Pilot [Panic] Season


Let’s put your mind at ease for a moment about Pilot Season.


Many of you feel like, hey it’s pilot season and everyone else seems to be getting a ton of auditions and I ain’t getting any. Something is wrong with me or my situation…

Yes, it’s slammin busy right now. I coach actors for their auditions so I see the swarm of pilots that are currently casting. I’m personally super busy keeping up with the season.

And, every pilot season, I get emails, messages, and posts about how actors feel left out of the audition season.


It’s what I’m going to start to nickname the Panic Season.


The comparison-pressure is just taking its root.

Actors want the opportunities that they see other actors getting.

I get it. As a sensitive artist who has dreams and goals, I get this way too!


This feeling of being left out is so real.


But here is the truth.


There isn’t one actor who is getting oodles and oodles of auditions; there are many actors getting only 1, 2 or maybe 3 auditions in the whole season. 


Please, my actor friends, I want you to stop beating yourselves up.

From my bird’s eye view, it’s basically all spread around amongst many actors.

I’m not coaching the same actor several times a week, or even the month. When someone is busy, it’s typically only 2-3 times in the month that high profile auditions come up.

Yes, of course, there are a few actors who are already known by all the main casting offices and are getting more opportunities.

Yes, of course, there might be some age ranges that have more casting needs. Or, ethnicities. Or, “flavor of the times”. (I always recall when Ellen Degeneres broke out and everyone wanted a young or older etc “Ellen type.”)

Yes, of course, excellent representation yields more results. But even then, you could be with a top agency and still not experience a swarm of auditions.


It’s a funny little business with lots of quirks in it.


And one of them is the illusion that every actor is constantly auditioning for roles. In truth, absolute truth, each actor might really only have a few pivotal auditions in a season. Or, maybe only one.

And that’s just the quirkiness of the business. Nothing personal. It’s just what it feels like from a distance for actors – that everyone else is auditioning tons.


Meanwhile… to have some healthy balance and work the law of manifestation… let’s switch your energetic focus towards being inspired


In the midst of the goal setting and pursuit of the auditions, it’s crucial to fuel your inspiration.

Nurture your inspiration to keep pushing for the opportunities and attracting it all to you.

That’s the realllll secret…..

It’s a funny thing, but so true. Keep focusing on the work of it all and the rest will come your way.


Here’s a strategy to ATTRACT THE AUDITIONS TO YOU:

  • Update your photos and websites. Film/TV is a visual medium, you need to inspire folks VISUALLY to work with you. Take new pics every year (sometimes every season because you need to catch people’s eye in a fresh way perhaps.)
    • Note: read this Blog for Headshot Tips
    • Don’t feel like you need to pay tons to photographers to do this. Play with the cell phones and use filters and upload them online! You will be amazed at how creative shots can shift who wants to audition you.
  • Update your Reels and Media Clips. I’m always surprised at how many actors actually have footage that they haven’t posted online! Help CDs and Directors see your work. Even a sample class clip will get eyes on you. Don’t be sooooo critical that you don’t even post what ya have up!
  • Watch TV & Film. Duh. But seriously, get educated. One of the hardest things to nail during pilot season is knowing a new show’s tone and genre. So you need to know the similar types of shows that you can compare the pilot to, or know the other shows the creators have already worked on. Is it like Grey’s Anatomy or E.R.? They are actually slightly different tones…
  • Be in acting class or rehearsals for any project. Just be working and developing your craft and inspiration. Read a play or a screenplay each day. That’s free! Just keep swarming creative energy around you.
  • Network. Go to film festivals, go to panels with filmmakers. I attended a screening series of short films about immigrants with an alumna. After seeing a film that inspired her, she approached the director afterwards and exchanged cards. The director had already spotted her in the room and was glad the actress came up to her! Who knows what that will lead to…
  • Create a project. Even if you start planning a creative project, you are in the creative zone and therefore will attract more to you. Don’t forget to involve others in your process, filmmaking is collaborative. And one collaboration leads to another collaboration which leads to another…
  • Stay in shape and healthy. Maintain your body and spirit and you will be ready when called upon.


Here’s a strategy when you do get the coveted pilot auditions!


  • Prepare.
  • Prepare.
  • Prepare.
  • Did I say prepare? Invest your time in the prep. Prep the heck out of it.  Don’t wing it in any possible way. This might be your one pilot audition this season?? Know the scene(s) and the character intimately. Be ready for adjustments in the room. Be focused and prioritize spending time on the material. Get help if you need it, or just want a fresh outside eye on your work. Ask a coach, a friend, a colleague. Anyone can run the scene with you. Really, anyone.
    • Note: Search my blogs for Preparation tips. Tons of them are there!


Now, have a beautiful day, and I send you all lots of manifestation energy.

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