Vin Diesel wasn’t just lucky

What if you didn’t have to wait for the perfect audition for the perfect role to come along?

Everyone is certainly focused on booking the next film/TV audition. Everyone certainly wants to work. But let’s not lose sight of the Big Prize. The goal is to work and get stronger as an actor…for a lifetime. So, let’s expand the approach and get to your Big Vision.

The audition is not where the acting opportunity stops.

At some point, you may find you get impatient – not enough auditions, weak scripts, stereotypical roles. Right? You are ready to do that dream role NOW. But, the phone ain’t ringing. So you have a choice – keep doing the same approach and thinking it will change OR try a new tactic.

The more you work on camera, the more you work on camera.

Many actors have become self-generators of work in their career as a resolution. Vin Diesel famously created his own short film. “Multi-Facial was written, produced, and directed by Vin Diesel. The twenty-minute film is semi-autobiographical, drawing on Vin Diesel’s own frustration trying to find work as an actor of mixed ethnicity.”

Vin Diesel made a short film to address his issues as a working actor. And it completely launched his career.

Keep developing your work on camera as part of the pathway to not only booking the gig, but also to finding out what you may want to generate in your own work.  I am particularly proud and inspired by my students who get so pumped to work on camera that they start launching their own projects, small and large.

Vin Diesel wasn’t just lucky. He strategized and had a Big Vision. What’s yours?

Let’s get impatient!




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