Keeping the Wildness In Your Performance

Adam Pascal and Daphne Rubin Vega in Original Broadway Cast of Rent


I used to go to concerts and nightclubs to seek out kick-ass singers when I was casting for the rock musical RENT on Broadway and National Tours. I was always searching for raw and uniquely self-expressed performers to take on what became iconic roles.


Here’s an important takeaway:

The best performers for RENT were not just the best rock singers.


They were actually the ones who brought their own personality into the characters. Musicians tended to do that freely, without the worries about how they looked or performed.


Raw Talent is Rough Around the Edges


For me, “raw” talent describes rough around the edges, not polished to perfection, something a little bit wild still. It is still raw because it hasn’t been planned and processed and overworked. It’s alive and electric like a rock concert!

What would it feel like to be acting and singing your heart out without worrying about “doing it right”? What if you felt inspired to let it flow and be free when you are singing and acting in musicals? What if you lived a little bit more on the wild side in your musical theater auditions?


Of course, when casting specific roles, there are parameters that are defined by the story and genre of the show. The more you understand the story, the more your character choices will become specific. However—and this is especially true in this era of reimagining classic music theater roles—there is so much room to make it your own.

If you are bringing a classical musical theater show to life, you still have to put yourself, your style, and your heart into the role to get it off the page and into the hearts of the audience. If you put your heart into it, they will connect with you. The show will actually become timeless. Even RENT, a modern musical, is totally dated now. It’s up to you to make it relevant by how you connect to it and understand it.


Make Your Performance Relevant by Making It Personal


For every audition, you will always thrive when you make it your own. This is true for film/TV auditions as well.

For every role that you perform eight shows a week, you will always thrive when you make it your own.


I am thrilled to show you how to bring life into your musical theater auditions with your very own sensibility. You can win the very role you seek by committing to the prep, the play, and the work. The more that you excavate the material and commit to the role, the more it will be uniquely yours.

Let’s play and tackle that musical theater role that is whispering your name…put your name on the waitlist for my next round of MASTERCLASS: ACTING ICONIC ROLES IN MUSICALS!


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