What!?! Not nominated??!!

Each year, we go through the same drama.  We have our favorite films or performances of the year and they just don’t get nominated for an Oscar. 

Today I’m really sad that my favorite film of 2013, Fruitvale Station, didn’t get nominated.  I found it to be one of the most important and inspired films of this year.  Director, Cinematrographer, and Lead Actor should all have been on that list, in my opinion.

What am I going to do about the problems I see in Hollywood? 

What am I going to do about the films that I want to see recognized?

  • I’m going to care.
  • I’m going to go to the theater and pay for tickets for the films/theater that speaks to me. (We let the $$ people know what we like by buying or not buying tickets.)
  • I’m going to support filmmakers making the stories that move me. (Kickstarter, click like on a film’s Facebook page, spread the word… any effort big or small that I can do.)
  • I’m not going to get lost in my deep feelings of frustration about the injustices in the biz.
  • I’m going to support other artists who stand up for themselves and their art.
  • I’m going to make projects that make a difference.

Adopt and play with these mantras in your own ways.

When you are nominated, I wish for you that it’s for work that you are proud of down to your core.  

And, if you don’t get nominated, I wish for you that you’re completely satisfied because you know that the work that you did was worth it and has contributed to some actor or filmmaker or human being somewhere out there in the world.

I’m betting that Robert Redford isn’t toooo upset that he didn’t get nominated for his raw performance in All Is Lost because he is well aware of the huge difference he has made for indie filmmakers. His festival, Sundance, has developed and launched countless filmmakers and films with purpose. Including, Fruitvale Station. Redford has done more than any nomination or win can do.

Acknowledge those that inspire you, even if they aren’t nominated by the “decision-makers”.

Thank you to the creatives on Fruitvale Station who have inspired me to fight even harder for the art I believe in.  And I’ll by buying tickets to their next films.

Fill in your blank now.  I nominate ___________.

Who do you nominate for performance or production that inspired you in 2013?

Share below! I’m excited to see this list!

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