How to Reboot Your Online Visual Presence


Hi all!


I’ve got a fun TIP inspired by my recent Part 2 alumni!


Let’s update your online visual presence!


I am sharing with you some peeks at fantastic websites that were generated in my Part 2 Class.

In Part 2, we supplement the continued deep dive into acting on camera with generating (or revitalizing) your online materials to really reflect YOU.


A picture says a thousand words.

  • Your opening website image on your site sets the tone of your personality.
  • Images throughout your website continue to reinforce your many casting possibilities.
  • Images can share the “real” you that inspires creatives to want to collaborate with you.


The power of images cannot be denied!

Below are some great samples to study. SCROLL for some inspiration…



^ Great example for multi-hyphenates!



alumni image

^ Dana’s hubby took this pic! It’s honest. Real. Her. There’s a thought process in her eyes. 




^ I loved the aspect ratio of the crop on these pics – it makes them seem so cinematic! Most of these are just images Francesca created as part of our “go out and shoot some indie pics with friends” assignment! Really, you can make these with a friend and a smart phone!




^ Elijah’s vibe is totally fresh and clear about what you will get when you work with Elijah! This is his opening page which pulls you right in.

Oh, by the way, visit Elijah’s site to see how he arranges his videos and curates his youtube page. PERFECT. Note that his acting class samples were mostly made in our classes! On Zoom! You can create and inspire even on your zoom set-ups!




^ Joanna’s style and cheeky humor is evident at a glance. And when you scroll through her site, you’ll see how every page header has a different image to show her total casting dexterity. Show your range with images.




^ Lorna’s darker design on her site matches the emotional depth of her acting range, with a touch of her musical theater prowess. Throughout the site you’ll also see lots of “raw” portraits to counterbalance any glam.




^ Madeline’s soft and available presence pops immediately. Nice emotional vibe that will inspire any indie filmmaker.



^ Allan’s site is still in process, but check out his creative imagery that he delivered on the last class! So crazy eye-catching! And it suggests all kinds of storytelling – he can use this on a site or social media! It’s an image that makes you pause.




Heidi, how did these Part 2 students get such fantastic images??


First, they didn’t give up.

Second, you might not believe it… but these photos were mostly generated by smart phones or friends with cameras! You don’t have to spend even one penny to curate the visual storytelling of your acting potential.

Third, take a look and study how I suggest that you sprinkle the imagery throughout your website… give variety as they travel through your site so that folks can imagine you in the range of roles that you know you can do.

Finally, don’t limit yourself to only one casting Type – alumni, you may remember our marketability class in Part 1 and how complex all of you are!! You have so much range! Dimensional humans! Yes, you do some things really well, but probably you do even more than one thing, right?? Show us in images.




#1: Use your smartphone to create images (for free!). 

#2: Show a variety of images to reflect your range of potential.


Digest these tips and go forth and update and create your online visual presence! You don’t have to wait for Part 2 class to get rolling:)

Sending inspiration your way!





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