Reframing Your Self-Tape Mindset


Hi actors!


I would normally start this with saying, Happy Snow Day! Run through the streets of NYC and enjoy the winter white snow!!!

But now since our studio community has expanded so much from coast to coast, and all cities in between, I can’t assume you are reading this from the Northeast-NYC-NJ region where we just got pounded with snow!!


So, wherever you are, snow or no snow, embrace the day!

I’m so grateful that we can now extend our community to be more and more global since moving the studio online last spring. WOW. People in classes from all over the world now. It’s really something I had only dreamed about – how to connect acting communities across the country… the world…

The technology is here. The moment is here.


Let’s keep befriending the opportunities NOW upon us.

Today, I wanna work with you on your mindset. In particular, your mindset about what’s happening with self-tapes and online auditions.




Consider this…self-tapes and online auditions—the things everyone is all riled up about—are a new opportunity.

In many ways, it’s leveled the playing field.

These are the things you are gaining:
  • you can be discovered from anywhere
  • you can audition in multiple markets (if you are willing to be hired local)
  • you have more “control” over what that first take is that a casting director or director sees
  • if you have any kind of camera, you can audition (most have access to a camera now – phones or devices, or friend with a device!)
  • you don’t have to pay for transportation or lose 2-3 hours of work time to commute to a 5 minute audition
  • you can do 20 takes until you at least have your lines down
  • you can film the scene at whatever time you want (at 3am?)
  • you can film it, watch it, reshoot it
  • you can grab any prop from your kitchen to do the scene
  • you can do yoga in the “virtual waiting room” until your audition
  • you can completely redo your wardrobe between scenes
  • you can act in your slippers


To stay in the biz, we have to roll with the biz.


YES, I do also believe that we should challenge the biz, but there are some things we have to wrestle with, merge with, and win over. For instance, self-tapes and online auditions!


For good or bad, they’re here to stay.


Let me dig harder into what you think you are losing by this new era of auditioning.


In truth, let’s remember what it used to be like…

  • you rarely got feedback on auditions
  • you rarely would get a re-direct in the room from someone trying to help you
  • you rarely had enough time to prep an audition
  • you never got to decide how you want to be framed
  • you rarely had a warm and friendly audition room that would give you tons of time
  • you rarely got to do the scene a second time and show it a different way
  • you never got to choose the take you want the CD to show to the director
  • you spent more money commuting to auditions and all the stops at Starbucks, than on the equipment that you will buy and own forever
  • you never got to have your pet watch you film your scene

I mean, that’s the truth.^^^


So let’s tackle it and really work to change your mindset so that you can thrive in this new scenario.




Change your thought patterns from complaints—e.g., “I hate doing self-tapes in a vacuum!” “I’m so frustrated not going into an audition room to meet real people and get feedback!“—to…

Self-tapes are an opportunity!” “They’re my chance to hone my craft and nurture my inspiration for acting!” “Self-tapes are the chance to experiment! To try new concepts! To play!


We have much work to do, always, because the evolution of being an inspired actor will always continue… self-tape or no self-tape. This is the journey of being an artist!




Embrace, Study, and Practice those little things you instinctually know need to be addressed in your self-tapes, and also tackle those bigger things that you think about every day and keep you up at night. Don’t let it haunt you or get you down.

It might take you a little bit of extra focus and a little bit of extra investment of your time, but it is all doable. Be kind to yourself, but don’t give up. YOU GOT THIS.


Reframe the whole experience – change your relationship with it so that you can once again be the inspired actor!



P.S. Check out an opportunity to work on your self-tape prowess in the class Self-Tape: Working The Frame with Athena.


P.P.S. Check out other posts on my blog to get tips – please! Don’t suffer at it alone!:) And if you have a question on the blog, just write a comment on the post and I will reply! I really want you to crack this! x


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