Seek a playful perspective

Greetings from green grass and blue skies Wisconsin.


A break in my routines allows a little breathing room to get some perspective on my grand plans.

For me, picking kale from a garden for my morning green smoothie is just the pick-me-up that I needed. Pausing on a porch and listening to birds helps me clear my jumbled thoughts about my projects and visions for my future.


We need a fresh perspective to see our patterns or choices that are keeping us spinning in the same place.


It’s usually not until I step away from the problem that I can get any perspective on how to solve it. Or, any energy to figure out how to solve it.

Finding new angles, new perspectives on our own challenges, can free us up to have more clarity and energy to keep tackling it.


Explore today a new approach at the same problem.


You want to act. Look for new perspectives on getting to the “goal”.

  • What are the various mediums to act that you maybe haven’t yet imagined?
  • Who are the various colleagues that inspire you that you can surround yourself with while on the journey?
  • What are the areas that are new and challenging that you haven’t yet played with? (Clown class, Camera class, Shakespeare class, Improv class)


Create a brand new space for yourself to work and play.


Play with my top two suggestions.

  • Find or create a setting to be able to explore further what you love. Go deeper.
  • Try something new to see how it informs (and revitalizes) what you are already pursuing. Be daring.


Give yourself the gift of perspective by exposing yourself to something new.


Play play play this summer! Revitalize your actor spirit before the new season hits!

Your fan,


P.S. – this Blog was also inspired by my recent adventure to Guest Teach at the LAByrinth Theater Intensive Ensemble.  Actors went on a retreat for one week and were stretched in every possible way by various guest teachers.  From stage to camera to environmental theater to fairytales. From 10am-10am. Yup, round the clock stretching. Boy oh boy was it fun to see them all trying on something new!




  1. Ilyana Kadushin says

    YES, you said it Heidi! This is my exact focus for the last few months, playing for inspiration. I am developing a solo show that is stretching my own idea of myself as a performer. And I am also reaching out to share inspiration, with a program i created for elders with dementia, exploring the relationship between music and memory. So my focus is releasing the resistance, lightening up, so i can see the fertile creativity and all it’s possibilities.

  2. Evangelia Kingsley says

    Hmmmmm. I am writing. I started out writing a one-woman play, that has turned into a four character play — I was writing thinking that I was writing for other people. And then I realized that there is no reason I cannot write for myself. So I am writing MYSELF a play! Also, I am seeing a lot of readings of new plays. It is interesting and mind-opening! And finally with the sun coming out, I am biking and walking and gathering inspiration from both things. I forget how important it is to just look at people.

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