Your Own Spin-Off

It’s time to inspire people to create roles for you. 

Do you realize that something special that you bring to your role (just by being you) could actually tip the creative team off to a brand new idea about how to develop the character?

The script, the words on the page, are really just a template for everyone. 

As a Director, I understand this. I can strive to be true to the script, but what makes my production unique is my own personal “take” on the story.

How do I see it?

How does this story resonate in me?

Which story aspects do I want to pull forth more?

And then I look for the actors, designers, writers, and team to bring that vision to life. The script becomes the reference point for everyone.

Actors breathe unusual life to the story.

You are a Director’s answer.

What you bring to the audition could inspire new words, new scenes and new characters! Words on a page are just words on a page.  When you speak them, you breathe life into the words, and that life becomes a character.

You will bring something to the role that we didn’t even know that we were looking for.

Actor Norman Reedus originally auditioned for one role in the comic book based series, The Walking Dead, but he wasn’t right for that role. So they created a new character just for him!  They created the brother of that character because they fell in love with him in the audition. He’s now one of the biggest stars on this series. (And a larger role than the brother character!)

Actors can inspire the re-writing. 

What’s the famous story about Harrison Ford’s line to Princess Leah when she says “I love you” to him? Apparently, Harrison Ford felt that Han Solo would say “I know” instead of “I love you too.” That line is one of the most quoted movie moments in history. It is just so darn cocky and confident and somehow vulnerable…and perfectly his character.

You are breathing life into these stories, these scripts, these auditions.

How many supporting characters on TV shows actually inspired their own spin-off TV show? Frasier from CheersLaverne and Shirley fromHappy DaysThe Jeffersons from All In The FamilyThe Colbert Report from The Daily ShowMelrose Place from Beverly Hills 90210.The Simpsons from The Tracey Ullman Show. So many hits inspired by actors!


  • Take ownership of the role. Do the text work, prepare seriously, know your characters inner motivations and let that shine and shape the audition.
  • Don’t throw away any sized role audition. You have absolutely no idea of knowing where it will lead you next.
  • Think about the big picture of your character instead of just this one scene. What is their background story and their future potential arc?
  • Why do you care about portraying this character?

YOUR COMMENTS: What are your Spin-Off desires?

What is the spin-off role you would love to do from a TV show?

Or, which characters do you want to see spun-off from one of your favorite shows?

Pitch your idea below!


  1. Lisann says

    Such a great post! Yes we really do bring the character to life, and when we put the work in, it really is magic! My fave show right now is the Witches of East End. I feel like a prequel, a of Wendy
    s life would be amazing. I think she’s such an intersting character, I’d love to konw more about the past. And I could totally play a lead role in that show! The witch doctor who taught her everything she knows. That’s right. 😉

  2. Chelsea Lando says

    Such a valuable piece of advice! I love the world of Girls but, even more, I would love a spin-off with some scrappier characters. In one episode Hannah meets one of Adam’s friends… A girl named Tako. I’d want to originate my own role in a show based around her–the girl who can always tell when someone thinks her name is ‘Taco’ when she introduces herself.

  3. Stella Doyle says

    I’d love to come into the scheme of things as the unknown adult child shies up claiming to be fathered by Logan Roy! Or surprise Sofia, as her half sister, a plain Jane but seems to attract men…even Jay. Sofias husband making her jealous! Have you seen a Latina jealous…watch out!!

  4. Zainab says

    Really inspiring food for thought. I would love to bring to life the character Tamera; the wry nurse practitioner with irreverent bedside manner from ‘The Mindy Project’. She begins her new chapter as a mom married to a veterinary surgeon. In a post pandemic world she travels through the five boroughs bringing in home healthcare with her own helping of emotional first aid.

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