Have an “Easy Win”


We all need to boost ourselves with some success now and again. We need to feel GOOD about our progress.

I don’t know about your life, but for me it ain’t all easy all of the time.

Too many times I run up against a brick wall trying to make my dreams come true. And yet I keep trying to scale that wall to get to the other side.


Step back and look for new ways to get past the obstacle.

Only when I can step back from the wall that I have hit, several feet away, can I consider other possibilities of how to get to the other side.

I can’t possibly describe all of the ups and downs I have had on making my projects come to life. I’m sure you understand. One day, it’s on it’s way. The next, it’s dead in the water. Sad. Happy. Sad. Happy.


While on such a roller coaster ride, it’s so easy to consider giving up. 

As a Director, we fall in love with actors all of the time. We plan entire productions around an actor.  We think this is the only way it can be done.

And then, the actor isn’t available.

We have to pick ourselves back up, get unattached, and then attached again. We have to keep building and rebuilding our vision.

It’s just so hard to keep boosting yourself throughout these ups and downs. Right?


The best advice I got last week: “Give yourself some easy wins.”

What is an easy win? It is something that you can achieve DEFINITELY. That nothing or no one else can stop you from doing.

When you achieve this thing, you will feel GREAT about yourself.  You will feel like you are on the road again.  That you are moving forward. Like you are smart enough to get your sh*t together and achieve SOMETHING.

A little thing.

One little thing.

What can you definitely achieve today?

Ideas: go see a good piece of theater before it closes, surround yourself with other artists at a dinner party or workshop or event, go see a great film with a friend and talk about what you loved or would do differently, apply for an artist grant, write a scene, rehearse ANY scene for an hour with an actor friend. One thing!

Teeny tiny win ideas: clean something in your home, exercise for 10 minutes, take a walk today, cook one item, call an old friend.  One thing!


What is your “easy win” that will bolster your self-confidence and nurture your enthusiasm overall?

Actors, it is so important (I say all of the time to my students!) that you find ways to breed your self-confidence and positivity. It’s as important as your talent.

Please, give yourself an easy win today. You deserve it.


Much passionate support,

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