Post-Audition Blues

Listen to the sound of the broken record:  It is all about the journey and the process.  You know this motto intellectually, and now it is time to deepen your relationship with that concept regarding the business of acting.I frequently suggest to actors to leave the audition behind after the audition, and move on. Because otherwise you are caught in an emotional web of questions about why you didn’t book it.  We have to practice detachment in this business, so that we can keep getting back up!  This does not mean that you turn off your emotions, stop caring, develop a jaded attitude, or give up.  Instead, it simply means KEEP MOVING…

How do you think the actor felt that turned down being the character Joey on Friends because he didn’t think it would be a hit show?  Or the actor who got fired from the first Batman because the fans didn’t like her? (Katie Holmes).  Or Nicole Kidman when everyone in Hollywood refused to see her as anything other than an ingenue and later as only Tom Cruise’s wife?   And the same for Hilary Swank who was ‘just a pretty girl from 90210’?  Both of those ladies had to push hard for to even get the auditions that reshaped their careers (respectively, To Die For and Boys Don’t Cry).  These actors kept getting back up.

Take simple steps to get back up and into action IMMEDIATELY:

  • generate more auditions for yourself. (Don’t rely on agents/managers.  Submit yourself via etc)
  • evolve your actor presence in the social media.  Do you have an actor website?   Do you have sample acting scenes online?  Do you have an interesting blog, twitter, tumblr, youtube that generates an audience?
  • take an inspiring class. (In a new area: try voice over or commercials, or camera, or stage, what would shake it up for you?) (Or, in a familiar area, try strengthening your skills with new mentors.)
  • do a networking even.  (No joke. It”s all who you know!)
  • watch an inspiring piece of theater or film.
  • get in shape and feel good physically, take an exercise class today to let go of the tensions around your career.
  • eat healthy.

All of these suggested steps are things that you can measure.  You can clearly say “yes, I did that today” or “no, I didn’t do that today”.  Measure your efforts.  See what amount of effort produces what amount of results!

I know, it is not easy.  It is the same symptoms of fighting depression. But the truth is that you have to FIGHT with ACTION.  Go forth and fight the good fight…

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