is included?
  • Do your headshots, or any photos of you online, reflect your casting types?
  • Do your headshots actually look like you and capture your personality?  Is that the actor that will walk inside the audition room?
  • Does the design (color, fonts, content) of your website match your personality?
  • Do all of your materials reflect the level of work that you are ready to be doing? (do you feel like a professional? are you current?)


Who you are and what you share with everyone matters. In truth, it inspires us.

I say it all the time, practice the law of attraction. The law of attraction describes the belief that “like attracts like”. So, the more I embrace what I like, the more I will attract what I like! I’ve seen it work again and again.


Self-reflection and being specific about your goals will lead you forward.

For me, it feels so amazing when I actually take the time to reflect on who I am, to articulate what I believe in as an artist, to express my aesthetic, and to plan for and manifest my goals. Why don’t we all do this more often?

It’s fun! It’s creative!

Once we get past the technical “how the heck do I use this technology?” and past “how the heck do I afford what I need to revamp or set up?” then we are in a zone of creating. We come up with all kinds of creative strategies! And don’t you feel great when you’re being creative???


You are an artist. Allow your creativity to unfold in all of your work, including your materials that reflect you. 

Please share below what you are excited to revamp! (Say it and it shall be done.)


  1. Chelsea Lando says

    I am so grateful for this project and your encouragement on this particular topic! It’s funny… when I made my site the first time around it was kinda stressful and it felt like work. This time I had so much fun and I raced through it because I was so excited to show the world–something clicked when it was the real me I was sharing! And talk about like attracting like… Your new site is the bomb and SO YOU! I thought ‘WHOA. This is totally Heidi’s vibe!’ LOVE. IT.

  2. Jay Santiago says

    It’s like “DejaVu”. I remember twikin’ and finally revamping my website…Well, your website has inspired me to to a “Spring Revamp” … and I will be doing that little survey of reflecting on my goals… Thanks Heidi, you are an “ongoing” inspiration every turn one takes .. Congratulations !!!

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