Quality, Versatility, Longevity

I loved reading about Margot Robbie’s process of self-producing the hit indie film I,TONYA.


Robbie had a wonderful break-out opportunity as “the hottest blonde ever” (as described in the script) in Scorcese’s Wolf On Wall Street.

After that mesmerizing role, she was of course getting more offers to be the “hottest blonde”. But she felt the roles were paper thin, and not essential characters even to the story. She turned most of them down.

As an actress, this was her career goal: “Quality, Versatility and Longevity.”


So to reach her goal, after ten years of building her career already, and at still only age 27, she decided to form her own company and self-produce.

Being a star already, it was considerably easier for Robbie to do… however it was not necessary to do since she was getting oodles of offers.  But she felt compelled to do it.  I,Tonya (about the life of Olympian figure skater Tanya Harding) is one of her company’s first projects… award-winning too! This lady has not wasted even a single moment, right???

Since, she continues to both act and produce.

I so appreciate Robbie’s goals and think they can be valuable mantras for all artists…




Choose work that is meaningful to you. (Horror genre could totally be inspiring to you!)




As my alumni learn, you do more than one thing really well…. don’t let anyone put you in a box. Inspire yourself and others with the breadth of your possibilities as an artist.




How about staying around for the long haul, folks?? How about having a career that grows with you? How about not just having one opportunity? How about being able to bring others up with you over the course of your career?


Take a think on these 3 goals.


What are you doing to support each of these three areas?

  1. Qualityare you doing projects at the highest quality that you can create or achieve?
  2. Versatilityare you challenging yourself and your peers to create outside of comfort zones?
  3. Longevityare you appreciating that your goal is to work forever, not just today? Are you building your “big vision”?


Let’s go all “Margot Robbie” on your careers.

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